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Steady Grind music is available for download at and at the live shows.


Feeling a bit camera shy


During late 2002, the formation of a new band was about to take place from the simultaneous dissolution of two other bands. On one side of the guitar strings was Test Monkey, a hard-hitting original sounding rap-rock band. On the other side of the guitar strings played Parks and Wildlife, a blues band. Although very different in style and music, the two bands came to know one another and began to share one common denominator, “the drummer”.

Unfortunately, every chance Test Monkey had to set the stage; one of the main characters didn’t show up, the drummer. After their fourth attempt to lure a permanent drummer, they decided to cast their reels in the direction of the “Parks and Wildlife” pond. The Parks and Wildlife drummer, nick named 5.0 (not just for being the law abiding citizen he his, but for being the law) was asked if he would like to play with Test Monkey; in addition, to playing with Parks and Wildlife. Unfortunately, even a great catch like 5.0 couldn’t help them. The personality conflicts in Test Monkey were too great for any boat not to sink and the dream that was once Test Monkey drowned.

Topside, the relationships that Slade (former Test Monkey Lead Guitarist), Ducky (former Test Monkey Rhythm Guitarist) and 5.0 had forged were beginning to shift them onto a different shore.

Apparently, Parks and Wildlife was in a fishy situation of it’s own. After 5.0 came down with the fever, rock-n-roll fever, he didn’t want to come out of it playing the blues. The ship they had been sailing on had an overbearing captain that had thrown out an anchor and prevented any change. They were only playing one venue, every weekend and only played the blues. Wanting to turn their music in a different direction and unhappy with their crew, 5.0, Eric Parks (the singer) and Fat Eddie (the bass player) told the others to jump overboard.

The day after the dissolution of Parks and Wildlife, the steady minds and steady rhythms of Slade - lead guitar, Ducky “Deisel” Newsome - rhythm guitar, Brian “5.0” Hood - drums, Steve “Fat Eddie” Edwards - bass and Eric Parks - singer, formed the band that’s now Steady Grind.

The distinctive rock-n-roll sounds, that will put your audiences in a steady grind include: Van Halen, Ozzy, ZZ Top, the heavy sounds of Creed, Puddle of Mudd, Godsmack, Steady Grind originals and so much more. The versatility of the singer and the band allow them to go anywhere your audience wants them to go.

We would like to extend an invitation to you to take a look at the Steady Grind website, produced by Slade Studios, at