The Sationary Bikes

The Sationary Bikes


Rock 'n' Roll that gets the booty a shakin'!


The Stationary Bikes are a rock and roll band based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They play high energy, danceable rock and roll. In late 2006, they released their first album 'The Night Before' which contains 10 tracks with songs ranging from hard driving rock to textured ballads. Regarding their live shows, bassist Brian Ray says "Man we've seen everything from the stage at our shows. People throwing up, girls taking off clothes, people falling over onto the stage, some of the most unusual dancing you'll ever want to see. But no matter what, everyone seems to be smiling. I've never played in a band quite like this before!" The Stationary Bikes are known for their high energy shows that leave the audience with little more than ringing ears and tired legs. They also are known to add acoustic sets to their shows which helps bring a level of intimacy with their audience. Influences include The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, Kings of Leon, and the Black Keys. Aside from the unmistakable sound of the music, there is some great lyrical depth and interesting story telling to be found as well. "We go out exploring in the world, weird things just seem to find us, and we write our songs about it. These tunes are basically about our daily lives"
The Stationary Bikes were formed when singer Zach Meyer was asked to provide two songs for an independant film called 'Ellipsis' in late 2005. Zach was introduced to Brian Ray (of Lavish Radish, All Envy Aside and The One2Many Band) to help him arrange and produce the songs. Brian's long time friend Joe Wagner (One2Many Band) was asked to provide the drums and during these sessions the three of them found an immediate connection to the music. A 4 song ep was completed in early 2006 and the band continued to write new material. Dan Faherty (All Envy Aside) was brought in to add dimension to the guitar sound and also provides unique synth sounds to the band. Since that time, the band has toured the midwest and has received excellent responses to their live show. 2007 promises to be a great year for The Stationary Bikes as new material and a strong summer schedule are on the way. For a fun, high energy live show, it's hard to top The Stationary Bikes!


"The Night Before" the first full length release is available on cd and a few tracks are available on our myspace page.
'Finest Hour' and 'Gonna Rain on You' can also be heard in the independant film "Ellipsis"

Set List

A typical show consists of 15-30 songs and the band can play over three hours of music.