Steal The Prize

Steal The Prize

 Lynchburg, Virginia, USA

When Steal The Prize hits the stage, a vibe is created with their music that people don't just listen to, but become a part of. We specialize in delivering performances that naturally enhance the viewers state of mind.


Steal The Prize is a groove-driven rock'n'roll group based out of Lynchburg, Virginia. With the original line up remaining solid since 2006, Steal The Prize have spent years defining their sound, vigorously performing live, and characterizing a unique regional music community. Working along side the fans, and other like-minded songwriters, the community strives to spread awareness to promote a united vision of originality in both music and culture.

Among the four member strong group, Steal The Prize explores a vast frontier of vintage instrumentation and big harmonies.  They draw inspiration and combine many different styles including rock'n'roll, jazz, and country-western, as a specific genre never seems to quite represent where they have been nor where they are headed. The band's quintessential "edge" lies within their ability to improv and rightfully express a vibe, both live and in the studio, while always keeping songwriting the centerpiece. The union of musicality and meaning allows the listener to not only hear the music, but feel it, connect with it, become a part of it.

This year (2011), Steal The Prize released their second full length album entitled I Think I Am. The entire album was recorded fully analog to 1 inch tape on a 16 channel task cam reel to reel machine. Each track was mixed from scratch, and recorded in real time from tape to CD. The album was sent off to be mastered be Brian Lucey at Magic Garden Mastering Studios in Columbus, Ohio (mastered grammy award winning Black Keys album Brothers.) Stylistically, I Think I Am covers grounds in genres such as rock 'n' roll, acid rock, psyche folk, country, and the occasional jazz influenced groove. The record made it's debut on the band's official website, iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, and all other digital retail stores.

After the release of "I Think I Am" in May 2011, the band continues to write new material, perform live regularly, and are planning for an east coast tour in support of the new album. Recently, Steal The Prize has garnered some career building exposure, most notably, the license of their new single "The Devil Made Me Do It" for Relix Magazine's September issue compilation CD. They hope to continue to strategically partner with the media to spread Steal The Prize awareness one soul at a time.


The Devil Made Me Do It

Written By: Ben Delaurentis

I’ve been asleep for awhile and I’d like to know what’s been on my mind. I’ve been away for awhile and I’d like to know I’m still on your side. You need me so up beat but what can I say...even the sun’s gonna burn out someday. I’ve been busy building ladders to the sky, can you see the good and evil in my eyes? Punish yourself for me. Of all the parts of God, you are my favorite piece. Darkness comes knocking, look who we are when nobody’s watching. Are you snug beneath the sun? or are you stuck in outer-space? Do you feel that you’re at home if there’s even such a place? I want to practice what I preach. I want to be what I have known. But just because I’ve seen the light doesn’t mean it’s always shown. I wanna make home every place I go, I don’t want to feel sorry for the things I know. I don’t want to have to hush up and hide my soul. I want to let it show. The God in you is the God in me. your devil keeps on falling asleep. When he wakes back up put him down below with love, it’s alive in you and me.

Don't Judge Me Jesus

Written By: Ben Delaurentis

Don’t judge me Jesus, I do the best I can. who am I to draw the line between who’s God and who’s man. I think I am. I think I am. Doing the best I can. Don’t judge me Jesus, I do the best I can. Who am I to draw the line between what’s chance and what’s planned. I think I can. I think I am. Doing the best I can.

Line's Done Blurred

Written By: Ben Delaurentis

Tonight I’ll admit I miss you, the gin’s gone to my head and it’s giving me the chance to say the things I’ve never said. Tonight I’d admit I miss you but the phone, you let it ring and ring. I’ll stay on the line for just enough time to play through your machine. Tonight I can’t forget you, this boy’s going to throw a fit. I put the ball back in your court and you’re just gonna let it sit. My breathing’s lost its rhythm and my heart keeps skipping beats...... Maybe this means I love you, maybe this means you’re all I need. The line’s been blurred between love and lust. You can keep your word and keep on believing in us. The line’s been blurred between right and wrong. I need a woman to keep my head on straight; I need a woman to turn my light back on. So woman, turn my light back on. Tonight I’d come and get you, but you wouldn’t answer the door. I’ll sit in the hall with my back to the wall. Don’t you love me anymore? If I never get to kiss you again, If this really is the end, I hope you remember when you were my best friend. You don’t look at me like you used to. I’m always so confused, I’m probably confusing you while I’m searcing for the truth.

Funny Day

Written By: Ben Delaurentis

In the mail I got the letter that the heat’s cut off so we pray for better weather. When it get’s too hot we’ll think of something better. I plan to pay them never. Landlord’s at the door for february’s rent and it’s almost april 4th. We’re gonna leave him waiting on the porch. He’s gonna have us summoned to the court. I watch denial turn to anger turn to sorrow. stop to think. Tomorrow I won't expect a thing. It's funny what a day can bring. What a day, can’t say it went my way. Can’t say it went my way. The last leaf held on all winter long. Resist the wind’s blow until you learn to let go. It’s funny what a day can bring. It’s funny what a day can bring. The sky's still blue and I don’t expect a thing from you. I don’t expect a thing from you.

Lighten Me Up

Written By: Ben Delaurentis

My house key looks lonely without yours. My keyring feels empty and my heart's feeling heavy without yours. Without yours. I’ve got too many pillows without you. The covers are plenty but the sheets don’t smell pretty without you. You lighten me up, enough is enough. We both have our pride and our issues, but baby I miss you. You lighten me up, enough is enough. I made up my mind, there’s no one above you. I made up my mind. My mind will not wonder without you. All I see is your face when I’m stuck in one place without you. I made up my mind. honey I love you.

Everybody's High

Written By: Ben Delaurentis

Mrs. Jennings teaches first grade and the kids swear she's the best. She spends all the time she can with them because her family life’s a mess. How does she get through the night without having her heart hardened? Tomatoes aren’t the only thing growing in her garden. Sgt. Jones gets home from work about a quarter to four. Makes his way up the drive, kicks his shoes off at the door. Still has an hour or so before his wife’s back from the store. He locks his gun and badge in the bedside drawer. he makes his way down stairs, takes a seat in his favorite chair. He rolls it up and smokes it right there. Then he gets to thinking “This job might be a joke; my commanding officer still chiefs and the chief of police stills smokes”. He wonders why. Has everybody he knows been getting high? Billy from high-school used to play by all their rules and now his hair’s down to his ankles and he’s selling hash from a trailer by the old high-school. Yeah, he’s a good man and you should talk to him if you get the chance. You’ll learn a thing or two. You never knew you never knew. You never knew why everybody you know’s been getting high. I don’t feel convicted for the things I do, so I’ll keep taking my chances with the boys in blue. Now I know why everybody I know's been getting high.

Yesterday's News

Written By: Ben Delaurentis

i've been doing okay with the guilt and the shame. My stomach still turns at the sound of her name. To hurt me she goes out of her way. So, I’ll stay inside my house. The girl wants my head, I’m afraid to go out. To hurt me she goes out of her way. The radio’s broken down stairs and no hopeful love song is gonna find me there. The newspaper came and i don’t really read, but some buddies of mine were more than happy to show me the front page. You wouldn’t believe. It was my old lady and some other guy, both looking to be having a pretty good time. Honest to heaven the headline reads “Feel the Vibe” like it’s talking to me. It might as well just say “To hurt you she’s gone out of her way”. I drove down to the bar with a beer still in my hand. I cursed an old friend because he wouldn’t let me in. Now i remember about half of what I said. A girl I never met, tried to bring her to my bed. Though I’m sure I was quite charming she graciously refused. And now I’m left alone to ponder over and over yesterday’s news.

Oh Suzanna

Written By: Ben Delaurentis

Oh Suzanna no no no no. Suzanna please. Suzanna baby, feel sorry for me. Should be on the main line in a courtyard in the sunshine with some vodka for my tonic and some woman for my wine. Or maybe in a big house with a few kids in a small town. Head to church on sunday morning, make sure everybody’s fine. Oh Suzanna no no no. Suzanna please. Suzanna baby, feel sorry for me.

Maybe A Ghost

Written By: Ben Delaurentis

She knows when to laugh. She knows when to listen. She showed me her world so I'd know what I’m missing. She knows when to cry. She knows when to smile. She knows when to hold it in for awhile. She knows when to come. She knows when to leave. She knows when I’m crazy to just let me be. She knows when to take. She knows when to give. She never hurt another with the way she lives. Alone with two kids and maybe a ghost. Out of all the other boys she loves me the most. Oh no it’s you again. You’ve come back to try to save me if you can. And i love getting to know you inside and out, but sometimes the lost don’t wanna be found. Well I held her all morning and by the evening we were setting like the sun. Are we too far down this road to turn and run? The seasons keep on changing like my mind. Here’s to all the nights we drank our weight in wine. And the little things we learn now to forgive. She hardly ever hurts nobody with the way she lives.
Sometimes the lost don't wanna be found.

Aware Wolf

Written By: Ben Delaurentis

Aware wolf is howling for the moon because he understands the way that light affects his mood. Aware wolf is howling for the moon. He looks behind those eyes and wonders if they’re true.