Steafan Hanvey

Steafan Hanvey

 Dublin, Leinster, IRL
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New LP mixed by Tore Johansson [Cardigans/Martha Wainwright/Franz Ferdinand] Ireland's funky balladeer travels to some dark places, though,100 Days of Snow is an uplifting swirl of dissonance and sunshine. His voice, oozes warmth and a confessional charm. Melancholy coated optimism.(Hotpress: 7/10)


Steafan Hanvey and The HoneyMoon Junkies was released in 2006 in Ireland to critical acclaim.

Steafan Hanvey, originally hails from Downpatrick, Co. Down, in Northern Ireland. A child progeny of traditional musicians (his parents having recorded two albums during the seventies) his exposure to all kinds of music began in utero. Citing influences today from his formative years as being everything from Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, Soundgarden, Simon & Garfunkel to Luke Kelly, Willie Nelson, The Johnstons, Paul Brady and Johnny Cash, perhaps the most important of all was the household itself, renowned at the time for its legendary sessions and where it wasn't long before the young Steafan was called upon for a tune or two himself.

In primary school too, his teachers would have him sing to his classmates. It was as a teenager though that Steafan began to explore realms of music other than ballads of immigration, love lost, and blooming heather.

At the age of 16, Steafan formed 50/50, a heavy rock outfit with childhood friends Kenny & Carl Papenfus of Relish. After three years of fronting the band and co-writing the material, sniffs of interest from CBS in Dublin and much frustration with the northern music scene, or apparent lack of, in those days, and indeed lack of venues for original rock bands, Steafan opted to take time out to continue his studies at university.

His third year took him to Seattle where he took the opportunity to study sound engineering. Immersed in the music of the time, producing demos for local bands as part of his course, he was able to witness at close quarters the rise and demise of grunge, culminating in the untimely death of Kurt Cobain. Although an enriching experience at the mixing desk, a certain amount of fatigue set in with the amount of Pearl Jam wannabees on the scene, and the realization hit that he missed what was going on at the other side of the window with the musicians. In the summer of 1995, love and univeristy brought him to Helsinki. Not long into his stay in Helsinki, Steafan began to host his own radio show introducing fresh Irish acts to Finnish ears. (Irkku-aika/Lahi radio)

The mini-album 'Sole' was recorded in November 2000-March 2001, where Steafan finally got to work with Janne Viksten, one of Finland's finest recording engineers, who at the time worked at The Sibelius Music Academy.

Sole, dealt with everyday dilemmas, falling in love, falling on your ass, picking yourself back up, fears, apportioning blame- the usual stuff not in the usual manner. After much gigging in Helsinki and around Finland, Steafan relocated to Dublin.

He got busy recording his forthcoming debut album "Steafan Hanvey and The HoneyMoon Junkies". This saw him team up with old Downpatrick bandmates the Papenfus brothers from Relish. The album was started in Dublin and was finished with sessions in between at studios in Newry, London and Helsinki.

Steafan teamed up with Kieran Lynch to mix the record. Kieran has worked on U2's "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb" has also co-produced Elvis Costello's "When I Was Cruel", in other words, he's really very good!

In 2004 Steafan visited NYC and Montreal to get a feel for different audiences. Back in Europe he opened for The Hothouse Flowers in Barcelona in March 2004, played the BelfEst music festival in 2004, 2005 and 2006 and opened for John Spillane, Eleanor McEvoy (Woman's Heart) and The Devlins amongst others at different shows throughout Ireland.

He was 1 of 6 Irish acts invited to play at Boston's NEMO music festival in 2005.

He has recorded 3 in-studio sessions at the BBC
and has spent the last 6 years playing all over Ireland, Scandinavia and the USA, laying the groundwork for his debut album release which met with critical acclaim in 2006.

National television and radio appearances followed. The singles 'A Hundred Days of Snow' and 'My Woman' received strong airplay in Finland and in Ireland, making many national radio playlists. A national tour of Ireland followed.

Steafan is gearing up to release his sophomore album entitled "Nuclear Family"- mixed by Swedish producer Tore Johansson, who has also worked with the likes of Martha Wainwright/The Cardigans/New Order and Franz Ferdinand. The record was mastered by Mandy Parnell and features guest appearances by Liam Ó Maonolaí [Hothouse Flowers], Bertrand Belin & Papenfus brothers, Carl & Ken of Relish.

Fuse On Demand, a free Video on Demand service in the USA, that is part of Fuse Music Network and Madison Square Garden Media have recently committed to airing the first single from ‘Nuclear Family’ entitled: ‘Secrets & Lies’ (See below). The song will air later in the year.



Written By: Steafan Hanvey

Verse 1.
Give me something to cling to
Something I can call my own
something to remember you by
when I'm on my own

Verse 2.
Don't try to rationalise
everything you're feeling
for one day soon and you won't know when
you'll go crashing into your feelings

The Rooms in your house
are falling down
you don't even seem to care
The Rooms in your house are falling down
and you're goin' nowhere, goin' nowhere, going nowhere.

Verse 3:
It's not what you believe in
that brings me down
or how you do your deceiving
when all the people have left this town
you will be-leaving

The Rooms in your house
are falling down
you don't even seem to care
The Rooms in your house are falling down
and you're goin' nowhere, goin' nowhere, going nowhere.

Verse 4:
Hold me close but from afar
never let me go
any re-arranging to be done my girl
you'll be the first to know

The Rooms in your house
are falling down
you don't even seem to care
The Rooms in your house are falling down
and you're goin' nowhere, goin' nowhere, going nowhere


Written By: Steafán Hanvey

Desperation taking hold
Has me spinning round this town I go
If you're goin' won't you let me be
Ignore me now and follow me

You have blamed me and
you've tried to shame me
what more could I do?
You have blamed me and
you've tried to shame me
I failed in Loving You

Red and yellow falling on the ground
The steps I take, they're less than sound
Once the pain recedes
and you I've stopped to need
the demons in my soul can flee


Desperation deep down in my soul
It's not the time of day for letting go
If I head on will you follow me?
just one more night and wait and see




SOLE (2001) :
5 track mini-album produced in Helsinki

Full LP released in:
Finland 2005,
Ireland 2006.
USA 2011.

NUCLEAR FAMILY was released through Honeyworks Records/eOne Distribution, Feb 26, 2013.

Mixed by Tore Johansson and mastered by Mandy Parnell

Radio single releases are available for streaming and downloading on and here on the Sonicbids EPK.

Set List

1. Rooms
2. My woman (Ode to you)
3. Love's a decision
4. Dublin sky
5. Fair weather friend
6. Desperation Radio Single
7. Everyone's happy
8. Look at you
9. Hundred days of snow
10. When you go
11. Forgive
12. Winding down
13. Show me
14.Only My Frown
15.Into your Sun
16.Secrets and Lies
17.Deep Blue sea
20.Marta's Always Going Home
21.Out of view
22.Show Me the Woman

Material from 'Sole' + New material currently being recorded.