Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Just six months after releasing their debut 6-song CD, Boston’s own Stay is back and delivering a new hard hitting radio ready EP entitled, “Games With Girls”. Having performed on the Vans Warped Tour and with national acts such as All Time Low and The Cab, this band is one to watch in 2011.


Anthony Rainville, Alex Gaynor, Nick Crist, Andrew Elliott, Steve Ackles, and Anthony Amorelli, otherwise known as STAY, have been stirring up a serious buzz in and around their hometown of Boston, MA. The boys just recently completed a string of tour dates with Down With Webster and have also hit the road with major bands like The Maine, Allstar Weekend and their personal favorite, You Me and Everyone We Know. While their fellow tour mates might be teaching the boys of STAY a thing or two about being humble, they’ve definitely earned a few bragging rights in our book. Still entirely unsigned, the boys have been featured in major rock music mags like Alternative Press and have earned spots on highly coveted end of the year top-ten lists like Purevolume’s Top Unsigned Bands of 2009 and’s top 100.

But, at the end of the day, we all know pop/rock bands are a dime a dozen. So, how do the boys keep people talking? According to Steve, it’s their work ethic and irresistible live show. “I think we’re definitely able to differentiate our live show from others. We’ve been going to concerts and live shows forever and have taken all we’ve learned from years of watching, and have applied it to our live performance. We’re grateful for our chance to step on stage every night and we never take that for granted.” It might also help a little, that the boys have teamed up with John Naclerio, (the producer/engineer for My Chemical Romance) to help produce their new full-length record, which is due out in spring of 2011.

The band has just recently finished up tours with Down With Webster (Universal/Motown), Let's Get It (Fearless), We Are The In Crowd (Hopeless), Allister (Drive-Thru), You, Me, and Everyone We Know (Doghouse), Sparks The Rescue (Fearless), Allstar Weekend (Hollywood). Stay has been featured in national publications such as Alternative Press, Substream Music Press and was also selected in PureVolume's Top Unsigned Bands of 2009 and Rian Dawson's (All Time Low) VIP playlist. In addition, the band has sold over 6,725 units of their most recent material.

Their debut full-length record, "American Cherry Bomb" will be released in Spring 2011. The band will be touring in April 2011 alongside Romance On A Rocketship (Island Records/Beluga Heights) and For The Foxes (Hopeless Records). In addition, be sure to check out Stay at this year's upcoming Never Say Never Festival in Mission, TX alongside Travie McCoy, Neon Trees, All Time Low, The Ready Set, and many more.


Maddie Kthx

Written By: Stay

Another night on the roof, in the cold, screaming at the sky for any kind of answer as beautiful as sunrise in Georgia. Let's get drunk and fall in love, every other weekend. I'm feeling like I've been buried alive but I tell myself I'm over you. On weekends, I feel you. It's like I'm breathing and you're next to me. And even, if I tell you, you wouldn't listen. Another rock star on your list, rise to the top, all day poppin' Cris'. Never the time, never rewind, and say it wasn't mine but I shouldn't have walked away. We're getting closer but we're still so far away. You've got me running in circles again. We are all the things that we love and we hate so we beg for attention, baby. We run and we hide from the lights in this goddamn town but nothing can save us now.

Call Her Hollywood

Written By: Stay

So kill the lights and take your time, baby. Just call her "Hollywood"; she's got a jones for the west coast. She's such a sucker for a boy in dance shoes. So, lace 'em up and shut up and dance. Hey, oh, baby, are you ready to go? You've got me guessing; you've got me out of control. Oh, baby, won't you give it up? We'll run away to hollywood. Baby's got it all: fashion and flare. Oh, baby's such a doll but nothing compares. Can you hear me, now? Hey, are you listening? I'm screaming my lungs out at you. "Give me a chance!" Tell me we're leaving cause California's not so far. Don't stop believing in dreaming big, just remember to breathe. California's got what we need to love and breathe again. Let's run away to a town we're not afraid to die in. We grow and we learn to let go. Let's write ourselves a story.

Run Wit' Me

Written By: Stay

Start a riot in the city tonight; find me young and desperate under the streetlights. I got a book full of hooks to lay down. I'm like a crook with the way I roll out. Baby, I love the way you wear those hips; I can't forget the cherry flavor taste you had on your lips. So, call me crazy, girl, but I know you know it's on. And shorty's ridin' dirty and she's calling me up, yo; slurring all her words and telling me she's in love. Well, baby, I don't roll like that so get your ass in the back of the Cadillac. Woah oh, how do we make our getaway? I want to know, are you down to run with me? I got cutie on lock with the game I spit. I work it smooth from the drop; it's the way I hit. I leave 'em wide-eyed and dazed with passion; Shorty got (got what, yo?) talent. Baby, are you down for the ride? Cause lately I've got you on my mind. I drop this like it ain't no thing cause, baby, Cali can't wait for them diamond rings. You've got stars like us in your eyes. We took a chance; we had the summer time and made it to the coast. We slept in cars and saw the shoreline fade to crimson red and gold. We fell in love back then and swore to run against the ocean air.

Confection (Sweet Confection)

Written By: Stay

Hey girl, I got lost this time; deep in eyes as wide as mine. And I know we’re alone; we’re safe for awhile. She’s been waiting for that right connection; someone to love. Whoa oh (Hey) She’s like a sweet confection. I know it, oh, I’m sure I need it. She’s got my full attention. Don’t set me down. Downtown, I’d wait around for her; seventeen and the world was all around. “We’ll never die!” and we’re back and forth at least a hundred times. With you I know what to do; I never feel left out or like I’m on my own. Oh, “it’s love” she said, “It’s a mess I won’t let go” and I know that I’m on my way down. She’s my fatal attraction.

Power Lines

Written By: Stay

I woke up in car with my clothes in the trunk; when I was young I swore that I could save the world. Maybe guys like me weren’t meant to be but I’ve got these filtered cigarettes and this beat up guitar. We live our lives like we’re calling a bluff and all these miles are not enough. I want to feel every last breath that I’ve got left in me. I made it down the coast with an empty wallet; a thousand miles out and the motor’s stalling. This old radio is shot and we’ve lost all control; following the power lines; the static air will bite your every wound. We’ve fallen sick; the symptons persist but we’ll fly on through the dusk and summer. These cloudy eyes will see the world while you stay home; fall in love like the first time.

Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis

Written By: Stay

Let’s turn it up, the fire’s out
We’ll make our own
Our bodies slowly kissing the ground
I wouldn’t stop for anyone but you and her
You’ve got me spinnin’ round and around
We aim to please but we fell short
Don’t stop because I’m crumbling
I’m on my knees, I won’t give up
You said it wouldn’t come to this
You said it would be easier to breathe
You said it shouldn’t come to this
But you won’t die if it does
Can’t you feel the walls split from the ceiling?
An arbitrary argument, believe you me
I’ve had the worst of all your offers
Your offers infiltrate my heart like a disease
You’ll find a way to breathe out
You won’t keep holding it in
I’ll take my lungs with or without your lesson, lose or win
Every second of my meaningless life is leading up to the moment
To push your button
Every step you take, while running away
Is another chance to turn and face it
Do you wanna stay and watch me crumble?
I’m on my knees, I won’t give up

They're Gonna Put Corningstone On!

Written By: Stay

You talk big with the lights out, sweetheart
Word’s out, better get out while you can
We’ll score with the lights on, darling
Let ‘em hear you scream it out
If it’s a game, then you’re playing it all wrong
You work the room but you’re leading them all on now
It gets better with the alcohol
You taste bitter when they scream for last call
You know, you’re always looking for the next good time
You don’t mind waking with headaches and scars
You know these girls make us put ‘em down faster
We’ve watched you move, girl, you’re such a disaster
You’ve got a knack for saying the wrong thing and heading for the bedroom
We’re not too curious, no, we’ve seen everything you’ve got and this attention’s got to stop, baby
You thrive on our attention, our words, and our affection


Written By: Stay

Quiet alone, saturday’s nothing again till you’re home. I miss the sound you make when i blush and stare at the ground. I’m so in love that I can’t understand how the world’s in demand when you shine like a star too me. I’m still singing for summer where we had found one another. Please hurry back to me. Calm me down, wait until I fell loss abound. I’m so afraid that the life that I’ve made’s the long road to losing the love that I crave. I cannot wait till the month of december, I’ve been alone please say we’ll be together and hurry back to me.


American Cherry Bomb (LP) - Spring 2011
Games With Girls (EP) - December 15, 2010
2010 Summer Sampler (EP) - July 3, 2010

Set List

Stay typically performs a 30-40 minute set consisting of original material. The band has enough material to perform for a 2-hour time frame and can incorporate cover songs upon request.