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New York City, New York, United States | SELF
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"Station Track by Track guide for their new album"

Just last week one of our favorite rock bands, Station released their self titled debut album which was recorded at The Music Refinery. These bad ass rockers released a complete 15 song rock album that will deliver a full dose of rock n roll to infect your soul. We featured Station last year as one of our highlighted bands of Rocklahoma. You can check out our interview with them and that post here: Station – Our Rocklahoma Featured band.

Their new album makes the statement that Rock n Roll is far from being dead. With these dedicated rockers at the helm, there is no letting rock die. With engaging vocals, kick ass guitar riffs, 80’s over the top energy, this album will soon become the playlist of your life. It will not only have us middle agers reflecting back on our love of the 80’s but with its modern flair, the younger generation fall in love with it as well. You can’t help but get addicted to Station. We recently talked with guitarist, Chris Lane and he has given us a Track by Track guide to all these killer new songs. Check it out here:

* * * * * * * * * * *

Music Junkie Press: Congratulations Guys on a hell of a record. You are giving everyone what they have been craving, begging for. Straight up Non-Stop Rock n Roll. This album really just is a 15 song musical gem! There is no fill on this album, just kick ass track after track.

Let’s talk about the tracks! You start right off with an in your face rock track, I Don’t Want To Know Your Name. Can you tell us about this song:

Chris Lane: This song is actually more about me than anything haha. The song is about writing songs about people you don’t really know. The lyrics talk about not wanting to know the name of the girl because you will end up with a song titled whatever the girls name is. Sometimes it’s easier to write lyrics about people you know nothing about because you have more freedom to invent the person you want to write about while using them as a basis. It’s fine once in a while of course, but you also don’t really want to end up with a set list that sounds like a roll call. What triggered this song was a night when Pat and I went out to see our friend for his birthday. We ended up at this club on the west side and I started talking to this girl. We spoke for a little bit and then Pat and I ended up leaving to go somewhere else. I might have spent 5 minutes talking to her and that was it. When I got home that night, I had written a song about her and it was very dramatic, definitely an example of embellishing the hell out of a normal situation. When I told Pat about it he pretty much told me I wasn’t allowed to talk to people anymore because they all get songs about them. And so our concept was born.

MJP: Everything has stadium rock anthem written all over it. This is definitely one that has grabbed everyone’s attention. This song was on your EP right? Tell us about when you guys wrote this one?

Chris Lane: Thanks! I really like playing this song live. This song was on the EP, but we re-recorded it for the album because there was more we wanted to do with it. I had finished the music and melody while I was in college, but the lyrics took a while to write. This song is about not wanting to get into something you cannot see through. In this particular instance, it was about not getting into a relationship because you knew it would have to end for reasons beyond your control. This song is actually the first song STATION ever played live. The lyrics here are more like stereo instructions to me haha. There are a lot of very specific references in this song. The line “Stern hours” actually refers to one of the colleges at NYU (which is where I went to school). I think the “you’re in Sofia” definitely gets a heard turn when we play it and the listener doesn’t know what we are talking about haha.

MJP: Dressed To Kill conjures up a great Motley Crue vibe, love this track. What was the inspiration?

Chris Lane: This one talks about a night out a party. We are from New York City and often times you end up in a completely different place by the end of the night than you started. The city is great for that reason, it’s always an adventure and you never know what can happen. In this case, it was about finding someone you didn’t expect to. This was actually inspired by a friend of mine who had a party and was really made up. My favorite part of this song is the drum beat in the beginning. When I made a demo of it to play for the band, I actually recorded it on an acoustic guitar mapping the hits and beat because I felt it was so central to the groove.

MJP: Are You Sleeping Alone is a kick ass rock ballad. You guys have a great video out for this one. Tell us about this song?

Chris Lane: Thanks so much! We had a great time making that video, but it was also in the middle of a blizzard in -24 degree weather. Try loading a bus up in the snow, with leather pants and a tank top; not fun. It was an interesting time to say the least haha.

The song is about wanting someone, but not knowing how they feel. The line “I’d call you every night but I know you’re not at home” is about that defeatist mentality we all sometimes have when you’re really not confident about how someone feels. I think, in the end, life is too short to have that type of mentality and you need to go for things you care about. You might miss out on something that could be really great.

MJP: True Believer will have every true rocker in love with this song. You guys brought a new element in with cool unique guitars and powerful vocals and then straight into some sweet solos and riffs. How did this song come about?

Chris Lane: I think the song is the perfect soundtrack for an exercise video haha. This is also a pretty old song for us, that’s why it was on the EP as well. We re-recorded this song to add a lot more to it. The band will tell you, I would not stop talking about wanting to add that little Lydian riff at the end from the second we got in the studio haha. Although the song sounds like it’s about hope, I find this song to be more about not allowing someone to define your views. It’s about seeking out things that are unique to you and not following suit on something that everyone else is currently following. It’s fine if you believe in it, but blindly buying into something is never a good idea. I was out getting yogurt when I thought up the riff and ran home to play it on my guitar. Nothing inspires music like frozen yogurt. Fact.

MJP: With Me Tonight has all the right ingredients for that epic ballad, emotionally driven lyrics and melodies. How did this ballad come about?

Chris Lane: This song was written in about 3 minutes sitting on the floor of my apartment. It’s really just about second chances and knowing what to do with them. I feel like a lot of times what I want is in conflict with that I think is best for me. That’s what this song is about. The funny thing about this song is that it was actually written about two weeks before we got in the studio and we had already picked out which songs we were going to record. We all decided this song definitely had to be on the first record. This was my absolute favorite song to hear come to life with the vocals. I love the harmonies.

MJP: With Bitter With The Better, another great track! You heavy it up a bit more in this song and have a metal edge. What was the inspiration behind this one?

Chris Lane: Bitter with the Better was inspired when I heard this term used in a movie. I heard it and started writing around the idea of trading things when you pursue someone. The expression was “You have to take the bitter with the better.”

MJP: More Than Enough starts right off with those fierce guitars and a Winger vibe wrapped in some Zep. Powerful vocals that deliver perfect 80’s-esque screams and some wild sexy guitars! Tell us more about this song

Chris Lane: Pat really kills it on this one. You should hear him do it live. We were rehearsing for a gig and I started playing the riff over and over. Pat turned to me and said, “I just want to sing high.” And so…he does. This was a pretty quick song to write since I felt kind of like the song wrote itself. The guitar playing is a lot more complicated on this song than others and it felt very natural to have that much movement since the vocals are pretty simple and bluesy.

MJP: How about No Way Out ?

Chris Lane: This is also a song that was a last minute addition to the album. We already have album 2 written (with some songs perhaps for a third album), so we weren’t looking for songs to add. When we were rehearsing for the album, I played this song for everyone and we decided to add it because it was a chance for us to do some different things on record. For instance, this is the only song that has a dual lead line in the solo. We also wanted to play with stops in the songs, so we put a lot of that in the bridge.

MJP: Waiting for You is that perfect song for the ladies to fall in love with and the guys to grab that “hold your girl” tight moment. Not only that but coming in at nearly 7 minutes, you maintain the passion throughout the song. Inspiration behind this song?

Chris Lane: I’m glad you think so! This song can’t be any shorter than it is haha. We tried to figure out a way to make it 5-6 minutes, but it felt incomplete every time we went down that road. This song took about 10 minutes to write. Pat and I were sitting in my parent’s basement getting ready to head to Philadelphia for a few shows. We started working on the chorus and the rest of the song just came to life. Something that was fun about this song is that it grew more out of the songs subject matter. We kept singing the chorus over and over and it wouldn’t get out of our heads. I still can’t get that song out of my head haha.

MJP: Never Say Never has this intro that grabs you from the start, ready to take a wild ride. This song takes it down heavy and brings you right up ready to rock. Love the heavy guitar lick. What can you tell us about this song?

Chris Lane: Thanks, I like the riff too. This song comes from a very different place from the rest of the album. This song is more about frustration than anything. I’ve met a lot of people who have such a negative view on everything and really just have no faith in anything. I am usually guilty of being an optimist and I tend to see the bright side, so this song is very much about the frustration I feel when others can’t do that. I think Mike really brings this song to life in the pre-chorus. I absolutely love the bass part there. That man knows what’s he’s doing. It’s really funky over a relatively dark sounding guitar part and somehow makes it sound pretty bouncy.

MJP: I Can’t Live Without You has such a vulnerable tone to it. Did you do anything different with recording this track, to bring out that vulnerability in the tone and vocals?

Chris Lane: I think this is my favorite song I’ve ever written. This about a period in my life where I was very interested in someone and that quickly turned into me making decisions based on her. When I wrote this, I knew it was something that would become a major part of our set since it just seemed to exactly depict how I felt and the vocal style is what Pat does best. When we recorded it, Pat layered so many vocal parts to create this kind of vocal mosaic. I think it really turned out beautifully. My favorite part of the recording is how much space it has. I feel like it feels like its own world.

MJP: Wildest Dreams – Another in your face track that takes it to 11 real quick! Tell us about this track

Chris Lane: This is actually a funny story. We were in the rehearsal studio and I was messing with my amp. I came up with the riff and liked it. That was it for a while. A lot times you write something small and then lock it away for a while until something reminds you of it. I had the riff, but really didn’t do anything with it. One night maybe a month or two later I was at a party. It’s probably 9pm, and my friend told me a story about how she had a dream about something her boyfriend had said to her and it was more of a “sexy dream” because of what he had said. She said that and I pretty much stood up, said goodbye, and wrote the song on the way home. Inspiration comes in weird places.

MJP: Shot Of Life – You guys really give that punch of rock and have this straight up Sunset Strip mood to it. Can you comment on this track?

Chris Lane: I’m a firm believer in not writing music with a guitar in hand. For me, it’s much more natural to write as I go about my life. If I can remember the song by the time I do end up at a guitar or piano, then it’s a keeper. If not, it’s like natural selection for catchiness. I was heading out and I was stuck on the subway. I think the train was delayed for maybe an hour in the tunnel, so I really had nothing to do. I had the basic idea for the song in my head already. I was sitting and I saw this girl sitting on the other end of the train. I have a feeling that because I was on a metal train, in a tunnel, with horns and clanking sounds around me, it really turned the song into a much more “industrial” sound in my head. When we started playing it live, we found that we could pull it off with just us on stage (we don’t use backing tracks ever). When we got to the studio, we really got to go crazy with adding a lot of stuff going on around the music. There are guitar noises, strange vocal lines for layering and some odd sound effects. For instance, the bell in the beginning is actually our engineer hitting a keg with a baseball bat. We also had one of my friends from high school come in and moan on the track a bit. I think it came out great, but that could have been one of the weirdest days in the studio haha. Overall, we spent days working on this song layering everything.

MJP: We wrap up the album with One and Only – Perfect way to finish up the album and leave everyone begging for more! Tell us about One and Only?

Chris Lane: Pat and I wrote this song one night around me saying “oh oh” over and over. Part of me thinks he said, “lets work on that” just to shut me up. When we wrote it, we immediately saw a way to work this into our set to add a different feel. Pat immediately came up with this feel on the drums that was very different than any of our other songs. We brought it to rehearsal and had such a great time with it. One of the things we really enjoy about this song is that we can use it to really take our time on stage. We can jam on it, play with the crowd or just play it straight. It’s pretty versatile in a set list. When we got into the studio, we had a lot of fun with the tones. We spent a lot of time trying to figure out what the guitars should sound like because it was so different than a lot of the other songs. After we demo-ed it out, I made the suggestion of adding an outro to it that was kind of like a jam, but more structured. When we tried it, we all agreed we liked it and knew it had to close out the album. I’m very proud of that ending guitar part’s tone.

* * * * * * * * * * *

With this rock and roll gem of an album, you will have all the ingredients you need to keep Rock n Roll alive and thriving. Ear porn at its finest! So pick up your copy and get ready to crank it up loud so you can introduce your neighbors to Station. Album is available on the following links: - Music Junkie Press

"Station Rock Report Review"

15 slices of well written and arranged, perfectly executed and highly infectious melodic hard rock pretty much sums up what New York based Station bring us on their full length debut. I could well end this review with these words but I'm happy to share some more thoughts on this talented four piece.
The band was formed in 2011 and 2 years later presented itself to the world with the release of a 4 track EP entitled "Wired". I got to know the band when I came across their video for "Everything" taken from that very EP which was enough of an incentive for me to get in touch with the guys.
Although "Wired" contained just over 16 minutes of music it showed that Station was a band with a knack for writing catchy 80's inspired melodic hard rock, the kind you and I find most ear pleasing.
Shortly after I had the pleasure of reviewing "Wired" I spoke to the Chris and Patrick who informed me that the band had already started pre-production of their upcoming full album with producer Michael Wagner so I expected this here debut to hit the streets last year. For reasons unkown to me at this moment it took about 12 months longer to finish although I suspect the partening of ways with drummer Brian Karl (who nevertheless handled all drums and percussion on the album) might have somthing to do with it.
One of the first things I noticed when I checked the album credits was that not mister Wagner but the band itself, Anthony Lopardo and Ray Marte handled production duties and I must say they have done a wonderful job. The sound is warm, powerful and well balanced with each intrument clear in the mix. Very much like it used to be some 3 decades ago.
And that's only half of the good news cause then there's the songs, 15 in total with not a single weak one among them. Picking favorites therefore is not easy cause I truly enjoy listening to all of them but if awards have to be handed out I go for "Everything" (that along with "True Believer" was re-recorded and slightly re-arranged for inclusion here), the FM rock of first single/video "Are You Sleeping Alone", the made for radio airplay of the classic Bon Jovi styled "With Me Tonight", the heart wrenching power balled "Can't Live Without You" and album closer "One And Only" that truly finishes things in style.
If you like classic acts like Damn Yankees, XYZ, Southgang, Firehouse and Bon Jovi or 80's styled US melodic hard rock general (and I suppose you all do) done by fairly new act then you simply can't pass up this album. Yes, it's that good. (PS) - Rock Report (Belgium)

"Station - Station Review"

Finally proof that not all new artists playing classic 80s hard rock come from Sweden! The USA used to be the hotbed of the genre, delivering platinum selling band after band. Then it all dried up and the great Scandi take-over began.
But New York rockers Station won’t be denied their place in history!
This high energy outfit deliver their debut album in 2015, boasting a sound born out of 80s American rock – think Sunset Strip.
In fact, this album could be one of those gems, previously lost in a vault somewhere for 20 years, but no, it’s all new and sounds great.
Better even that the guys nail some really catchy tunes.

I Don’t Want To Know Your Name is a perfect anthemic Winger/Slaughter screamer to open the album; Everything is deep in harmonies and a catchy chorus and big riffs; Dressed To Kill actually has a Kiss vibe to it despite no direct connection to the title; its high energy, face paced, hard rocking fun.
The tempo stops briefly for one of the great anthemic ballads of recent years. Are You Sleeping Alone is a masterpiece for fans of the high-sentiment 80s rock genre.
The brilliant, very melodic and somewhat moody True Believer kicks the pace into the highest gear yet; With Me Tonight is another mid-tempo moody number; More Than Enough reminds me of the Bulletboys; Waiting For You is another solid ballad; Never Say Never takes the high notes over the top and I Can’t Live Without You is the most circumspect numbers included here.
There are 15 tracks included – great value for money – but this is also the one downside to the album. It’s pretty long already with most tracks in the 4 and 5 minute range, so to have 15 included for 71 minutes of music is probably 3 tracks too many. I’d have preferred this to be a 55 minute album and be left wanting more.
But, you can always skip or edit a playlist to your liking and the basic fact is there are at least 10 cracking hard rock tunes on here that warrant high praise and have been on high rotation with me for some time now. -

"STATION - Released April 14, 2015"

Review by Terry Martinson:
Station — oh dear lord battle frickin’ station! Yes, for you playing along at home and of age, I deliberately dropped the “s” from the tail of battle stations. However, I did not drop the “s”entiment — the nostalgic looking back at the best times of our lives when the biggest worries in our addled rock n roll brains were gathering a fistful of dollars to acquire a 30 pack of Stroh’s and deciding amongst the bevy of beauties who would share it with you. And of course all the while emulating the most excellent Bill S. Preston Esquire and Ted “Theodore Logan from the all too epic sequel about a Bogus Journey. But I digress…

Station as we already know are just damn good. They know it and they are crushing it! This follow up to the amazing EP Wired is anything but bogus. If you were one of the few lucky ones to nab the EP, consider yourselves blessed! Here the band has taken that ever so perfectly polished four song EP, pulled three of the four gems off (“I Don’t Want to Know Your Name”, “Everything” and “True Believer” all of which are, as we already know, stupendous songs), knocked some of the polish off and re-recorded them for the full length. Then these hit making prodigies added 12 more instant Station classics — that’s right, classics.

On this journey into the fray of all things 80’s AOR/hard rock, we can’t help but wonder what these brilliant young men from the big apple are inspired by. Why did they get up one fine day and decide it is arena rock for me? When I spin their new self titled disc, I am (1) grateful for their choice and (2) I can easily see whom they pay homage to as to me, they are wearing their influences on their chests in the form of Winger, Tesla, Skid Row and Trixter to name a few — and those old concert shirts fit great and look good too.

The video and single “Are You Sleeping Alone” is a dinger of a rock n roll ditty with some very clever lyrical content and of course is a very solid ball of rock. Patrick Kearney‘s voice is at its best, so smooth, rhythmic and so very pro. This is the kind of tune we’d expect from our heroes of the past in the genre to churn out. A caliber of songwriting that is many years Station‘s senior which is I’m assuming a great indicator of what we will see in the future. Fortunately for the listener, Station is relentless on the 15 tracks on this self titled release. Absolutely ZERO filler here and they definitely have given us our monies worth with the Slave To The Grind era Skid Row fueled “Dressed To Kill”, the arena rock balladry of “With Me Tonight”, “Waiting For You” and “I Can’t Live Without You” (think Skid Row‘s “I Remember You”) and to the extremely swanky, Winger/BulletBoys influenced “More Than Enough” and so on and so on and so on.

As you can plainly see, I can’t praise or rain down accolades on Station enough. As a band, they are in my humble opinion at the top of their game. As mentioned, Kearney‘s voice is amazing and perfect for this style of music. Clean enough to keep the ladies beating down the back stage door and with plenty of power and swagger for their boyfriends to get into. Chris Lane is a great guitarist that has a knack for creating the catchiest rhythm riffs and his chops are top shelf too. The bottom end is held down aptly and brilliantly by bassist Mike Anderson and the introduction of newcomer on the drums Justin Ryan Gaynor-Adelman.

I triple dog dare you to listen to any Station song on the new disc, better yet to put the disc on random and never tire of it. To toe tap, air guitar and nod your aqua netted coif to the succulent sounds that emanate from your stereo. The gauntlet has been thrown kiddies. For me, it is as simple as Kearney belts out in “Dressed To Kill” and this sums up my sentiments towards the new album and the way I fell when I spin it tenfold, “You’re Given Me Brand New Chills”. - SleazeRoxx

"Concert Review: Vince Neil/Station/Whisky Preacher"

The name Vince Neil should conjure up either the image of an ‘80s glam metal party boy or the modern adult who, between public turmoils, devotes time to charity. I had the chance to see a unique hybrid of the two one snowy night in Connecticut and it was the Dr. Feelgood hit of the season. I haven’t been to too many shows of the ‘80s metal variety so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but as someone who is all for new experiences and free tequila, I was down.

That’s right, Vince Neil is currently promoting his book/album Tattoos & Tequila with a tour of the same name. While there were no free tattoos to be found, the lobby of the beautiful Ridgefield Playhouse theater contained a pre-show tequila and Guinness Black Lager tasting. While sampling the goods, I had a chance to survey the audience. While there were the expected black leather jackets and tan leather boobs, I was surprised at the audience’s diversity. From the longtime fans who’ve followed Neil for 30+ years to the high schoolers living out a past they were born too late for to even kindergarteners seemingly at their first concert, the Playhouse offered a safe environment for everyone to enjoy themselves.

Station, a dynamic young band who marry ‘80s rock theatrics with excellent musicianship, opened the show. While lead singer Patrick Kearney introduced the group as “from New York City” to complete silence, once he acknowledged that Connecticut was his home, the place erupted in applause that they kept up for the duration of their set. While they won the crowd with entirely original material, acoustic cover band Whisky Preacher followed with a Guitar Hero-unplugged set whose familiarity got the audience singing along, ready for the main event.

The room went pitch black. All that could be heard was the speakers blasting Samuel L. Jackson quotes from Pulp Fiction intercut with AC/DC’s “For Those About to Rock” as Neil and company took the stage. Once the lights returned and Neil began blistering through the Crüe’s 1981 hit “Live Wire,” the first several rows ran to the front of the stage. When much of the crowd pulled out their iPhones and fiddled with them for a good two minutes before figuring out how to take a picture, it hit me how old many of them were. Further confirming this was during “Dr. Feelgood” when several of the adults around me asked how to take a picture on their phone and if I could assist them in doing so. I happily obliged.

Neil told the crowd “We have a lot of songs you haven’t heard in a long time. Do you want some old shit?” generating immediate approval. With the exception of a Cheap Trick cover, a single new song and a medley where Neil left the stage to let his band play, his set consisted entirely of his Mötley Crüe work. It shouldn’t be as surprising, but Neil knows what his crowd wants and is more than happy to deliver. This includes his wardrobe, a Shout At the Devil T-shirt and oversized sleeveless jean jacket, giving us an image of Neil we’re more than happy to remember.

With his voice and charisma as on-point as in eras past, anyone with the slightest interest in attending a Vince Neil show will likely not be disappointed. As a music fan in 2012, it’s also refreshing to see live music in front of an entirely unpretentious crowd who cling to songs they love and sing them proudly for over three decades. - Spectrum Culture

"Station Interview"

Station Interview
by. Chaz Kangas

I recently had the tremendous fortune to see hot New York rockers Station open for Vince Neil one snowy night in Connecticut. With their galvanizing showmanship and technical wizardry as musicians, they successfully combine 80s metal traditions with a modern sincerity that makes for a must-see show. I sat down, stood up, and sat down again with lead singer Patrick and guitarist Chris about their music and to settle the score on a few long-standing hard rock questions.

You guys state that rock and roll is more than a music to you, it’s a culture. I’ve heard it called everything from an “art” to a “lifestyle,” how do you feel it’s like a culture?

C: What that means for us is that, when we play, it’s such a release of emotions for us. Rock is our release. It’s more than notes.

P: It’s the bonding experience that rock has. All the best friends I’ve seen in music play rock. What’s cool is, especially with us in particular, is if you get us all in a room we’ll just inadvertently begin talking about music. We’ll just start yelling “DOKKEN!” “DREAM WARRIORS!” It’s that bonding you share, and then when you get on stage it just clicks.

It’s interesting because even with this shared interest, you come from very different musical backgrounds.

P: Well, I grew up with rock always in the background. I was familiar with it, but was much more into musical theater. When I began singing on stage, I felt it was a part of me. Then, in high school I discovered this type of very theatric rock that I love to play today. It was the ultimate combination of the things I was into and just clicked with me.

C: My parents had me listening to classic rock from the womb. I have an early love of Beatles, Stones, and also loved a lot of other music. I’m a huge Ray Charles fan. But I owe discovering the music I love now to the internet. All through high school I just kept finding great rock and roll; Pink Floyd, Zepplin, Whitesnake.

Station puts on a great show. Do you have the live performance in mind when songwriting, or does it just happen through being on stage and practicing?

P: In general no, but when we were doing “I Don’t Want to Know Your Name,” Chris was like “and here we do the kick!” Another song of ours Chris first gave to us and said “The reason I wrote this is to twirl.”

You identify as a New York City band, what about Station best encapsulates NYC?

P: With NYC being such a diverse place, it really fosters a culture for what we do. Compared to, say, Nebraska where they have a very heavy folk and country influence that encapsulates the state. It’s for us to do what we do here and not be total outcasts.

C: It’s a 2:00 AM when you crave food and you can get it kind of thing. It’s universal, every walk of life is here. Also, we live here.

Best live video of all time: Motley Crue’s “Home Sweet Home,” Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead or Alive” or Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me?”

P: “Pour Some Sugar On Me.” It’s a live arena show and everybody’s wireless.

C: I agree with Patrick, but “Wanted Dead or Alive” might be the better video because it show the other side of that, gritty and all tired.

Better acting performance: Bret Michaels in A Letter From Death Row or Dee Snider in Strangeland?

(both look immediately nauseated)

P: Strangeland

C: Dee Snider.

P: If only because he’s capable of making more than one face. Bret only has the one face.

C: It’s a pretty face.

P: Yeah, but it’s all the same face.

(both make the same singular face Bret Michaels has for the entirety of A Letter From Death Row)

Favorite Motley Crue cover art?

C: Dr. Feelgood I like that cover a lot. It’s really simple but really iconic. It feels like it looks like the song.

P: What’s the one from the documentary where Tommy Lee is thrilled that it’s getting the Parental Advisory sticker? I think it’s Smell the Glove.

Better dancer: Tawny Kitean in “Here I Go Again,” Bobbie Brown in “Cherry Pie” or Kip Winger in everything?

C: Although I love Kip, there’s no doubt about this being Tawny Kitean.
P: Yeah.

C: She’s the closest thing real life has to Jessica Rabbit. Also, I remember seeing Whitesnake live and they sang “Tush” instead of “Tits.”

In one sentence, explain the Guns ‘N’ Roses video trilogy.

C: ...

P: “Del James is weird.”

C: “Big rock opera spectacle, dolphins and all.” I do think in that video, Slash’s guitar solo is the perfect match of a visual with the sound. His tone is perfect, I feel like his guitar is talking to me.

More from Station can be found at - Shut Your Fucking Face And Listen

"NYC's Station pulls into Port Jeffersons LuLus"

So here it is Saturday night and I'm sitting at the bar here at LuLus in Port Jefferson. I'm waiting for NYC's Station to take the stage. I stumbled onto this band after I checked LuLus schedule and said to myself who is Station? Listening to their tunes online they reminded me of an early Def Leppard. Think One Through The Night and High & Dry the best Def Leppard CD's in my opinion. Station has that raw edge that Leppard had before they started to over produce their CD's. And look how huge Leppard has become.
Station did not disappoint. These guys came to rock and rock they did. Its a shame they were the only band to play tonight. Being a band from NYC and traveling to eastern Long Island. You couldn't expect them to bring a crowd with them. And there sure wasn't a large crowd at LuLus. Which is a shame because this band put on a great show with some killer tunes. It would have been nice to have a local hometown band with a following to help fill the club.
Since LuLu's doesn't seem to have a built in crowd. I have opinions on why that is. Maybe I'll write a 101 book on the basics of building a clientele. I hear quite a few complaints from bar owners. Most of them expect bands to fill their establishment. And they themselves don't look at what they could do to build a clientele. I'll give all these club owners on Long Island and elsewhere a free tip. There's more to it than selling drinks. I wonder how many of them have a business plan written out on paper?
Ok back to the band. I hope to hear more from them in the future. And I wish them well. As they will be opening for Vince Neil (Motley Crue) on January 19 at the Ridgefield Playhouse in CT. I'm betting there will be a good turnout for that show.
You can find out more about Station the band at FaceBook and their web site - In A Crowd


Still working on that hot first release.



New York City's STATION is keeping rock and roll alive. A high voltage stage show with electrifying melodies make STATION an unforgettable experience. They have played alongside rock greats such as Guns N' Roses, Cheap Trick, Pat Benatar, Vince Neil (Motley Crue), Bret Michaels (Poison), Eric Martin (Mr. Big) and .38 Special to name a few. In 2013,  STATION released their first EP WIRED which they recorded in Nashville with legendary producer Michael Wagener (Ozzy Osbourne, Skid Row, Motley Cre, Metallica, Alice Cooper, Extreme, Dokken, Warrant).  Their self-titled follow-up was released in April 2015 to rave reviews reaching #12 on the CMJ Loud Rock Charts in the US!

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