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"Reggae Isn't Dead"

Check these guys out! Staylefish, took to the stage next. From the opening riff, their high fan base mobbed the stage bouncing and singing along. It was a great sight to see such a young act with a large following. Dan Tran's solos were beautifully placed and well crafted, even though the sound levels made his guitar almost inaudible at times. Their keyboardist experimenting with various sounds (steel drums etc.) added a well rounded feel to their music. Maybe it was their MC, maybe it was the momentum of the crowd, but these guys looked like they were genuinely having fun onstage - London Indie

"Battle of The Bands"

Who knew The Embassy Hotel could feel so much? At the ongoing Battle of the Bands the general theme of the night was EMO! Emotional singers with a band full of talented players that is. With each set lasting about 30-45 minutes, each band had its own... charm.
However, amongst the smell of urinal pucks, fronting the small crowd of show attendants the small stage was home to what might become one of London's favourite live acts. "Staylefish", an impressive conglomerate of music ranging from reggae to metal impressed the audience and the judge. Sonically fast solo's from their infinitely talented lead guitar, an experimental bow played bass and an attention holding stage presence. The self-dubbed reggae boy band were an upbeat ending to the night.

Watch for Staylefish, they are a band to make the effort to go out to see. - London Indie

"FSU Special Events"

Staylefish is a misleading name. This band does not stink. In fact, they are quite a talented bunch of local musicians that have been making their own brand of Ska/Reggae/Rock for the last few years. With easy laidback grooves and a great stage presence, Staylefish is the perfect summer lovin' band.

So Kick back, grab a drink and doggy and soak up the sun the way it is meant to be. With friends, food and great live music - Fanshawe College


2002 - “Staylefish Live” from The Embassy Hotel

2003 - “Next Wave To Paradise” - Three song demo

2003 - “Humane Society Benefit” - Live from Call the Office

2004 - “Utopian Theory” - Debut Full Length



Staylefish - Dub Rockin’ Reggae Heatin’ up the North Since 2002

Staylefish began in London, Ontario, Canada when old friends Dereyk Goodwin and Trevor Blumas approached Chad Kivisto and Will Dunlop to help assist them in a performance for their highschool talent show. With Trevor’s punk-ska style of writing, Chad’s Dave Matthews influenced folk guitar playing and hauntingly melodic voice, Will’s slap and fink style bass, Dereyk’s pop-punk, hard hitting percussion, and a small repertoire of both covers and originals, they began to play shows locally at venues such as The Whippet Lounge and The Embassy Hotel.

With a little local popularity behind them, the band stepped into the studio to record their
first three-song demo, entitled “Next Wave to Paradise.” The demo featured the original versions of “Next Wave to Paradise”, “Fallen” and the crowd favourite “Formerly Known As...” The demo was a portrait for the sound Staylefish had at the times which was a more faster paced, hard driven ska sound.

With a demo behind them, the band started playing more shows around town, but at the same time gained new band member, and old friend Dan Tran on a blues, rock, and metal influenced lead guitar. As the band began to experiment with their sound, the outcome was a reggae based rhythm with distinct influences of folk, blues, rock, alternative, punk, world-beat, hip-hop, and fusion.

After a little more than a year together, Staylefish emerged onto the music scene with a completely original sound. With the addition of Richard Howard, providing his Caribbean vibe and rocking stage presence, Staylefish became a hit in the University and College music scene. New songs such as “Give It Up” and the newly recorded verison of “Next Wave To Paradise” gained popularity and were featured on CHRW 94.9 FM. After many club appearances in London’s biggest music venues, Staylefish acquired another member which contributed greatly to the new sound of the band. Tyler Clarke on the turntables adds a Long Beach style of reggae dub scratching and sampling that gives Staylefish the ultimate rock reggae sound. After being a hit at the University of Western Ontario and Fanshawe College, the band did multiple live interviews on various local television stations. Staylefish soon branched out of London, playing shows at clubs, colleges and universities across Ontario

With the assistance of musical genius Rich Gillespie on keyboards and the Production of Dan Santarella of Dansanman Studios, Staylefish’s debut full length album “Utopian Theory” will certainly become a landmark album within the London Music Scene. “Utopian Theory” was released in the late fall of 2004 and has already sold many copies across Ontario. Staylefish is currently planning a tour to support the release of the album that can be expected in early 2005. The crew is also consistently busy writing material for the follow up EP to “Utopian Theory.”