spot the dog

spot the dog


We play hospitable, good listening rock, folk and country covers and orginals with an emphasis on well placed vocal harmony and acoustic instrumentation.


Under the shade of some trees in a park in Germany, in the summer of 1995, we 3 americans with our guitars lifted our voices in song. We all knew the same songs including, yes, Kumba ya. It was a church picnic afterall. But we dug into our musical past and brought up AMIE by pure prairie league, MARGARITAVILLE, and HELPLESSLY HOPING by CSN.That was how Patchwerk,our first band, got its start. We've gone from performing in an Irish pub in the German Town of Sindelfingen where the proprietor wanted only American songs because the patrons would "drink more beer", back to the USA where we are regulars at the Olympia Farmer's Market in Olympia Washington.
When our precious Peggy Frede was called away to California in 2003, the band got a name change to SPOT THE DOG (after our little dog Spot). That is when we picked up our irreplacable bass player, Allen Brown.
Most of our cover tunes are from the 70's , 80's and 90's. We perform an eclectic mix of rock, folk and a bit of country, Roger Miller to Sheryl Crow, with a constant flow of original songs. We play for appreciative audiences and with our wide appeal have acquired a local following of all age groups.


Paper Umbrellas

Written By: Katherine Alderete

I never thought I would hurt you,
Then you became like ice,
Now I crush you to cool,
My summer drink.
Cause I am living in summer
It's so sunny
the fu-un, never ends

You're lounging under a paper umbrella,
You think you're safe,
But the warmer it gets,
the more you melt away.

What was it turned you so cold,
Gave you that arctic stare,
Did my perfection drop below zero
when you found the real me in there,
You're floating in my frosted glass,
But you're almost gone,
You're diluting my drink and the flavor,
Is all gone.

Your lounging under your paper umbrella,
You think you're safe,
But the warmer it gets,
The more you melt away.

( instrumental- verse chords)

When will you realize,
the extent of your fate,
You'd better join me in summer,
Before it's too late,
Climb out of your iceman persona,
Let your warm blood flow,
Go back to being the man I used to know.

You're lounging under that paper umbrella,
You think you're safe,
but the warmer it gets,
the more you melt away.

Cause I am living in summer,
It's so sunny,
the fu-un, never ends,
You're lounging under a paper umbrella,
You think you're safe,
But the warmer it gets,
the more you melt away,
melt awa-i-ay, melt awa- ai- ay.

Me and Aphrodite

Written By: Katherine Alderete

It seems I'm always fighting Aphrodite,
She's ever present in my psyche,
Pointing out each roving male eye,
And whispering suggetions in my mind.

The human bonds of monogamy
don't seem to mean a thing to Aphrodite,
She finds romantic adventure so exciting,
And even though my battle lines are drawn,
Somtimes I can't remember which side I'm on.

There have been many battles fought and many battles won,
And with each victory the war keeps going on and on.

I need a negotiator to bring peace between me and Aphrodite,
I thought Jimmy Carter might do nicely,
But considering his open winning smile,
I know he'd be helpless against our feminine wiles.

There's no soldier brave enough to come between me and Aphrodite,
We are women of class and beauty in our way,
Heroes falling all around us,
Is just another ordinary day.

Let's call in "Operation Prevent Greek Tragedy",
If I can't break free from her we'll have to live in harmony.

I hope there are no victims in this truce between me and Aphrodite,
Gentlemen take hold of your hearts,
Turn your eyes away when you see us coming,
Cause that's how the trouble always starts.

In this mythological Olympic sport,
Passion is our steroid and strength our last resort.

There's no mortal man who can even make a stand,
in these games played by me and Aphrodite.
(spoken- Aphrodite made me do it!)

Eighty Miles an Hour

Written By: katherine alderete

At eighty miles an hour

it's hard to see things

like the yellow wild flowers

on the roadside in the spring

at eighty miles an hour

the scenery goes by in a streak

it blurs and the colors run

and the view it is so bleak


Is that how the world looks to you?

is that why you've gone blue?

Time to slow it down some

slow down

time to slow it down.


at eighty miles an hour

there is danger along the way

take your eyes off where you're going

and you're bound to meet your fate

at eighty miles an hour

all your energy is used

to keep you on a steady course

take you further from the truth


is that how the world looks to you?

is that why you've gone blue?

time to slow it down some

slow down

time to slow it down



God is in the details

the little things that you pass by

take a look around you

and let love direct your eyes

(chorus outro)

time to slow it down some

slow down

time to slow it down

time to slo- o- ow it down


Our demo Cd of original music is available on request.

Set List

set 1
Oh Marie- Sheryl Crow
Closer to Fine- Indigo Girls
Streets of Bakersfield- Dwight Yokum
Why can't you see me- original
If I had a Boat- Lyle Lovett
Stars- Dan Fogelberg
I'll Never Fall in Love- burt bacharach
Helplessly Hoping-CSN
The Boxer- Simon & Garfunkel
We Just Disagree- Dave Mason
Favorite Mistake- Sheryl Crow
Carolina- James Taylor
Great Escape- original
I Never Saw Blue- Shawn Colvin
Land of Unknown- original
Our sets are 45 min - 1 hr. in length with a mix of covers and originals. We can play up to 4 sets depending on the length of the venue.