The Steady Swagger
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The Steady Swagger

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | SELF

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | SELF
Band Folk Rock




"Let's Get Dirty"

...this lovely crew always, without fail, manage to fill the atmosphere with the most festive of vibes. - Hot Soup

"Stripwax: The swagger stagger"

...roar like drunken pirates through songs that swing stylistically between punk rock, Russian folk, acoustic jazz, and at least a few more. - Thirdcoast Digest

"The Steady Swagger"

...The Steady Swagger just has me thrashing and dancing every time the first notes of their album are played. - Sound of Montreal

"‘Billy Monday: The Steady Swagger"

As for the rum…something has to fuel this band and its energetic recordings.
- Incognito Music, Models & More

"The Steady Swagger - UK Review" a thrilling blend of piratical, frayed-round-the-edges folk-rock they call Whiskeybillie. - Leicester Bangs

"The Steady Swagger : À l’abordage!"

...leur musique est explosive comme de la poudre à canon. - Bang Bang

"Beat Magazine, Melbourne, AU"

Issue #1327, p.52 - Ranked #8 in TBS Tipsheet

"The Steady Swagger"

...a band that I discovered just a little over a year ago and have never had enough of since. The power trio named The Steady Swagger just has me thrashing and dancing every time the first notes of their album are played. - Sound of Montreal

"A Whiskey Fuelled Night With a Touch of Beauty at the Griffintown Bar"

The Next set was Pi. Straight off the first chord, Pi’s rugged gypsyish grinding swagger had us up and bouncing in our seats, bobbing our heads, tapping our hands and feet–even yelling and singing along to their catchy rough’n tough sandpaper vocals and vibrant constantly changing progressive blues rhythms. Pi and the Steady Swagger‘s music is more than just unique, its vigorous energy. The fast tempo of the music got us going strong, energizing the club with a touch of Quebec culture, only to unsuspectingly break it down into a blended blues/jazz whiskey and malt. This had to be one of the most enjoyable and entertaining shows I’ve been to in a while.

The highlight of their performance for me were their songs Big Fat Radiant Sun, Fire and Whiskey and Everybody Drink getting the crowd cheering along, raising and clanging our glasses. These guys were so much fun to watch thumping on the double bass and Pi’s rhythm getting us moving with their swaggered flow, and those rough grimy punk-esque vocals and guitar really grinding it in making it absolutely impossible not to have a great time (and get to drinking more than usual).These guys are a must see for anyone, absolutely anyone, who likes having fun, drinking, and good music all thrown together with a great performance. - Forget The Box

"Dirty Gypsy Music"

Pi and The Steady Swagger are a trio from Montreal which started as a solo project by guitarist and lead vocalist PI, who made a name for himself being well received in bars and pubs across Quebec, France and Belgium. The band blends some folk rock, with a gypsy jazzy style and just a touch of some punk rock that keeps it fun and energized.

Their sound and songs vary from happy and fun to dark and heavy, reminding me a bit of Les Colocs with the bouncy double bass, mixed with some old school punk rock. Pi’s rough and tough vocals just add to the fun. I would call it Quebec gypsy jazz rock. Definitely a band to see if you’re into lively peppy performances and a bit of headbanging. - Forget The Box


The Steady Swagger, 2013
The Steady Swagger...and they call it Whiskeybillie, 2012
The Steady Swagger EP, 2011




"We broke a branch off the 'ol folk tree, whittled away the bark and called it a Whiskeybillie stick!" - The Steady Swagger, Montreal

The Steady Swagger is a power trio based out of Montreal that play music self defined as Whiskeybillie; heavy folk rock reminiscent of Gogol Bordello, Tom Waits and Primus fermenting in a charred oak cask. Fronted by two mainland pirates, with whiskey soaked baritone voices, they deliver live shows that are fueled by a raw energy that has been known to inflict uninhibited swaggered smiles on men, women and children alike. With an acoustic guitar, a two piece drum kit (played with brushes) and an upright bass as their humble setup, this trio always make it clear that what they offer is not a "tranquil" experience. Theirs is aggressively fun and has the power to get any feet stomping!
Since the dawn of 2011 they have recorded two, independently released, studio albums. The first, ...and they call it Whiskeybillie (2012), has been ranked # 3 in CIBL's album Awards of 2012, Montreal and # 8 in the top 10 of Melbourne's Beat Magazine, Australia (issue 1327 p.52). The Steady Swagger ride in an '89 burgundy Chevy van dubbed King Swagon, in which they have toured Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick. Their plan is to keep on driving out farther until they have reached the sea, after which they plan load some barrels in a ship and sail away.

"Their music is explosive as gunpowder" - BangBang, Montreal

"This lovely crew always, without fail, manages to fill the atmosphere with the most festive of vibes" - Hot Soup, Montreal

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