St. Bagu

St. Bagu

 Chicago, Illinois, USA
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St. Bagu looks to redefine what hip hop as many know it is. A live hip hop Fusion band, St. Bagu succeeds in mixing elements of various musical genres through their four musicians (bass, guitar, drums, keys) and two vocalists in ways that not only innovate, but motivate. It is on top of versatile arrangements that lead vocalists, Tony Pozdol and Freddy Bustamante consciously and passionately rhyme about the complexities of life; social injustice, matters of the heart, and the disgruntled frustra


St. Bagu’s Sound
St. Bagu recently released their debut EP entitled “Lines.” The EP is six original songs, revealing a marriage of sound between hip hop, arena rock, honkeytonk, jazz, and much more you’d be better off hearing than reading about.

St. Bagu Live
Live, St. Bagu delivers an energetic set fueled by the true belief in what their songs mean and stand for. These songs are songs of the soul. They are songs of celebration; songs of agony; songs of diligence; and songs about wonder. They are delivered with conviction, knowing that a song in its truest form is not a noun to toy with, but a verb that acts as a catalyst for true movement.



Written By: Freddy Bustamante and Tony Pozdol

Verse 1 (Freddy):
I’m not conforming, no no contortionist/
I’m aborting this mission to play me like I’m an accordian/
Awarded with a wide array of purposes I’m fortunate/
These lines, lines, lines, cannot hold me!/
Back from the truth I choose the path I’m headed in/
No questioning I’m pressing on past the lines and the crevices/
The wrinkles not worth mentioning I’m best within, I’m festive/
Cause these lines, lines, lines cannot hold me

Lately, feels like I’m running out of time/
Everytime I see these lines/
Oh I fight to defy the lines/
Fight to defy the lines…

Verse 2 (Tony):
They say to get in where you fit in or throw a fit and get livid/
Go and get out, evicted, don’t color outside the limits/
Lines that hold and imprison, I am soul and infinite/
And these lines, lines, lines, they cannot hold me!/
I know I’m aging when lines start to scar and layer/
My face, the human race is bordering life as carbon paper/
Less than impressive views of success impressed on you/
With lines, lines, lines, that cannot hold me!


Verse 3 (Freddy):
What defines me, what will I be/
The days I’m walking blindly at the timely age of ninety, five we/
Need to take a five realize we might be/
Fighting with ourselves within the lines that we’ve drawn inside these/
Lives we’re living in a pipe dream/
Need get outside the boundaries and realize we/
Got freedom at our fingertips lets get a grip and just site see/
Ourselves, beyond the lines more than fine certified free!


Verse 4 (Tony):
When the Lion drew a line in the sand he crossed the line and/
Said all you understand to be actually’s in a fight with/
What I am actually, compassion seems out of mind/
And you never mind it, go on stone casting, and draw the line/
And that side is minus me, at least as far as I can see/
But as far as I can see my arm can reach so pardon me/
You ain’t far enough, no matter the height the bar is up/
I can jump, I have come to fight and defy the lines in love…


Wonder Years

Written By: Freddy Bustamante and Tony Pozdol

Verse 1 (Freddy):
Long for the days before the malaise/
Before the unaffordable payment rates take shape/
Before the keep the pace, kept the peace was the state/
Was appeased and dreaming big was playing safe, dreaming bigger shaped my days/
What a waste some would say, get away from the rays/
And join the day to day, mundane commonplace/
They told me you’re too different to be a shape/
We’ll fit you in a box give you a cube, and a suitcase/
Not asleep not awake, face to face with second rate/
I’m ashamed of the weight of my state in this race/
Yet cannot get away from the way you proclaimed/
Far more for my fate in my faith/
Set apart you would say/
It’s a way of life not a saying to display in a case/
What a waste, to chase all of my days away/
While letting my dream become another case of the Mondays/

Chorus 2X:
HEY… although I fell on my face/
It fell into place, look I dwell in this place/
Made a well of mistakes, yet enveloped in grace/
I developed this taste for this wonder amazed/

Verse 2 (Tony):
You said “Write Tony”, I said “Alright” only/
If I would’ve heard when You said “Let me guide, Tony”/
I stole the pen, ink soaked, soul leaked, I free wrote/
But woe is me, I wasn’t all that free though/
See though I can write it doesn’t mean I write well/
That all depends on the story I tell/
Truth is vital I met You in denial/
Turned my world upside down and now I’m hanging from the tiles/
And I like it more, if I was walking upright before/
It doesn’t measure to the heights I soar/
Gravity tries to immobilize the force/
But I was born to defy it like a pilot with a score to settle/
I’ll never settle for less than the best/
Through death to the flesh, I’ll live like the Testament says/
There’s no need to wonder You’re/
The Author of the book go and take Your Pulitzer

Chorus 2X:

Last Verse:
But alas you wait, with a plan to make/
A man of me, a man to make/
A noise in the void there’s so much at stake/
Live the dream while I’m awake as a means to display/
How a mighty God can make a mighty statement/
With a lowly man with his knees to the pavement/
I wondered why before why my years were wasted/
But I’ve tasted and seen what’s to come today I’m tasting/

The Lion’s pride, pried from the bite of/
The lifeless unrighteous man that I’ve been/
That’s why I write this like life’s on the line/
Cause life’s in these lines, so dive into the vibe/
Get soaked, we all thirst, seeking to find this/
Meaning of life it’s, bleeding us dry it’s/
Worth all time it’s, making us timeless/
There is no last song we write when we write beyond time’s grip!

You Look Nice

Written By: Freddy Bustamante and Tony Pozdol

Verse 1 (Tony):
Chilling with the Lamb again/
The Great I AM who’s craftsmanship/
I can’t fathom but I know it’s no accident/
Miraculous, master the immaculate/
And I thank you for the many second chanceses/
Fear of death used to capture and master this/
Till I got the chance to go and turn my casket in/
I jumped at like a rabid rabbit ravenous/
You build me up have me looking like an action fig/
Who’s really fat but he’s ripped in his plastic skin/
Dude I’m actually speaking on my abs within/
The man I am free of the bandwagon’s grip/
Started a band yeah we rap and we’re pacifists/
And they ask who our target demographic is/
As far as demographic goes, it’s rap for souls/
So if you have a soul, then have a go, enjoy…

You look nice the way you came in/
You look nice/
You look nice and all I’m saying/
There’s nothing fresher there’s nothing fresher
You look nice the way you came in/
You look nice/
And you look nice and all I’m saying/
There’s nothing fresher than a fresh start

Verse 2 (Freddy):
You can’t judge a book by its cover so don’t bother/
The inside is what matters, but we got a/
Lotta love for nada, we focus on the surface when inside we’re like sonatas/
If only we’d heard the music deep inside us/
We’d read into the reason that we’re living breathing beings/
That came into being fiending for a larger rooted reason/
For being, other than just proceeding/
With the normal daily routine of boutiqueing to be seen/
No blue jeans define you, we’re not confined to/
Cologne or perfume, or slick suits and nice shoes/
Deeper and fine toothed, than what’s in our sight too/
Time to, think you look nice too cause oh boy do I do/
Nothing can hide you when true and defined dude/
Nice insides it helps with your sight too/
Guide through, times too, might just surprise you/
The cover’s dirtiest besides dude! And I like you!

Mini Hook 2X:
All I know is right now, I’m free to be myself/
And I love the right/
And I feel good, the night’s out/
I find myself alive in a timeless light…
Final Verse:

The factor, you cannot manufacture
Character this grandeur, act don’t be an actor
Lacking all the lacquer, the polish and the mask
Is absent from this pageant for the passionate and fractured

Worth more than the clothing my form is holding/
I’m going toe to toe with the notion of me conforming/
So take it as a warning I’m warring off and I’m storming/
I’m going no more slowing this form is roaring for a showing/

Chorus 2X

Tomorrow Today

Written By: Freddy Bustamante and Tony Pozdol

Verse 1 (Tony):
The person pondering over purpose/
Not knowing worth isn’t green pushed into purses/
The been through the dirt and been bit by the serpent/
This circus of an earth is furnished with merchants/
Its hard to see past the molten surface but searchin/
In the hopes they’ll be reimbursed for their burdens/
Cause they’re well versed in hurting/
And hurt has got them yearning to curse the day they were birthed in/
It’s Job-like, and hope’s likened to strobelights/
Slowly light flickers than it’s back to no light/
But hope ain’t the flickering coming and going type/
More so an endless glow that’ll clothe us and hold tight/
But they tell us to change clothes, keep our faith cloaked/
And eat what’s put on our plate so/
Here’s a heaping of divorces, abortions, extortions/
And more as we watch like we support this…

Chorus 2X:
I… I… I can’t fight it so
I… I just blind eye it to the tick tocks
We’re killing tick tocks
Tick tocks… We’re killing tick tocks

Verse 2 (Freddy):
How can I, deal with the outside/
When inside its like I’m coasting on a roller coaster ride?/
No correction to apply, no exception can apply/
I’m but a single guy without the change to be applied/
To change the wrong to right, might as well admit my life’s/
Like a kite without the might to tug the string to right the flight/
Gotta fight against the daily grind, got nothing after that/
Gotta fight for my daily bread, I’m asking where that’s at/
But I’m tasked with taking care of those outside my reach and grasp/
How can I grab a hold when I can’t even catch a cab/
Cash flow slow bro, can’t move fast so/
Slow mo’s home go home grown all lone/
All pain no gain, can’t grow all’s same/
So I grow faint stay wake looking for a better day/
When’s it coming until I find it I’m living for something/
Special to purchase as a reminder that I’m something/

Chorus 2X

Bridge 4X:
We kill time waiting wasting until tomorrow’s today

Verse 3 (Tony):
Snooze button culture, get a view of the vulture
Consume the abused, see the vulture
Lies in us, sell outs buying stuff
Pile it up it’s never quite high enough
We are confined to “I” until our eyes adjust
Crippled by the crisis of not showing the Christ in us
It’s suicide for us, that or finally rising up
United, One, fighting for our lives until the fight is won!

Day and night’s like a fight to survive/
Like a fly against the palm of a guy, so I sigh brushed aside the me and I/
And realize that it ain’t a surprise if we get past the disguise/
See past the cribs and rim lies/
See the means to provide the clear eyes/
Clear skies, lie with One, so begin be one/
Be change, bring love, bring gain, bring some/
Life in a world in dire need of living it’s begun/

Chorus 2X

How Long

Written By: Freddy Bustamante and Tony Pozdol

Verse 1 (Tony):
The sun sets on the thieve, it’s upsetting me/
I’m only seeing storms form and weather me/
No remedy, blind shepherds of the enemy/
Blind sheep aplenty, and bind them to empty destinies/
No empty pockets, they thrive in their deceptive schemes/
Oppress the weak, impress them with many breathless things/
And say “It’s life, get it at any price”/
Pop vices like vicadin yeah you choose your device/
Living wrecklessly, I’m fighting in an attempt to be/
The designated driver, they fight me off to protect the keys/
The sober voice gets softer, the scoffer’s getting louder/
The speed is getting faster prepare for an encounter/
With a force with no give, absorb the force and go limp/
Broken of course, but can’t divorce what I hope in/
Motion the medic, don’t ever let the cold in to set in/
You rose resurrected, so can you clone resurrection in me?

Pre Chorus:
Push. You push and then you will. You push and then you will.
You push and then you will yourself to breakout
Sit. I sit and I await. I sit and I await.
I sit and I await. I might just cave now

How Long? Till the wicked’s grip is lost
I am fighting but I’m tired and my fight is almost gone
How long? Till they get up from their long
Overdrawn dream and they see they’ve lost it all… how long

Bridge: 3X
Not long, Not long.

Verse 2 (Freddy):
Why’s it getting harder why do I even bother/
When no matter what I do I get caught up in deeper waters/
So I wonder what’s the purpose, is it worth it/
Am I supposed to smile and just accept this situation I’ve been cursed with/
I’m searching, seeking, for a reason not to sink in/
While I’m seeing what I’m seeing, seems relief is wishful thinking/
Seems the people that I’m peeping are succeeding while I’m weeping/
While you’re seeing what I’m seeing disagreeing/
Wicked beatings in the morning, eating feasts in the evening/
Injustice to those with creases and to the babies not yet teething/
What’s the reason? Questions here I’m reaching for whatever that your teaching/
Let me see now what I’m missing, what’s to learn now? Done critiquing/
Let me understand, let me grasp, lend me a place to land/
A sturdy hand to clasp, I’m gasping out my lungs almost collapsing/
But I can’t let this be the place I collapse in last/
I’m asking, for the way to get my foot out from this casket/


Final Verse:

It’s like the weight of a waiting room, pacing the pace is too/
Complacent it’s shaking you, hope the patient can make it to/
Outpatient and break on through, out of patience just say the news/
Debating the statement soon to come, will it scrape and wound?/
Why the delaying? Mind is racing and praying/
Is hard to manage and say with so much noise this abrasive/
If I can hold onto faith and know my foundation/
Is not the one that is breaking, I’ll see justice invade this!

Pre Chorus

Chorus 2X


Written By: Freddy Bustamante and Tony Pozdol

Verse 1 (Freddy):
The days that I truly cherish, in a baby carriage/
Careless of the troubles garnered when vile men and money marriage/
Hairless, without a care for what I’m wearing/
Fearing, facing only what’s been programmed in my inner hearing/
Ignorance is bliss, and this, I will only come to notice/
Soon after my inner self comes into focus/
The world is full of hatred, and I hate it to be faced with/
This feeling that my life’s been put in lamens, I’m craving for attention/
I’m flirting with perfection for affection but the stench of compromise/
Means this sentence needs correction/
Forget the masses man, I’d rather have my music in school classes/
To be truly appreciated for the message presented/
And the chances that my stanzas could finally have some sort of understanding/
But for now the status quo is where we’re standing/
Should be content I guess simple concepts/
Are much easier to digest, but it just so happens…

I’m hard pressed on every side but I’m not crushed/
Perplexed yet I’m not in despair/
Purpose burning I can feel it when my heart pumps/
All I know it’s more than worth the wear and tear/
Oh giving in is simple/
“Give it in!” Oh giving in is simple/
“Give it in!” Oh giving in is simple/
“Give it in!” though giving in is simple, I am not that simple

Verse 2 (Tony):
How simple it should be but sometimes the simple things/
Aren’t as simple as they seem, can’t write this simply/
Cause though simplicity sells, this ain’t for simply wealth/
This is for the Risen King, may His gift to me swell/
But I could simply fail, it’s simple to fail/
Just simply exhale everything that I’ve learned/
And quickly inhale everything in this world/
Be every being in this world/
It’d be easy to blend in, it’s not easy to mend fences/
Hence I’ll just be a reflection and stop reflecting the methods/
Of the One who resurrected/
The One who resurrected was detested by His own invention!/
Where’s my sense if the general consensus contests Him?/
How can I contend against them?/
Contend. I sense this presence. I can’t be senseless/
Take up my cross, defend it…


Spoken Word (Freddy):
It begins simply, begins with One/
From birth to a death, life’s hard then it’s done/
But in the middle, truth happens, lives change, life’s sung/
Eyes opened, hearts strummed, like air in our lungs/
But decisions, decisions, some are like prescriptions/
To a hurting while others like descriptions to the condition/
Side effects, simply put, lose the stress/
You’re not simple but the truth is, reflect the perfect/

Spoken Word (Tony):
See, Gold there is and rubies in abundance
But lips that speak knowledge are a rare jewel
Yet we dig… and we dig… and we dig through the excess
We dig the excess and give it access
To dig a hole in our heart… hoping wholeness will start
To develop within… but for wholeness we’re starved
See fulfillment isn’t a product of the stuff that we fill with
But to fulfill the full will of the One who has willed it

Chorus 2X


From Lines Ep, released 22 April 2010