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St. Cyr

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ST. CYR is destined for greatness; he has it all, lyrical content, charisma, swagger and a unique sound. St. Cyr is on his way to being not only the new face of the west coast but also the face of hip hop. St. Cyr has a message in his songs but at the same time he can creatively make a hit record.


St. Cyr is far from you typical west coast rapper with lyrical content of an east coast artist but also having some southern influence (having went to college for four years in Louisiana) St. Cyr is able to give the best of all worlds. Fully conscious of the state of hip hop and being the first major artist in his city (San Diego), St Cyr has the support of his city, the west coast and is wiling and ready to take it to the next level. With his solo mix tape titled “SD’s Saint” circulating through the streets and numerous features on other projects expect to hear St. Cyr name a lot in the near future. Stay Tuned because he is a legend in the making


St Cyr displays his versatility with hip hop songs such as “Bout Time”, and keeps in touch with the streets with “Mr. 619”, while giving the ladies something to cheer about with “Lady Love”. This combination makes St Cyr one of the hottest new artists to emerge in quite some time. Coming from a musical family. St. Cyr passion for music runs in his blood and With the west coast being in sort of a slump, St. Cyr is exactly what the west coast needs. With his self titled debut album set to release mid 2008 St. Cyr has created quite a buzz for himself by doing shows with the likes of KRS-One as well as doing performances at numerous local venues.

Set List

One hour set. Songs performed: Rock the Mic, Fallback, Mr. 619, Lady Love, Henny on the Rocks, Bout Time and Weekend. Also perform shows with other talented Hall a Fame Records artists. 0-$30 cover charge.