Stealing Grace

Stealing Grace


Sarnia made band. Three guys that just love to play. Rock/Alternative Rock is our genre. We do mostly originals with some covers including "Our Lady Peace" "Collective Soul" "Rise Agaisnt" and much more.


Just started out as three buddys jammin in the garage, and it just grew from there. Played a couple small shows at our highschool and we just kept going. Got a great oppertunity at a local bar to run an open mic once a week. Became pretty popular there fast. Just finished recording our first cd (MetalGrade Studios). Looking to get out to other locations.


We have alot of our own songs.
Our first cd is titled "Future Headed Down" which is the number one track. Other Tracks include "Paralyzed" "Patio Stage" "Not Another Love Song" and many more. We are waiting on a reply back from the local radio station to see what they think of our aldum.

Set List

We usual do 3 sets of about 45 minutes each. Sometimes one of them is an acoustic set where we will play some softer acoustic songs. Very energetic on stage and very entertaining.