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Sorrow Town Choir

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"As it Should Be"

As it should Be
When I put on this disc, I can close my eyes and see Sorrow Town Choir frontman Greg Dale bent over half lidded in ecstatic joy and half awash in tears as his guitar oozes big heaping clouds of bluesy wail. It’s clear in the lyrical layout herein that this man has run up some metaphorical tabs, and didn’t always have the cachet to just walk away and leave a big tip for the help to clean up the mess. The influential spirits of all the sad and beautiful heavies from Robert Johnson and Hendrix to Ian Curtis, Kurt Cobain, Stevie Ray Vaughan and on down are afloat in the dark foreboding spirit of this record. It’s a sentimental affair steeped in raw rock tradition that will drag you around by your heart if you so want. Sorrow Town Choir are perhaps headed to some sort of rock n roll debtor’s purgatory with all the other bad boys and legends before them. It becomes apparent they are on a muddy but well won path as Dale’s gravelly voice intones that his ‘mama don’t keep no pictures of me’, and it sears the ears as likely true - Mission Arts Music

"CD Baby"

With a dirty minimalist sound, Sorrow Town Choir write authentic songs of the "three 'D's", (Dark Beer, Dark Women, and Dark Nights), creating their own idiom of "Deep Crisis Rock."

It is clear that the teenage Rock-n-Roll fantasy that made many a displaced boy pick up a guitar was interrupted by experience imposing its own narrative. One gets the sense that STC is at the mercy of that narrative, which is to say, these f' ers actually KNOW of what they sing.

This is the soul laid bare, devoid of gimmickry and protective hipster irony. The straightjackets in these songs are still being chaffed against and come from hitting the road hard and getting hit back. It is unclear who is winning in that struggle, but there are No postures or affect here, just good somber songs of lessons hard won.

Songs more about distilled spirits and dark days, and less about hugs and kisses that are somehow a cathartic antidote to their own sentiments, what with the sheer depth of their empathy.
- CDBaby


"As it should be..." Album available on
"Wrist of Life" video produced by John Jansen


Feeling a bit camera shy


The one thing that sets Sorrow Town Choir apart from most bands, and the one thing that this band does better than anyone I have ever seen or heard, is that they bravely go where few dare, and they do so intelligently and with great musical talent. The band consists of 5 unpretentious men, 5 friends, whose amassed experiences and sense of identity unmistakably manifest themselves in their music and on-stage deportment. Sorrow Town Choir does not, like so many bands, insult and cajole their listeners into participation, but bravely extends an invitation to the audience to see into their souls, and learn what they may about themselves in the process. Essentially the creation of Greg Dale and Mark Paniagua, the band has gone through a handful of iterations before settling on the steadfast current lineup. Interestingly taking on Joe Heavey, long-time childhood friend of Greg's, and two men from New Zealand, Matt Allison and James Flynn, who are typical examples of kiwi practicality and audacity. All the members of Sorrow Town Choir play music for the love of it. They strive for perfection and originality and do not deviate from the band's basic tenets of honesty and uncluttered substance.