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Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
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"Interview: STAY | The Sound Alarm"

The Sound Alarm’s Matt Nistler interviews one of today’s hottest unsigned bands, Boston’s STAY. They discuss the band’s new single “Arson in the Suburbs,” which will debut on on Monday, February 7. Matt also gets the scoop on STAY’s upcoming full-length, American Cherry Bomb. You can catch STAY performing at the Never Say Never Festival in Mission, TX on March 15 alongside Travie McCoy and Neon Trees.

Let’s start off simple! Who is in STAY and what is everyone’s role in the band?
Stay is made up of Anthony Rainville (Vocals), Alex Gaynor (Guitar/Vocals), Nick Crist (Bass/Vocals), Andrew Elliott (Guitar/Keys/Vocals), Anthony Amorelli (Drums), and Steve Ackles (Guitar).

How long has STAY been a band?
We’ve been a band for two and a half years now I think.

I’m curious who some of STAY’s influences are? Obviously, you guys are a rock band, but there also seems to be some hip-hop/pop/funk etc. influences thrown in there as well.
Some of our major influences include Taking Back Sunday, Fall Out Boy, Third Eye Blind, and The All-American Rejects. I think the hip-hop and funk sound is influenced by bands like Third Eye Blind and just our desire to make music that doesn’t sound just like the last band that everyone’s listened to.

How would you say your sound has progressed and evolved over the years?
We’ve definitely always tried to write better songs each time we record and release music. I think we’ve improved melodically over time and have written songs that are more “timeless” than our last material. We always try to make songs that are your favorite songs for months and months rather than something that you love for a few days and then recycle. This is obviously a tough task but I think we’ve gotten a lot better at achieving that over the past couple years.

Now to the exciting news! STAY is just about to release a new song — what’s the lowdown on that?
Looks like we’ll be releasing a new song during the second week of February!

Are you considering the new song a “single” or does it just happen to be the song you are releasing first?
I don’t think we’re considering the new song to be a “single” but it’s definitely going to be one of our personal favorite tracks from the new album. We’re still in the process of deciding on an actual single from the record. It’s been a tough decision…but I guess that’s a good thing!

Why did you choose to release this song first? What can we expect from this song?
Good question! I think this particular track is sort of just a crazy song that should get some people excited. It takes some serious risks and isn’t as conservative as some of our past songs. It also combines many different styles into one which is something we really like doing in terms of vocals and melodies.

One of our readers (@DanielAdams86) is wondering if anyone in the band has any side-projects?
Our guitarist Alex Gaynor actually has a side-project called The Guns of Ticonderoga. You can check them out at:!/pages/The-Guns-of-Ticonderoga/125222750856482

You guys are one of the hardest working “DIY” bands out there. What are some of the lessons you’ve learned the hard way, and on the flip side, what things have you discovered that work really well as a “DIY” band?
Glad to hear that you guys feel that way! Thanks a lot. We’ve been working non-stop for the past two years. I guess one of the biggest lessons we’ve learned is that you should never take “no” for an answer when dealing with anything pertaining to the music industry. You really have to prove to people that you’re worth their time. It’s a tough task and it definitely requires patience; you have to convince others that you are right and then back it up by delivering results. The other thing that we’ve had to adapt to is finding out how to become a better band. We didn’t really have anyone telling us “do this” or “do that,” we had to find out on our own and we did that through trial and error and doing all we could to perfect what we were doing. The financial aspect of being a “DIY” band is always challenging but you just have to find a way to make things work efficiently. We never questioned what we were doing even when we were stuck in the middle of Colorado with eight dollars to our name, we found a way to continue touring. It’s a building process and it takes time.

A lot of our readers are probably wondering why STAY hasn’t signed yet. Do you foresee signing to a label anytime soon?
Signing to a label is something that we plan on doing at some point. We really want to find that team of people that believe in our band as much as we do. As of right now, we’re just weighing our options and seeing what the next best move is.

You recently played a show with The Maine. What was that experience like?
It was an awesome show! The Maine put on a killer acoustic show and the crowd was consistent throughout all of the bands. It was nice to - The Sound Alarm

"Muzik Dizcovery: Interview With Stay"

Stay may have been a band you have seen on Purevolume or AbsolutePunk over the past few years. From being on Purevolume's Unsigned Bands of 09 to being on's Absolute 100 of 2010, Stay has gained quite a lot of love from pop-rock lovers everywhere. The band is in the process of releasing their new album, American Cherry Bomb, which should be out in Spring. Guitarist Steve Ackles took some time to answer a few questions about the new album, the band's progression from EP to album, and the band's future. Check it out after the jump.

You guys are releasing a new album, American Cherry Bomb, soon. How was the process of creating your first full length? Was it any different than the process of making an EP?

It was definitely an awesome experience. It was absolutely time consuming because we knew we had to write more songs than a normal EP but ultimately it was the same process. A lot of demoing new song ideas and making sure that the songs were written to the best of our abilities.

Is there any theme behind the album name that leads into the music?

There is...I'm probably the worst at explaining this. Our guitarist/keys player thought of the name and it basically illustrates the downfall of the music industry and the American culture...sort of how music listeners stopped buying CDs and in turn artists can't afford to tour. Like I said, I'm the worst at explaining it, but it's along those lines.

What were you trying to accomplish for this album?

We were trying to make the most bad ass record we possibly could. The goal was to have every song be awesome and make it so there wasn't that one or two songs where you're like "ehh...I don't know about this one" We wanted it to be in your face throughout the entire record.

The song title “Maddie kthx” pushed some people away from listening to the band because of the title. Was the title more a joke than anything?

Yeah the title doesn't really relate to the actual song as much as people thought it did. Our drummer named that song but it didn't have a direct correlation to the meaning of the song. We just liked how it sounded.

People definitely thought that based on the title you were one of those manufactured pop boy bands that are just in it for the fame. Do you think that the song title gave you guys a bit of a bad reputation?

I don't think it gave us a bad reputation. I mean, there's always going to be haters. We're used to it at this point. We're confident about what we do and at the end of the day that's all you can really depend upon.

Most of the past songs have stayed more to a simple pop-rock formula. Are there any incidents of trying to move outside of the box in the newest album?

Definitely. The new album is really diverse. I don't think one song sounds like another. We really tried to integrate other styles into the song writing and make it as interesting to listen to as possible.

What do you think the biggest change between American Cherry Bomb and the EP is?

I'd say the songs are a lot more well written and there is a definite confidence throughout the album. It comes off very strong and confident to the listener I think.

When you say confident, do you mean it such that the band has grown to the point in which you think you're starting to figure out how to do things to the best of your abilities?

Absolutely. Our last songs were strong too, but I think we've really improved with these new songs

Are there any songs that looking back you wish you could have either scrapped or reconstructed? Either due to the fact that you guys have matured and you just look back and think "this just wasn't a very good song", or you think you rushed the song, or any other reasons?

No, I wouldn't have scrapped any songs but there are some things here and there where we could've made parts of the song better but they are things that honestly probably us as the songwriters would notice.

The album does not even have an official release date yet, though it was announced to be in spring. Is that still the expected time, or will the unfortunate consequences push it up a bit?

It's still going to be released during the Spring, we'll have a pre-order up soon though.

Are you planning on doing any special things to go with the preorder, as kind of a reason for people to actually buy the physical album?

Yeah. There will be some added bonuses for sure.

Have you guys been in contact with any labels, and should we expect a signing sometime soon for the band?

We're talking to some labels but plans are still up in the air as of right now.

What is your take on labels these days? Are they actually necessary to progress as a band both in the actual creation of the album and for the band's popularity?

Labels can help to promote artists in creative ways but at the same time, they're not really a necessity to progressing your band. We've been touring with label bands for the past year as an unsigned band.

Are you gu - Muzik Dizcovery

"New Stay Teaser"

Head to the replies to check out a new teaser from Stay's new album, American Cherry Bomb. -

"Unsigned Find: Stay - Seventeen Magazine"

Though our focus is almost always on the music, here at Unsigned Finds we don't pretend not to notice when the boys in the rock band are cute (10 points for honesty?) Traditionally, a band with four cute guys is a lucky find. But, a band with six cute members who are all talented to boot? Now that's a serious gem. Anthony R, Alex, Nick, Andrew, Steve and Anthony A, otherwise known as STAY, have been stirring up a serious buzz in and around their hometown of Boston, MA. The boys just recently completed a string of tour dates with Down With Webster and have also hit the road with major bands like The Maine, Allstar Weekend and their personal favorite, You Me And Everyone We Know. "You, Me, and Everyone We Know has been one of our favorite bands to tour with," says Stay's guitarist Steve. "Not only are they great musicians but we feel that they are very deserving of their success." While their fellow tour mates might be teaching the boys of STAY a thing or two about being humble, they've definitely earned a few bragging rights in our book. Still entirely unsigned, the boys have been featured in major rock music mags like Alternative Press and have earned spots on highly coveted end of the year top-ten lists like Purevolume's Top Unsigned Bands of 2009 and's top 100.

But, at the end of the day, we all know pop/rock bands are a dime a dozen. So, how do the boys keep people talking? According to Steve, it's their work ethic and irresistible live show. "I think we're definitely able to differentiate our live show from others. We've been going to concerts and live shows forever and have taken all we've learned from years of watching, and have applied it to our live performance. We're grateful for our chance to step on stage every night and we never take that for granted." It might also help a little, that the boys have teamed up with John Naclerio, (the producer/engineer for My Chemical Romance) to help produce their new full-length record, which is due out in spring of 2011.

Although the boys are working with a major producer now, they've made it crystal clear that they have no intention of ditching their independent roots and compromising the artistic freedom they've come to depend on. "We're really happy being an independent band. It's not always easy, but it's really great to have full control over your musical product. We're definitely open to the idea of being signed to a major, but we'd want to make sure that it's the right record label run by people who work as hard as we do on a daily basis." We totally agree boys. Take it slow, and shop around - you're doing just fine on your own.

Want to hear more? Check them out at and click here for a free download! You can also check them out on MySpace, "like" them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter! And as always, tell us what you think in the comments section below! -

"Wicked Local Band: Stay's music will stick with you"


THE BAND: Anthony Rainville, vocals, Chelmsford; Alex Gaynor, vocals, guitar, Acton; Nick Crist, bass, Peabody; Andrew Elliott, guitar, keyboard, vocals, Acton; Steve Ackles, guitar, Franklin; Anthony Amorelli, drums, Medway

WE PLAY: Pop/rock. "Most listeners compare us to bands such as Third Eye Blind, Jimmy Eat World or All American Rejects," said Ackles. "We just really try to write and perform music that is extremely catchy and fun to listen to in a live setting."

OUR HISTORY: The band started during the winter of 2008. Since then, Stay has had tour dates with Down With Webster, Let's Get It, The Maine, You, Me and Everyone We Know and We Are The In Crowd. The band is now working with producer/engineer John Naclerio in the recording studio and making a full-length record to be released in the spring.

WE ROCKED THE HOUSE: At a special Halloween show Oct. 31 at the Middle East Upstairs in Cambridge. "It was a great show. The Middle East is definitely one of our favorite Bay State venues to perform in."

OUR LOOK: "We usually wear jeans or buttoned down shirts to our shows. It's pretty much what we'd normally be wearing so that's what we end up wearing when we perform."

OUR CDs: Stay has released an EP called "Games With Girls" on iTunes. They also have a three-song "Summer Sampler 2010."

HOPE TO SEE YA: Dec. 17 at the Webster Underground in Hartford, Conn., Dec. 18 at the Middle East Upstairs

LISTEN UP AT: - The Milford Daily News

"Stay in the Studio"

Stay is currently recording a full-length record with John Naclerio at Nada Recording Studios (Brand New, Senses Fail). -

"Eat Chipotle With Stay"

Stay will be treating two lucky fans to a lunch at Chipotle Mexican Grill on December 19th. Check out the replies to find out how you can enter to win. -

"Stay Guitar Battle"

Stay gives us an update during pre-production at The Lab Of Danger. Check the replies to watch the video. -

"Update with Stay"

1. Stay has announced a private show with THE MAINE on Wednesday, November 17th at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. This show is open to Northeastern University students only, however, be on the look out for an upcoming contest opportunity for your chance to attend.

2. Go to Chipotle with Stay Contest - Hello Stayfans! In lieu of the Holidays and Stay's creation of their debut full length record, the band would like to take a day off from recording to treat 2lucky fans to a delicious luncheon extravaganza at Chipotle Mexican Grill in Boston, MA! No, this is not a joke. This is a genuine contest. Who wouldn't want to dine for free at the finest Mexican burrito restaurant chain with none other than the most influential rock band of all time? Okay, so Stay might not be that band. However, the burritos are so worth it. You even get to bring a friend too! Here are the details:

-No purchase necessary.
-No transportation provided.
-Each winner may bring ONE friend. Yup, we pay for them too.
-If a winner is under 18 years old, the friend they bring must be of age. No exceptions. By entering you agree to this rule.
-Prize includes lunch at (specific location later specified) Chipotle restaurant in Boston, MA area with the band.
-Lunch includes a burrito, chips, and a drink...ON STAY! Wooo!
-Lunch is at 3 o'clock PM EST on Sunday, December 19th, 2010. Don't be late!
-Please only enter if you can come, Stay hates getting blown off.
-Finally, the two winning fans + the two friends accompanying will receive a special (but probably lame) Holiday gift from Stay.

What are you waiting for?!

Email: with your NAME, and CONTACT INFO.

You will receive a confirmation notice within 24 hours stating that you have been entered into the drawing (which will be done at random). We will accept entries up until 12:00am on Sunday, December 5th, 2010. The winners will be contacted later that day via email and/or the provided contact information. The specific Chipotle restaurant location will then be given to the winners of the contest.

Good Luck! Get ready for the QUESO SAUCE! -

"Unsigned Spotlight - Stay"

We played shows throughout New England almost every weekend in support of the Games With Girls EP. Through our constant self-promotion, we were able to reach the top sales charts on various websites, including Over the course of our existence, we’ve shared the stage with well-known artists such as All Time Low, The Cab, Just Surrender, Hit The Lights, and Hanson. We’ve also performed on select dates of the Vans Warped Tour.

This past summer, we self-booked a 2-month United States national tour, with tour dates in a total of 45 states. The tour was called “The Change For Charity Tour�; we collected donations for the American Cancer Society, To Write Love On Her Arms, Habitat For Humanity, Invisible Children, and World Vision at each tour date. In addition to the 2-month national tour, we’ve also taken part in various regional tours along the East Coast.

Recently, we traveled to Minneapolis, MN to shoot a music video for our song “Maddie Kthx� with producer/director Shane Nelson (Motion City Soundtrack, Sing It Loud, NOFX). The music video will be released on Saturday, December 12th exclusively through On Tuesday, December 15th, the music video will be released to all video and social media websites. We’ll also be releasing a free EP, that will be available for digital download at beginning on Tuesday, December 15th.

Our music is most appealing to those that listen to All Time Low, Boys Like Girls, Third Eye Blind, and Jimmy Eat World. Thank you to anyone who checks out our band and spreads the word! Stay tuned for video updates and new tour dates in early 2010!

Watch the band's music video for "Maddie Ktnx"
MySpace / Official Website / PureVolume / Facebook / Twitter / Youtube / Buy
Review Rinse Repeat says:
Stay have made quite a name for themselves already, with their clean-cut pop tunes shining as bright as they are likely to, in the future. These guys are here to...

For fans of Boys Like Girls, Hit The Lights and Mayday Parade - Review Rinse Repeat

"Stay To Record Full-Length"

Former Unsigned Spotlight featurees Stay will be entering the studio in December to record their debut full-length. - Review Rinse Repeat

"Confectionary Sugar Pop"

Stay have posted another new song on purevolume entitled "Confection". -

"Stay Music Video - News Article"

The first music video from Boston's Stay can be seen here. -

"Here to STAY"

Up and coming pop/rock band STAY is out to show the nation they’re worth the listen! Formed in Boston, these four young guys are giving boy bands a run for their money. They’re currently the #1 unsigned act on and are getting ready to kick-off a tour on the east coast. Great jams, fresh style, and easy on the eyes – what don’t they have going for them? Listen to their music yourself, and let us know what you think! CLICK HERE for more info. - Young Hollywood

"SUR Featured Unsigned Band: Stay"


**All questions answered by Steve Ackles, guitarist of STAY**

How’d the band come together? Did you all know each other previously?

The band came together through going to local shows, performing in past bands, and mutual friends. We all sort of went to shows in the area and came to know each other through our past bands that we had played in and we all kept in contact with each other and then eventually formed Stay.

Is being in a band everything you thought it would be like or have there been any misconceptions?

Being in a band is totally awesome. It really is everything we expected it to be; tons of hard work but a very rewarding experience. It’s seriously awesome to have kids sing along to your songs live at a concert. The hard work is all worthwhile when you start to see more and more kids listen to the band. But, I’d say we all agree that the best part of being in a band is not only being able to write songs, but just being able to make a positive impact on someone else’s life…that’s the best part.

How would you describe your music for people who have never heard it before?

Our music is usually considered pop/rock. If you like artists such as Jimmy Eat World, Third Eye Blind, and All Time Low, you’ll most likely enjoy our sound too!

How does the scene in Boston influence your sound?

The Boston, MA music scene consists of a lot of hardcore/heavier bands. While we totally respect their sound and actually listen to quite a few of these bands, it’s definitely been a little bit more difficult growing up in the Boston area with a band like ours, just because our sound is most relevant in states such as Maryland, Virginia, and Florida. It’s all good though, we’re up for the challenge!

How does your band try and stand out from other bands within your genre?

That’s a really good question. There are a lot of bands within the pop/rock genre so we have to do our best to offer kids and music listeners something different. We take a lot of influence from 90s music and sorta incorporate that twist within our sound. We also really take pride in answering every comment and message that we receive on our MySpace or Facebook pages - we like to let fans know that we DO take the time to answer their questions and comments. I mean, it’s the very least we can do for them.

What was it like working with Shane Nelson when making your music video for your song “Maddie kthx?”

Shane has worked on a lot of awesome music videos with some great bands. It was definitely a great experience working with him throughout the planning and production stages of the music video. We shot the music video back in October in Minneapolis, MN so it was pretty cold outside but we got through it! We had never filmed a music video before so it was a very interesting experience to see how the whole process came together. But yeah, Shane is the man and we’re really happy with the way the music video turned out.

You’ve already released two EPs, so is there a full-length album in the works at all?

Definitely! We’re actually at home right now working on some demos for a full length that we’ll hopefully release sometime in 2010. We’re in the beginning stages of writing and demoing so we’re just putting ideas together and seeing how different things sound. It’s a fun process, we plan on having a collection of songs to bring to a producer for a full length when the time is right.

What motivates you to pursue a career in the music industry as a band?

Well first off, we love writing and arranging songs. But, we’ve decided to pursue a band because we want to be able to convey a message to people and impact the lives of others through something musical. We’re also really adamant about donating money to amazing organizations such as the American Cancer Society, To Write Love On Her Arms, Habitat For Humanity, and Invisible Children, so having a voice as a band, we hope to encourage people to take action and help out these organizations as well.

Have you guys been offered any record deals as of yet?

We have had some label interest but we’re really waiting until the time is right to get signed.

Can you give me one straight up random fact about each member of the band?

Haha yeah I’ll give this a try…I (Steve) am sorta afraid of heights. Anthony, our singer, sometimes is forgetful. Liam, our guitarist, used to be a famous soccer player, at least so he says. And Anthony, our drummer, really hates the blooming onion from Outback Steakhouse.

Any last words for the readers of Straight Up Random?

Sure thing! Thank you so much for putting this interview together! Also, a big thank you to our fans and supporters! Make sure you check out the new music video for our song “Maddie kthx” and head on over to to download our EP for free! - Straight Up Random

"Stay Interview"

SHRED: Who are the members of Stay and what do you each play?

Stay: Anthony Rainville – Vocals
Steve Ackles – Guitar
Anthony “Dubs” Amorelli – Drums / Percussion
Liam Hamel – Guitar
Alex Griggs – Bass

SHRED: When and how did Stay officially become a band?

Stay: Stay, as one would see it now became a band a little over two years ago.

SHRED: Is there any story behind the name Stay?

Stay: Yes. The band is named after a Temptations song.

SHRED: How would you describe your band’s genre?

Stay: It’s fair to say we slide ourselves into a multitude of genres. However, we are a pop rock band.

SHRED: Have you always wanted to be musicians?

Stay: No. Dubs wanted to be a professional hot dog eating champion. Other than that, yes. Music is a part of our lives like water and air and without it we probably would not know how to function.

SHRED: Do you have any major musical influences?

Stay: As a band and individually we are influenced by so many different artists from a wide range of styles. We are influenced clearly by the pop greats such as The Beatles and Michael Jackson. But we are also influenced by modern artists such as Third Eye Blind and Blink 182.

SHRED: Is there anyone who is the main songwriter in the band or is it a group process?

Stay: Everything is a group process. Each member of this band is talented in a multi-instrumental way. It leads to super cooperative moments and the occasional argument. But we have learned that in the end, we all love the final product.

SHRED: How was recording your EP Games With Girls?

Stay: We recorded Games With Girls with producer John Naclerio in New York. It was a super great time. He is a very talented dude who was able to push us to our fullest potential. Listening to the final mix playback was a great feeling.

SHRED: Do you have a favorite song off the EP?

Stay: We love them all! Especially Maddie Kthx because we just shot a music video for it with Shane Nelson. Stay tuned for that very soon!

SHRED: Do you have a favorite song to play live?

Stay: All of them. Duhh!

SHRED: What’s your favorite thing about playing a show?

Stay: We love performing for our dedicated fans and having the opportunity to reach out and meet new kids every night!

SHRED: Do you have a favorite venue that you’ve played at?

Stay: Some that stand out are the Knitting Factory in LA, Cicero’s in St. Louis, and The Chance in Poughkeepsie NY. We have played so many great venues across the U.S. that it’s hard to narrow that down.

SHRED: How was shooting your music video for Maddie Kthx?

Stay: Shooting was amazing. We shot our video with Shane Nelson in Minneapolis, MN. He was super rad. We were able to incorporate so much into a classic music video concept. We don’t want to spoil it though! Go watch the teaser @!

SHRED: Is there any reason for choosing “Maddie Kthx” as the song used for the video?

Stay: Yes. We feel as though Maddie Kthx is a song everyone can relate to. It is an emotional ballad while being an upbeat pop song. We wanted the chance to transpose this into a visual experience for our fans.

SHRED: Stay was selected as a finalist for the Pac Sun Battle of the Bands at Harper’s Ferry on November 16th, how was that?

Stay: Great! Thank you Pac Sun. (P.S. Dubs likes your girl pants)

SHRED: What’s a random fact about you that fans might not know?

Stay: All of us are 19 except one of us. Ohh, and we run our MySpace ourselves and actually talk to fans there.

SHRED: What do you do when you’re not playing shows or writing music?

Stay: Steve is on the internet or eating buffalo chicken. Tony is hitting up fans online and watching Die Hard. Dubs is falling off his long board, driving to Taco Bell, drooling over Kristen Stewart, or with his family. Liam is at some party or “borrowing” stranger’s bicycles. Alex is being Alex, talking to strangers, cooking, or buying vinyl records.

SHRED: What can fans expect from Stay in the upcoming months?

Stay: You’ll see.

SHRED: If you could create a dream tour, who would be on it and why?

Stay: Blink 182, Brand New, TREOS, Jimmy Eat World, Paramore, Third Eye Blind, Eminem, Passion Pit, Imogen Heap, Queen, The Who, The Beatles, Cher, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Stay and Clay Aiken opening select dates. I think the “why” portion is self explanatory.

SHRED: Do you have any advice for other bands, who are just starting out?

Stay: Only two things in the entire world can wreck a talented group of musicians from failing. Drugs and Laziness. Work hard, meet people, develop professionalism, and be honest with yourselves and others. Ohh, and never put Twinkies on your pizza.

SHRED: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Stay: Please check us out at! Add us on MySpace because we would love to talk to you no matter who you are or where you live. As always we would like to thank our fans, friends, families, endorsers, and eve - Shred News

"Know Them Before They're Famous: Stay"

As Boston’s music scene is growing, so are the bands that have been climbing their way up the media stream. Stay, a band from the city within, is just one of those bands working on making a name for themselves. The five-piece pop-rock band became an official band about two years ago. Since then, the band has released an EP titled Games With Girls and have played many shows across the U.S including the Vans Warped Tour. They’ve even played with such bands as; All Time Low, Hit The Lights, A Rocket To The Moon and The Cab. Now, Stay is taking one-step further by releasing a music video for their song “Maddie Kthx” on December 12th.

In the past couple of months, the band has been keeping busy. In November, Stay was selected as a finalist in Pac Sun’s Battle of the Bands. The Winner of the battle of the bands would get a chance to perform on the Pac Sun Tour with Saosin, Eye Alaska, P.O.S and Innerpartysytem on their city’s date. Unfortunately, they didn’t win but they fought a hard battle. This loss isn’t stopping the band in any way though, because they’re currently working on new record and Stay is also going recording a holiday song just in time for Christmas.

The biggest thing for Stay right now, is the release of their first ever music video for one of songs off Games With Girls “Maddie Kthx.” The band chose the song simply because they thought it was the most relatable song for their listeners. In our interview with Stay, they talked about shooting their video stating, “We were able to incorporate so much into a classic music video concept. We don’t want to spoil it though!” The band shot their video “Maddie Kthx” with Shane Nelson in Minneapolis, MN, you can see bits of their video in their video teaser that the band has on Myspace. On the other hand, if you can wait, everyone can watch their video on December 12th.
For being an unsigned band, Stay is definitely making their footprint in the local scene. This band has everything going for them and they’re a band worth listening to. In the end, I can see Stay doing big things in the future because they’re doing what they love the most, playing music. I also hope for the future that they make more enticing music videos for their fans.

Find More Out About Stay By Going To: - Shred News

"STAY | Interview"

Substream Music Press: Where are you originally from? What brought you to Boston?

Anthony "Dubs" Amorelli (drums): We all reign from the metro Boston area. Massachusetts is such a small state and growing up we all have been so rooted in the scene here. Although the scene here does not blossom for pop/punk and pop/rock too deep, we love it here and love all the bands and friends we have met.

Anthony Rainville (vocals): I'm originally from Burlington, Massachusetts, and the rest of the dudes are from Medway, Franklin, and Rehobeth. We all mostly still live in our respective areas so we say Boston to kind of avoid any confusion.

Alex Griggs (bass): I grew up in Medway, Massachusetts, but Boston has always felt like a second home. Gotta love the city.

SMP: How did you meet/how did the band form?

Anthony Amorelli: Tony and our original bassist AJ had been working together musically for quite some time. Steve and Anthony (Dubs) had jammed together in the past, but were still in contact with each other. Tony and AJ were looking for a drummer and a guitarist. After jamming a few times it was apparent that a cohesive goal and vibe was certainly shared by all involved. It just grew from there.

Anthony Rainville: We all met through various friends and bands we grew up playing in. Our guitarist Steve and I originally played a couple shows together and that's how we met. He knew our drummer Dubs and they both came to a practice when we were looking for new people. Our newest guitarist, Liam, met Steve in college last year, and our friend Alex just joined to start playing bass for us. I started the band with one of my good friends because all we did was listen to music and talk about girls. Not much has really changed to this day [laughs].

Alex Griggs: Anthony (Dubs) and I have known each other forever. We had played together in bands through school. We ended up playing in separate bands for a while. We had always wanted to play together again so when Anthony told me the band needed someone on bass I was more than happy to jump in.

SMP: What was your goal in forming? Where do your goals stand now?

Anthony Amorelli: Our goal in forming a band was to write and release the best music we could possibly produce. Beyond that goal, we have always wanted to make our music available to as many people as possible. Today our goal is the same; however, we put a huge emphasis on supporting charities and helping those in need. We are extremely lucky and fortunate people. It is important to us to make both ourselves and our fans aware that it is crucial to help those in need.

Anthony Rainville: I think the main goal in forming was definitely wanting to be like our idols and perform music we love every night to as many people we can get to listen. We all love and listen to music nonstop, so to be able to write and perform it is such an amazing thing to us! To me, the goals are really more or less the same today: to do what we love, work hard at it, and have fun!

Alex Griggs: My musical goals have always been the same. I want to make people feel inspired from the music I'm playing. Music is powerful and when it's done right, it can change lives.

SMP: What was your process/inspiration/goal in putting together the Games with Girls EP?

Anthony Amorelli: Games With Girls wasn't even supposed to be an EP! It was time to hit the studio again and we chose Producer/Engineer John Naclerio from NADA recording to record our band. We accomplished so much with him and we were so happy with the results that we decided to formalize the new material as a release and get everyone as pumped on it as we were. On the surface, it's a pop release. However, a lot of the lyrical content is a testament to many of the relationships we have had in the past. We're very proud of it.

Anthony Rainville: The process of putting that record together was basically us getting together almost every night of the week for two months and demoing ideas out at our total shithole of a practice space. We'd work till all hours of the night then eat at a 24 hour Dunks around the corner. I remember being super tired and stressed out. But what really motivated us was getting out new songs that would be a huge step up from our previous release, which we felt like we could immediately improve upon. I think that was the main goal at the time, just really stepping it up with the songwriting. Initially it wasn't going to be a full release either. We were only going to record a few songs, but we ended up having extra studio time so we did a few more tracks and decided then and there to make it an EP.

SMP: What would you say you are most thankful for in your music careers thus far?

Anthony Amorelli: We are most thankful for our families, friends, fans, and the other amazing bands we have shared the stage with.

Anthony Rainville: All the support we've been able to get from our amazing fans as well as our friends and families. We really - Substream Music Press

"The Absolute 100 (Aug. 2010)"

Why We Like: Sugary pop rock music tickles my fancy. No questions asked. Bands like Holiday Parade may get tanked on for not having substance, but by god can they write catchy hooks and melodies. Which is what leads me to my New England boys Stay. Sure, Stay isn’t the best band name, but then again when are any band names that great anymore? The music is what matters and these guys deliver big time. If you are looking for some more sugar for your summer, here you go.
RIYL: Holiday Parade, My Favorite Highway, The Downtown Fiction -

"Unsigned band Stay content without record deal"

DETROIT – Amidst tough economic times and an ever changing music industry, not everybody can sell records like Lil’ Wayne. Mix in the rise of illegal file sharing and an over saturation of acts flooding the music scene, and it’s easy to see why bands can’t carry on, much less sell thousands of records.

For Boston pop-rock band Stay, these odds are nothing if not motivation. In fact, in under two years, the outfit has sold over 5,000 copies of its Games With Girls EP, in addition to self booking and completing a two-month tour across America, all without the support of a record label.

With a sound rivaling popular acts within the genre such as All Time Low or Mayday Parade, the band differentiates itself through its engaging live show and vigorous work with various charitable organizations. The band has contributed and collected donations for groups such as To Write Love on Her Arms, Habitat for Humanity, the American Cancer Society and Invisible Children. On its summer “Change for Charity” tour, the group collected canned goods and donations to contribute to local organizations. The band also donated a penny from its own pockets for each Myspace friend request it received during the period.

Fresh off of being named one of Purevolume’s “Top 20 Unsigned Bands of 2009”, the band utilizes word of mouth generated through a strong online presence to continually propel the band to new heights.

“It’s definitely growing more and more competitive to get your music out to a bigger amount of people,” the band wrote in an e-mail to idobi. “There are tons of bands competing for this same sort of recognition. We’ve been able to acquire attention through constant online promotion on Web sites such as Myspace, Purevolume, Facebook and Twitter.”

With over 600,000 Myspace song plays and more than 55,000 song downloads through Purevolume, constant online promotion seems to be an understatement, albeit one that is quite effective nonetheless.

The band hopes to continue their successes to an even better year in 2010. Dreaming to tour with bands like All Time Low, Hey Monday or This Providence, Stay plans to hit the road once again in the coming months.

“We definitely plan on doing some serious touring this spring. Right now, we’re at home working on some new songs and then we plan to do some touring towards probably March or April,” the band wrote. “We’re just going to keep the momentum going and keep working hard to write and promote our music.”

While the band hopes to “create a lengthy music career and write songs that are as timeless as they can be,” Stay is fine with pressing on without the backing of a record label, for now.

“We’ve always hoped to eventually sign a record deal with a great label that loves our music and loves what we’re doing. We’ve had a couple of label offers, but nothing that has been entirely right for us yet. Currently, I wouldn’t say we’re actively seeking a record label, but if something were to present itself, we would definitely entertain the offer,” the band added. “We’re just waiting for the right label to find us — there’s really no point in forcing it.”

“Maddie kthx,” the first single off of the band’s Games With Girls EP, is available for free download exclusively on idobi. - idobi

"Stay posts new tracks, answers questions"

DETROIT – Boston pop/rock outfit Stay is a band on the move.

After wrapping up tours with acts such as You, Me and Everyone We Know, self-releasing two EPs and shooting a music video, Stay is giving fans more. Having just released a three-song summer sampler, the band continues to dominate the PureVolume charts, even drawing the attention of All Time Low.

If present times are any indication of things to come, the members of Stay plan on doing just what their band’s name says. idobi recently had the chance to catch up with Stay vocalist Anthony Rainville, who answered a few questions about Stay’s past, present and future.

Q: How are things with Stay?

A: Awesome, thank you!

Q: You recently released three new songs — “Power Lines,” “Confection” and “Rooms” – on your summer sampler. Will these be featured on an upcoming album?

A: Maybe! We’re still figuring out what we want to do with the next record, so it’s still a little too early to tell. It’s definitely possible, though!

Q: Why the decision to release three songs in such rapid succession as opposed to waiting longer between each?

A: Our mentality with the timing of the release was just to try and give people something new every couple of weeks and hopefully keep the buzz going. I think had we done it differently the longest we would have waited between songs would have been a month.

Q: Where can fans buy these songs?

A: Definitely on iTunes! They can also grab them at any of our shows for even cheaper.

Q: Who did you record these songs with?

A: We recorded the songs with Gary Cioffi and had Zack Odom and Ken Mount mix them. We decided to work with Gary because we had previously tracked some songs together and felt confident in his ability to get something new out of us sonically. When we were choosing someone to mix the songs we decided on Zack and Ken because we were huge fans of a lot of records they had done and had mutually expressed interest in working with them in the past.

Q: The songs have been doing well on PureVolume charts, right?

A: Yes, and it feels great! We were really stoked on how well they did and how awesome everyone’s reaction was to them. People were really receptive to the songs right off the bat and it helped us to get to the top of the charts, which is also awesome.

Q: As one of the top unsigned bands on PureVolume, did you feel any pressure with the release of these songs?

A: I think there’s always some pressure when you’re writing and releasing new material because you’re always looking to outdo and top what you did before. I definitely felt some of that when we were writing and recording, but at the end of the day you can’t let it get to you and affect what you’re trying to accomplish.

Q: Has the fan response to the new material been positive?

A: Yeah, totally. Our fans have continued to be super supportive – the response was definitely overwhelmingly positive. Everyone seemed to really dig it.

Q: How can fans get in touch with Stay? Do you think that communication with them is important for your band’s success?

A: Fans can reach us on any of our social networking sites, personal or band-related. I think communication is definitely a vital aspect of success for any band in today’s music climate. Even putting the success aspect aside, I think it’s something you should do because you want to be able to thank the people that make the band possible in the first place.

Q: How have the recent tours been?

A: They’ve honestly been some of the best tours we’ve ever done as a band. We just got back from touring with Down With Webster and the shows were such a blast! We also got to go out with You, Me and Everyone We Know this past spring and it was absolutely incredible. I was such a huge fan of that band going in so I was just super stoked when I heard we were going to do it. You, Me and Everyone We Know also has a new record coming out in August so make sure you pick that shit up!

Q: What’s in store for Stay in the coming months?

A: I can’t say too much yet because not everything’s 100 percent confirmed, but we’ll definitely be really busy. We’re going to be doing some touring in the early fall and then probably take a couple months to focus on writing our next record. Then we’ll be hitting the road pretty hard in support of it so I would definitely look for a full U.S. tour really soon after that. We might also release a music video or two pretty soon, so be on the lookout for that too!
- idobi

"Lost In Our Stereo: Exclusive Playlists by the Members of All Time Low"

STAY selected as one of Rian Dawson's favorite songs as part of his VIP playlist. -


Check out the track Maddie KTHX by Stay. The pop rock act were listed in the top 20 unsigned bands on PureVolume and will be performing at Pete Wentz’s popular NYC Angel & Kings on January 18th. - Kings of A&R

"Top Unsigned 2009"'s Top Unsigned Bands of 2009 - PureVolume

"08.26.10 - Interview -"

Stay is a 4 piece pop-rock band from Boston, MA. They were picked as part of this year's Absolute 100. If you are fans of sugary pop-rock bands like The Maine and Sing It Loud, Stay will be your new obsession. Thanks to Steve for taking time out of his busy day to answer some questions!

1. Please introduce yourself and state what you do in the band.

My name is Steve Ackles and I play guitar in the band Stay.

2. You recently released a few new songs online. What was the purpose behind it?

We just released three new tracks online that we recorded about a month and a half ago. We just wanted to give listeners some new material and show them what we had been working on. These songs weren’t intended for a real physical release, just something for kids to grab on iTunes and jam to.

3. What is the plan for another proper release?

Things are still being planned out but as of right now; we’re recording demos for a full-length record to be released in Spring 2011.

4. Will any songs be re-recorded?

At the moment, I don’t think so. Things could change but right now, it’s going to be 11 new tracks.

5. Listening to the new songs, the band has seemed to go more in the pop direction like heavyweights The Maine. What brought about the slight change from the pop-punk style?

I think our intention was to release a few songs that were a little bit more mature than the previous material. We’re actually still really proud of the last EP, “Games With Girls” but we wanted to change things up a bit and show a more mature side of the band.

6. The band was included in this year's Absolute 100. As frequent readers of the site, run us through what was going through your mind when you found out?

We were absolutely stoked! We’ve been readers of the website for years now so it was definitely cool to be included in this year’s Absolute 100. Thanks Keagan!

7. Does this add any more pressure for the recording process?

Not really, we’re always holding ourselves to the highest possible standard whether we’re included in music lists like the Absolute 100 or not. It’s definitely motivating to see things moving in a forward direction, but we’re going to maintain the same effort no matter what.

8. You finished up a small tour with Down With Webster, Let's Get It and The Blue Pages. How did it go?

It was a great tour! All of the bands were really cool and the shows were awesome. NYC was probably the best date on the tour, it’s always a good time being able to meet new bands and see them perform every night!

9. Can you announce any future touring plans?

We’ve got some cool one-off shows coming up with a band called Allister. If you’re like me, I’m a sucker for “Somewhere Down In Fullerton”. Should be wild!

10. Steve, you are part of a small booking agency with several other agents. From the perspective of a member, is it easier or harder to book your own tours?

In my opinion, getting on the right tours is definitely one of the biggest obstacles that a young band faces. It’s helpful that I am a real music industry buff haha, I’m always on the look out for new shows to promote at, bands to tour with, etc. but I think we’ve begun to pay our dues on the touring front. Our first tour was a 2-month United States national tour that we booked/funded ourselves so we’ve definitely seen some of the lowest of lows on the touring front haha. In terms of booking our own tours, we’ve been fortunate enough to get the help of some of our close friends and we all work together to find the best regional/national tours for the band.

11. A common complaint on the site is the lack of an original band name. Can you give us a small history on it and why you have kept it?

When I joined the band, the name Stay was already in place. I don’t think there’s much meaning to it other than the rest of the guys wanted a short name that was sort of a command. They got it from The Temptations’ song “Stay”. We’ve kept the name because we’ve gained some momentum over the past year and at the end of the day, we believe that quality of song is the most important aspect that a band can have, not how trendy their band name is!

12. It's no surprise that there are many hook-laden, radio friendly bands falling into your genre that lack substance. How does a band like Stay avoid the cliches of these bands?

We like to think that listeners feel that our songs have substance haha. There are definitely a lot of bands within our genre that do lack substance; we always take pride in having lyrical content that is something that listeners can at least relate to. We also take that same mentality towards our live show…we sing our harmonies, all of the guitar parts are actually played…we’re a real band.

13. What advice would you give to a young band now that you've begun to pay your dues?

Start small and work your way from the ground up in regards to touring. Don’t forget that it’s about the music, constantly perfect your songs. -

"Stay gets going with debut CD"

FRAMINGHAM — The fame-crazed rockers Patti Smith sings about in "So you wanna be a rock 'n' roll star" have nothing in common with the four local guys spreading the musical word about their hot new band, Stay.

They've been singing and playing since the sixth grade but when they appear at the Civic League on Saturday none of them will care if their "pants are tight (and) their hair's combed right."

For drummer Anthony Amorelli, Stay is "just about making great music." "I think the audience is gonna see four guys who completely love every second they're on stage," said the band's youngest member at 17. "There's nothing we want except to put on a great show."

The four-member band features lead singer and vocalist Anthony Rainville of Chelmsford, guitarist Steve Ackles of Franklin, bassist and vocalist A.J. Elliott of Acton, and Amorelli of Medway, the only member still in high school.

Since coming together last October, the guys have been forging their own "alternative" sound, playing more than a dozen mostly local shows and developing a fan base. Their MySpace Web site lists 4,766 "friends."

They recorded their first CD at Jay Maas's Getaway Recording Studio in Wakefield.

Titled "Stay: The Hustle EP," it features five songs written by Rainville and one by Elliott.

Carried by an infectious driving beat, their lyrics are funky, brash, sometimes thoughtful mediations about hungry hearts and never-ending parties, broken hearts and hard lonely nights.

In "Coming Home," Rainville sings to his girl, "We'll find the time to love and we'll live each day like we're not coming home." Lamenting lost innocent pleasures in "The Great American Hustle," they sing of "the world I knew as a boy (and) played along to the ballad of the summer."

With their first CD under their belts, the band is planning on a busy summer and already has seven gigs scheduled for July.

Stay will perform a CD release show Saturday, July 19, at Bill's Bar, 5 Lansdowne St., Boston at 3 p.m.

They will appear Saturday, July 12, at the Framingham Civic League at 6 p.m. and again on Aug. 9 along with Change of Pace, Houston Calls and You, Me & Everyone We Knew. They'll be performing July 18 at The Sad Cafe in Plaistow, N.H., July 21 in the Webster Theater in Hartford, Conn., July 25 at the 119 Gallery in Lowell and July 26 at the PFAFF Center in Medfield.

Growing up on the alternative sounds of the 1980s, Ackles has been playing the guitar and drums since the sixth grade in friends' garages, bands and local gigs. A recent graduate of Franklin High, he remembers having "a few guitar lessons" as a kid "and then I taught myself."

Now 18, Ackles said things "just clicked" when he and Amorelli hooked up with Rainville and Elliott last October. "Everyone's been playing for quite a while. All of us have been in different bands trying to make it to this level. Finally we're at a point when we can tell people, 'Hey, come on and check us out,"' he said.

Like many young digital era bands, they've launched a Web site,, to get the word out about their music.

"Right now, we're unsigned, self-promoted and self-funded. We have a lot of work to do. But the Internet is awesome for that. We can invite people to look at our profile and sample our music," said Ackles. In the near future, the band hopes to get some of its hits on the popular Web site iTunes where music can be bought and downloaded.

Before touring, Stay's members want to write and rehearse more songs and "prove our music," said Ackles. He described Stay's sound as "sometimes mellow, sometimes high energy."

"I think we did a fairly good job on the CD. We try to have a happy sound. We can be deep and thoughtful and danceable," said Ackles. "We hope to go as far as possible. And we want our audiences to have fun."

For Amorelli, music is a passion that began when he was 6 years old and won't let him go.

A 17-year-old senior at Medway High this fall, he has taught himself drums, guitar, bass guitar and some piano.

Unlike the mythical band in "So you want to be a rock 'n' roll star," Amorelli vowed never to "sell your soul to the company" or make music that sells like "plastic ware."

"I would rather play in front of one person and love what I'm doing than compromise myself to play in a stadium in front of 25,000 people and not believe in what I'm doing," he said.

That is why Amorelli feels he's found a home with Stay.

"These guys are serious musicians who are focused on their own skills and creating the best music they can," he said. "We've all been through a lot. We all feel we really have a chance to impact people with our music. That's what I love about these guys."

To learn more about Stay, visit Or see them live this Saturday at 6 p.m. at the Framingham Civic League, 214 Concord St., Framingham. Tickets are $10 in advance or at the door. - The Milford Daily News


American Cherry Bomb (LP) - Spring 2011
Games With Girls (EP) - December 15, 2010
2010 Summer Sampler (EP) - July 3, 2010



Anthony Rainville, Alex Gaynor, Nick Crist, Andrew Elliott, Steve Ackles, and Anthony Amorelli, otherwise known as STAY, have been stirring up a serious buzz in and around their hometown of Boston, MA. The boys just recently completed a string of tour dates with Down With Webster and have also hit the road with major bands like The Maine, Allstar Weekend and their personal favorite, You Me and Everyone We Know. While their fellow tour mates might be teaching the boys of STAY a thing or two about being humble, they’ve definitely earned a few bragging rights in our book. Still entirely unsigned, the boys have been featured in major rock music mags like Alternative Press and have earned spots on highly coveted end of the year top-ten lists like Purevolume’s Top Unsigned Bands of 2009 and’s top 100.

But, at the end of the day, we all know pop/rock bands are a dime a dozen. So, how do the boys keep people talking? According to Steve, it’s their work ethic and irresistible live show. “I think we’re definitely able to differentiate our live show from others. We’ve been going to concerts and live shows forever and have taken all we’ve learned from years of watching, and have applied it to our live performance. We’re grateful for our chance to step on stage every night and we never take that for granted.” It might also help a little, that the boys have teamed up with John Naclerio, (the producer/engineer for My Chemical Romance) to help produce their new full-length record, which is due out in spring of 2011.

The band has just recently finished up tours with Down With Webster (Universal/Motown), Let's Get It (Fearless), We Are The In Crowd (Hopeless), Allister (Drive-Thru), You, Me, and Everyone We Know (Doghouse), Sparks The Rescue (Fearless), Allstar Weekend (Hollywood). Stay has been featured in national publications such as Alternative Press, Substream Music Press and was also selected in PureVolume's Top Unsigned Bands of 2009 and Rian Dawson's (All Time Low) VIP playlist. In addition, the band has sold over 6,725 units of their most recent material.

Their debut full-length record, "American Cherry Bomb" will be released in Spring 2011. The band will be touring in April 2011 alongside Romance On A Rocketship (Island Records/Beluga Heights) and For The Foxes (Hopeless Records). In addition, be sure to check out Stay at this year's upcoming Never Say Never Festival in Mission, TX alongside Travie McCoy, Neon Trees, All Time Low, The Ready Set, and many more.