Stay is a four piece pop/rock band from Boston, MA. Look for the release of their debut EP this spring entitled, "The Hustle EP". The band is currently playing shows all throughout the New England area. Check them out when they come to your city!


Stay is a four piece pop/rock band from Boston, MA. The band consists of Anthony Rainville (Vocals/Guitar), Anthony Amorelli (Drums), AJ Elliott (Bass/Vocals), and Steve Ackles (Guitar).

The band can be simply described as four ordinary individuals who all share a love to play and write music. Stay is greatly influenced by well known artists such as Brand New, Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday, and All Time Low.

Stay was formed during October of 2007. The quartet spent the vast majority of this past winter writing a 6-song EP entitled, "The Hustle EP", which is due out for release this spring.

The band prides themselves on having a very dedicated work ethic. In addition, Stay is always very appreciative towards listeners and fans, being sure to always give back to their supporters. Recently, the band has been participating in various charity concert events. STAY proudly supports causes such as To Write Love On Her Arms, Habitat For Humanity, and Invisible Children.


Half Drunk Is A Waste of Money

Written By: Stay

These nights, they beg for a way to keep us inside. They know that if we're out, this town won't sleep an ounce. Mothers, hide your daughters; lock the doors and close the shutters, cause it's hard to keep that party dress on.

We're out the back before the sun hits. I'm a wreck and I've been waiting for you to come on over and take another look at what we've seen. I'm the one, this is our night together.

Lay with me a while. I've been waiting to find you again. I'm down as soon as the softer side says so in you.

Tonight, we'll burn down the city and everything in it; score the skyline as we see fit. Who needs a reason to do what you want to do when it feels so right?


Written By: Stay

Let's start by taking an interest in all our thoughts pertaining to this while I'm waiting by the telephone. I can hardly stand to be alone. Tonight, we'll offer the love that we have for you.

Take us sounding like we always do. I'll be running to see you. Only, we know who we are and honestly, keep up the rhyme. I know we're sounding like all of our lines that get the feeling right. Take my hands and let me down and I'll be waiting.

I can't breath without you here with me. I'm forever yours. Say you need it. I just can't imagine my life without you here with me.


Written By: Stay

Quiet alone, Saturday's nothing again till you're home. I miss the sound you make when I blush and stare at the ground. I'm so in love that I can't understand how the world's in demand when you shine like a star to me.

I'm still singing for summer where we had found one another. Please hurry back to me. Calm me down, wait until I fell loss abound.

I'm so afraid that the life that I've made's the long road to losing the love that I crave. I cannot wait till the month of December, I've been alone. Please say we'll be together and hurry back to me.


The Hustle EP - 2008
Various Singles - 2007

Set List

Our typical set ranges from anywhere between 25 minutes to an hour. We are more than willing to modify our set length depending upon the particular venue and performance.

Depending upon the venue/show, we usually include 6-7 original songs as well as 2-3 cover songs.