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Band EDM Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos




The artist employs a variety of dark techniques including haunting melodies and deep, dramatic male vocals that can be easily confused for those of Depeche Mode's David Gahan. "The Ghost in You" is a modern, futuristic electronic piece with an overall romantic beauty. -

"St. Clair Remixes"

Paris By Air are featured next, but this is actually a remix done by Jeff Harper of Intervox. The song is "Mercy (Desperation Mix)". The vocalists are really clear and beautiful, and the music is pure Intervox.. It's excellent! To be honest, I've yet to hear the original of this song, and I can't help but think it would have to be a disappointment after this good of a remix.


Various Artists - The Fixx: An electronic tribute
Various Artists - Jaded
Various Artists - Elektrokuted
Intervox - The Darkest Hour
Various Artists - Electro Culture Sampler I
Intervox - Over & Over Again
Various Artists - State of Synthpop 2003
Intervox - One Is
Intervox - Classic Intervox

### REMIXES ###

Artists I've done remixes for:

New Order
Depeche Mode
Frou Frou
Lenny Kravitz
Nine Inch Nails


Feeling a bit camera shy



St. Clair is no stranger to the music industry. An award winning remixer of Madonna and New Order, he now brings his talents here. Not concerned with following a formula, he writes whatever comes to mind. With over 2 million downloads worldwide, it seems like the listeners agree that he's got something.

"I grew tired of having to be forced to write in a particular genre", he tells Metalhead Magazine. "Instead of having to write a metal song or a dance song, I now can simply write whatever I feel at the moment without concern as to how it 'should' sound." The end result is a unique blend of styles that everyone can enjoy.

His influences are as diverse as his songwriting, from Depeche Mode to Steve Vai to Django Reinhardt.

He has been featured on several compilations which include "State of Synthpop 2003" and Echoing Green's "The Evergreen Collection. He also appears on a Depeche Mode bootleg called, "It's Time For Heaven", which included his remake of the song, "I Feel Loved" with just Piano and Dave Gahan's vocals.


I compose music in many genres, from Metal to Electronic to Jazz to Film Music. I grew up in Huntington Beach, CA. Living in West Hollywood, CA now. Only 5 minutes from the beach, I love to surf!

I love learning about other cultures, a life goal of mine is to visit every country. My parents lived in Japan before I was born, but brought back so much culture with them. Some little kids played with Ken and Barbie dolls, I played with Kabuki dolls. Being influenced at such a young age is probably why I have a special fondnes for Asian cultures. I am currently learning about certain African cultures, which is equally interesting. People are very interesting creatures. I could spend a day in the park just people watching.

I'm a big supporter of the Police, Firefighers, EMT, Military, Healthcare Professionals...any true heroes who put strangers' lives before their own. Anyone who helps other people without asking for anything in return are true heroes. I also support Animal rights, and often find myself liking animals more than most humans! I grew up with 3 cats and a dog, they were part of the family.

I come from a very musical family, so it was natural that I started playing at a very early age. I can play most every instrument except Flute. My main loves are the Guitar and Piano.

Music is my life, I do this for the love of music, and here is a very small representation of what I create. Rather than have my many projects span out, I've consolidated them into this one website.

I enjoy sharing my music with you and hope you enjoy it too.

Thank you for taking the time to listen.