Stealing Fame

Stealing Fame

 Glenside, Pennsylvania, USA

We are stealing fame. Our music is hard rock, yet radio friendly. Our music is similar to breaking benjamin and Chevelle. We are a three piece band but we put on a very energetic live show despite our small group. We have played all over the city of Philadelphia and have a growing fanbase.


Five Years in the making, STEALING FAME is a band that has been a long time coming. With various influences that range from metal to pop STEALING FAME is guaranteed to please. STEALING FAME is part of a new movement to bring back rock music. Michael Stoutenger, the founder of the group starting playing live and writing songs at an early age. For a few years he played at open mics and bars. In 2009 Scott berry(drummer) met Michael at a show and expressed interest in forming a band. Since then there have been a few line up changes. Mitch beer is the current bassist.


Our fist EP was released on November 11th 2011 and is available on Itunes and other music purchasing websites.