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St. Christopher


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Matt Rowe"

"St Christopher has his mojo workin’, "Keep It Sweet" is a work to be enjoyed. I’m happy to hear that he has made his guitar playing more central to his songs.

All of the songs are well crafted but there are a few exemplary tunes that stand out. The reggae-flavoured “The Nick of Time” is a great tune to come back to, as I did quite frequently. The reggae style is one that he feels comfortable with as he uses it again in the next track, “Love Sick,” “Never Alone,” and again in “Forgive Me.” The opener track, “Keep It Sweet” employs some good guitar licks with an excellent chorus. He really knows how to put a song together.

It’s not going to be long before people start recognizing this talent."


"Peggy Leyva-Conley"

"St. Christopher is a multi-talented performer and creative genius. He has a diverse voice and is a gifted guitarist. His music is unique in quality and sound overall which is refreshing to hear." - The Delta Snake Blues Magazine

"John Book"

"St. Christopher's way of thinking is yes, there is hope, and "Keep It Sweet" explores the wonder and beauty of life and all that there is to learn and experience. His intentions are good, and it makes me wish it was possible to give him a bigger budget for his music and means of promotion, for this guy should be heard and absorbed in the way people take to the pop masters of the past. He is a pop master of the now, able to put himself in a diverse range of styles to show he knows his capabilities. Through his singing and inventive guitar work, he is willing to take his listeners on a high they never want to get down from."


Keep It Sweet - Eleven23 Records 07'


Feeling a bit camera shy


St. Chris is a self-contained songwriter, guitarist, singer and producer with his own record label.