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"Steadfast Debut Album being released September 2011"

It's no easy task taking something you've built and had a relative amount of success with, and drop it to put faith into something you may have the faint inclination will surpass previous efforts. But we wouldnt be artists if we weren't willing to take gambles, create something new, and build an empire off hopes, dreams, aspirations, and the skills we bring together as a group. This is the beginning of STEADFAST, but the continuation of a lifelong journey. In September of 2011 we will be completing our first full length album, and begin promotion. In the meantime, Steadfast is looking forward to getting to know the people with the same love for music, and bring the live experience right to your doorstep!!!! - Devon Kenneth Michael


Steadfast released a home studio recording called "The Fall" in early 2010... but it was simply a lead up to the full length record to begin recording August 2011. The Fall will be revised, and included in the mix as a rock ballad to a degree.

Singer/songwriter Devon Kenneth Michael fronted a touring cover/original band called Days Ahead from 2004 until late 2009 in the northern ontario scene. A single So Much More to Me was released on a local Winnipeg Station through Minus40Records for a short time, but was taken off when the label shut down. 5 independant demos were released, and Devon has performed over 140 shows/events/festivals, as well as recorded/written/performed on 92 studio recordings. The current Steadfast album will be the most finely tuned collaboration he has ever undertaken to a proffessional extent and plans to work with Aaron and Steve until the point of success. Steadfast is unwavering!

Solo artist, and instrumentalist Steve J Hughes has spent years perfecting his craft, innovating his hands and his mind to finely tune his own signature style of writing, and composing. Performing with a previous group called "The Hot" he obtained his live experience on the frontlines in the Hamilton scene, meanwhile releasing numerous independant recordings of supercharged leads, and in your face hard rock licks to excit the mind, and stimulate the intellect. Putting his own agendas on hold he is currently committed to collaborating with Devon Kenneth Michael, and brother Aaron on STEADFAST... which he intends to be a career defining project.

Aaron J Hughes has also performed in various projects, as well as past efforts with his brother, and has brought an entirely new element to Steadfast now that he is the backbone, and the ground foundation to the stormfront we're riding. It's rare to find a drummer that can literally and physically texturize his strikes, and create a melody through a beat. Combining his live experience, with his keen sense of timing and feel Aaron is the perfect contributor to what Steadfast plans to achieve. Every member of this band brings an ambition, drive, and natural ability to define artistry to the overall mix... Aaron was the ideal third.



Steadfast was founded by singer/songwriter Devon Kenneth Michael, and solo artist Steve J. Hughes in early 2010 as a project called Boost. The band quickly developed a sound weaving driving hard rock riffs, and grooving bass lines, with hard hitting percussion, and country hard rock vocals. Late in 2010 former drummer and third founding member Kurt P. was diagnosed with a brain tumour and the group took a rest until May of 2011, when it was decided Boost wasnt able to continue as it was. In respects to Kurt, Devon and Steve introduced his brother Aaron Hughes into the mix, and STEADFAST was born. Staying loyal and unwavering to ourselves as artists was the foundation behind the name. Each member has dedicated themselves to the love of music and it was fitting when considering our histories and passions as individual writers. With a new edge on high energy rock, and unique lyrical approach STEADFAST is looking forward to seeing you at all the upcoming events.