Stealing Allan's Rights

Stealing Allan's Rights


Stealing Allan's Rights (S.A.R.) combines raw rock nostalgic grit with soulful melodies and true lyrics that create timeless music.


Originally established in 1999 as Some Assembly Required, STEALING ALLAN’S RIGHTS has survived the many obstacles and challenges brought on by the tumultuous currents of the music industry. From being forced to change their name, to having to let go of long-time friends and musical comrades/personnel, this popular metro-Detroit, original rock band is committed to delivering one thing and one thing only: timeless music that is “true to the songs,” and powerful, high energy shows. Through all the changes they’ve endured, songwriting partners and co-founders of STEALING ALLAN’S RIGHTS, Pete Cvetonovski (drums) and Diana Balsama (lead singer), believe in a “no compromise” philosophy when it comes to taking this band to the next level.

They released their first full-length album, Coming Back Around, in July of 2003 with original members, Irfan Sheikh (bass guitar) and Steve Caldwell (lead guitar), and by that time, they had already earned a loyal fan base and professional credibility within the Detroit music scene. Opening for such national acts as MEN AT WORK and SPONGE, and performing in houses such as THE MAGIC BAG, EMERALD THEATRE, and THE MAGIC STICK, STEALING ALLAN’S RIGHTS pleases any audience of all ages. In April of 2004, Coming Back Around lent them the nomination for the DETROIT MUSIC AWARDS in the “Outstanding Pop Artist/Group” category.

2002 proved to be an extremely busy year for STEALING ALLAN’S RIGHTS as well, and not just because of their own music accomplishments, but also because of the birth of Balsama’s theme show, VENUS BALL, which launched its debut that December. As a collaborative effort, Balsama (backed with the support of Cvetanovski and Caldwell) invited popular local musicians, Liz Larin and Emily Rogers, to help create an event that celebrates and supports the vision of female musicians and songwriters. Through this experience, they are able to support a very important facet in the Detroit music scene—to give women musicians/songwriters the respect they deserve. Since then, VENUS BALL has proved to be an exciting show that STEALING ALLAN’S RIGHTS looks forward to every year, as it provides Detroit’s best Rock and Roll music to a constantly growing audience.

As 2006 begins, Cvetanovski, Balsama and Bass player Rik Latta are creating their most exciting album yet with such singles entitled, “Suddenly,” and “Before you Sleep,” produced by Nolan Mendenhall and recorded and mixed at Roscoe’s Recording in Detroit. This album will reveal the raw Rock-Nostalgic sound that supports the lyrics and the stories the songs tell. With all of the changes they’ve endured, Cvetanovski, Balsama, and Latta eagerly embrace this new album with one thing in mind: to create timeless music with no compromises whatsoever.


"Coming Back Around" LP Released in July, 2003
"Before You Sleep" Single--Streaming -Radio Play in Germany
"Over It" Single --Streaming
"My Favorite Everything" Single --Streaming
"You Chose Me" Single --Streaming
"Once Upon A Time" Single --Streaming

Set List

Our show consist of original material. Show times usually vary between 45 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes long, unless venue requires differently.

Typical set list

1. The Other Side
2. Once Upon a Time
3. Before You Sleep
4. My Favorite Everything
5. Over It
6. Flatline
7. So Glad
8. You Chose Me
9. Lifeline
10. Suddenly
11.Coming Back Around