Stay the Night

Stay the Night

 Fullerton, California, USA

Pop / Rock, Radio Friendly Music created by 4 guys and a girl trying to escape the 9 - 5 grind and do what they love most--play catchy modern music that everyone enjoys!


It’s sometimes all too easy to miss the purity inherent within something simple. However, the fact of the matter is that a rock song - a good rock song-is, above all else, simplistic. It’s as easy to listen to as it is difficult to construct, and the key to any band making exceptional rock music is their ability to understand the simplest way to cut through pretensions and keep things as pure as possible.

As jaded as music scenes can get, it seems to be increasingly challenging to find bands not lacking a certain purity. Whether they be too immersed in style over substance, or simply trying to gain notoriety for the sake of it--there’s something to be said about getting back to basics. Fullerton’s own Stay the Night seems to embrace this ideal.

Formed out of a passion for music, and (perhaps even more so) a desire to not let good talent toil away in typical 9-5 drudgery, the guys in Stay The Night started in 2008 with a clear vision of simplicity: create a sincere rock band with a pop sensibility in the style of the bands they grew up listening to. Anthony (guitar), Carlos (bass), and Brandon (drums) then began searching for the remaining pieces of their puzzle.

In the Fall of 2009, after what seemed like an endless audition process with many different would-be singers, Nikki Simmons (vocals) answered an ad on Craigslist with aims to become Stay The Night’s not yet established face. She quickly found her place among the guys, and was easily able to land the gig. Her chilling vibrato and infectious charm now provide the band with its affable personality, and endless appeal.

Shortly after, they recruited Kevin Fifield (guitar) and then Stay the Night began doing what they love best: creating music together. Having recorded a 5 song EP titled "Against the Tides" with engineer David "Lunchbox" Franklin of Lunchbox Studios, Stay the Night’s official debut was mixed/mastered by Paul Miner (Thrice, New Found Glory, Death By Stereo, etc.) at Buzz Bomb Sound Labs and released in April of 2010.

It’s not that Stay the Night’s brand of rock hasn’t been done before, it’s that it is being done again. Not a rehash or an homage, but a continuation of the subtle intelligence it takes to design successful rock song. Influenced by bands like Further Seems Forever, Saves The Day, Jimmy Eat World, Acceptance, and Shai Hulud; the kind of aesthetic that a band like Stay the Night employ breeds positivity, and aims to create music for the sake of escapism as much as artistry. There is simplicity to that formula, which shows honesty, shows heart, and most importantly, shows purity


Falling in Place

Written By: Stay The Night

Finally been set free from a doubt that never leaves.
It conquered my voice, so I could never say that I
I always knew we’d get away, but you never believed it.
God, I’m glad you’re wrong.

We’ve come too far to fall through
There’s no way I’ll let you fall back into believing your best is not enough.
Let it fade as everything falls in place.

Towering overhead like a life that you outgrew
You built up your walls so you could never reach my hand.
I held out for you as you ran.. you ran away cause you never believed it.
God I’m glad you were wrong.

Maybe, maybe but maybe I was worth a little more than you thought.
Now you’ll see, I will rise above it all this time as everything falls. everything falls.


Written By: Stay The Night

Here I am, hanging from your sleeve.
I’d cut my own thread but it’s not up to me.
Cause you’ve got your tongue all tangled up.
When little lies are not enough, you just prosecute me.
Tell me my crime.

Just take a side, I’m tired of guessing where you will go when all our time is gone.
You push me aside, well who would have guessed it?
When it comes to love, you always change your mind.

Am I just another thinning string?
Torn and tugging at the seams
When I’ve been worn out, you pull me apart.

Can you tell me who you’re running from?
It’s not me you’re scared of.
Well if you find it in yourself to decide, the choice is yours,
I’ve already made mine.

Here I am, hanging from your sleeve.
I’d cut my own thread but you just pull me apart..


Written By: Stay The Night

Begging to find an escape from all those circles I’ve been spinning in for them.
It’s time to face the past, cast away all fear
And find the answers I have sought.
It has to start here, so tell me..

Why have you let it come to this?
Why, when it’s so obvious.
I’m asking why is this a fight I lose?
(Please tell me why) with my heart out in front of you, how can you refuse?

Have I not done everything you’ve wished? I’m wondering if it even makes a difference. Revolve around your whims in a never ending spin
To solve the madness I am in that never seems to end. So tell me..

You’ve got me spinning round.


Written By: Stay The Night

I thought I had it all mapped out.
Where to go and how to get there, but I guess we’re just as lost as before.

Just look at what we have and all the time that’s passed. We’re going nowhere fast.
So it seems we’re stuck in place, but who’s to say we won’t escape?

What if we could throw our plans away?
Risk it all on what we’re dreaming, I don’t see a reason why we should wait.
I will let you lead the way with all the chances we are taking
Well I don’t want to be the reason why we stay.

(yeah, hey) why stay? (that’s right!)
You thought you had it figured out.
What you wanted and how to find it, but I still don’t know what we’re looking for.

Just look at what we’ve lost and all the time it’s cost. Is this a hopeless cause?


"Against the Tides" - 5 Song EP, Self Released April 2010