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"'Colour By Numbers' CD Review"

Colour by Numbers kicks off with the instrumental Helium, a song that has a hazy, floating feel to it, and transitions smoothly into the next song, Walk the Dog, in which we get a taste of Chad and Dreddy's powerful vocals. They play off each other well; Chad's melodiousness and Dreddy's dancehall style complement each other and give Staylefish's sound more depth than you’d get with just one vocalist.

This is reggae rock that doesn’t skimp on the reggae or the rock – Staylefish knows how to rock, and Dan's blazing riffs bring those fist-pumping, head-banging moments to songs that still start (and end) feeling mellow.

This is Staylefish's third album, and the band sound like it knows what it’s doing, with smooth intros and outros to songs and a coherent sound to the entire album. The album is eight songs long, and the songs are catchy, grabbing your attention and holding it throughout the album.

The title track, Colour by Numbers, is probably my favorite song on the album; it's got hard-driving guitar riffs and great drums, and I like the reverb the song begins and ends with.

Staylefish does a fine job representing for Canadian reggae-rock, and Colour by Numbers is an album that you will want to put on repeat.

By Joe Fantozzi -

"CD Review"

This exuberant..affair..skips through genres effortlessly...a band with as much promise as ability. - Scene



-Rebel Rider feat. Mista D of the Salads
-Back In The Day
-Green Black and Gold
-Clolour By Numbers


-Utopian Theory
-Audible Addiction
-Colour By Numbers



There seem to be few genres of music that are growing faster and capturing the imaginations of more listeners than that of reggae-rock. From the unlikely locale of London, ON, the upstart band Staylefish is looking to unleash their their unique spin on the sound to airwaves and venues around the world.

Their debut album, Utopian Theory, was well received, and has since sold thousands of copies - not only at live shows but a large number of these digitally from listeners around the world. It was their breakthrough album, Audible Addiction, that saw their popularity skyrocket and establish them as a band to watch. On the strength of their catchy songs and explosive live shows, the band has successfully toured across Canada three times, been invited to the Vans Warped Tour an equal number of years in a row and played countless festivals. For half a decade they have also had the honour of yearly being voted best reggae band in London, and twice been voted the most popular overall band. Their music has appeared on compilations as far away as Japan, and equally as gratifying, on the social network pages of hundreds of fans.

After months writing and perfecting new tunes in the jam room and studio, Staylefish is set to release their third effort which effortlessly combines ska, reggae, rock, and dancehall with hints of hip hop and ragga soca. The tongue-in-cheek title 'Color by Numbers' scoffs at the belief that either music or life has a set in stone direction that must be followed - and the band invites anyone who wants to enjoy a different, livelier direction than the status quo to come along for the ride.