Augusta, Georgia, USA
BandHip Hop

My music style has a hood feel and a commercial feel to it.They call me the shawty lo of Augusta. I am a great crowd pleasure. Steady Bee is a very high energetic rap artist.


Mr. Steady

Eli-Emmanuel Lowe aka “STEADY” was born in Augusta, Ga. Steady’s Mom is named Angela Marie Martin and Father Rev.Christopher E. Lowe Sr. who was a musician in the Past, which cause me to have passion for music.

My First opportunity was being a hype man for several Local groups that was in Augusta in the 90’s doing the Miami bass music aka Booty music Era. While I was a hypeman I learned to dance and started dancing at contests. Got picked up by Florida’s finest 69 boys and at that time I was dancing and hyping Them up as my love for music grew even more. I have done shows with Luke, Southside Boys, Duice, 12Gauge, Pressure, Southern Players, D-Rock now part of Ying Yang and the last show was Biggie Smalls. I had fun but felt I wanted to Become famous like the artists that I was around. So, I started working hard on writing music when I had to serve time in Prison in 2002-2004. When I was released I was well focused on music and making a name for myself. I tried management but that wasn’t successful and then I created the group SwaggBrothers. It was ok but still I ran into problems. So I woke up one morning and said to myself “It’s My Time to shine”. I started writing good music and ran into PCP musichouse(Preacher child and Mr.PIA) where they sold beats.

After that I started networking and formed a crew called “2-WAY” Home of great Single Artists!I dropped my first commercial album in 09 “It’s My time”. I have met some of the best producers...Dale Mealing, K-Beats(Core DJ Killa Ran), Brian Johnson"PEP"(Sicknotes Studios Platium Producer)also Bizzo Beats.Now a new star has come about "Steady Bee" a new and improved alter ego of steady. Now working on his album "My Additude" feat..Steady. Also Persident of Indie Label "Hustle it all records". And starting a Artist Fleet called "Beist Mode Grinderz" or "BMG".


"Bown Bown" by Steady
"Zoned Out" by Steady Bee
"Well Grown" and "All In" by Steady feat..Steady Bee