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Stealing Grace

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We are currently finishing our first EP and will be done within the next two months. We will be giving it away for free to all when completed.



Stealing Grace officially began as a classic rock cover band in January of 2004. J.Quade was introduced to a few old guys by a mutual friend who needed a singer. Sticking only to covers, Stealing Grace played gigs at local bars, bull roasts, block parties, etc. Things were going well and the band incorporated "Andrea" to the setlist, written by J.Quade, deemed to be the first Stealing Grace original. After a good run, Stealing Grace, referred to now in the practice spot as OSG (Original Stealing Grace) ran its course and went their separate ways.

J.Quade remained friends with the band members and began playing covers with bass player Tom Titus, and together performed a regular gig in Fulleton, MD under the name "No Drummer". On occasion, you can still catch No Drummer paying tribute to great bands in local bars around Baltimore.

But... playing covers didnt satisfy J.Quade, and with the coersion of Bobby Z, long time friend of J.Quade, a new band emerged. They decided, after throwing other names around, to stick with the name Stealing Grace since the only original OSG performed was written by J.Quade and the name had personal meaning to the young singer. So they jammed with other musicians while in their writing process, and while some jammers seemed like they would work out, destiny would prove otherwise for the two friends. The pair searched for the drummer and bass player that would eventually become the final building blocks of Stealing Grace.

As if with some kind of Divine Intervention, Chuck and Wheat arrived on the scene. Chuck, long time drummer of the O.B. States, shared many mutual friends with Bobby Z and J.Quade. Luck would have it that while doors were closing for one band, Stealing Grace's window was wide open. Chuck immediately gelled with the music J.Quade was writing and without a doubt their percussion needs were met. At about the same time, Wheat replied to a want ad for a bass player. Wheat is a guitar player by heart, having played lead guitar for another local band, Incursion, prior to contacting Stealing Grace. He listened to the little music that was available and decided he would like to be a part and gave bass a chance. If you didnt just read this, you would be convinced Wheat had always been a bassist with his melodic riffs and creative bass-lines.

Stealing Grace's sound is fresh and as many say: refreshing. The music is influenced by passion and real emotion. It might make you want to move, it might make you want to just sit and listen, but either way Stealing Grace will leave you with a good taste on the palletes of your musical minds. The band is still very much growing with alot of exciting things in store... On behalf of the band, I invite you to grow with us...