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The best kept secret in music


"Feature In Flip Side"

Stealing the Return ready to steal fans
June 8, 2006
Band: Stealing the Return
Members: Ryan Hayman (guitar, vocals), Chris Kuhns (guitar, vocals), John Hockley (drums), Colin Smith (bass)

Who we talked to: Hayman, 22

Where’d the name come from?
We were trying to find something kind of clever and couldn’t come up with anything. Finally, one of Chris’ co-workers came up with Stealing for Return, but Chris and I decided to change it up a bit.

Who are your influences?
Neil Young, Built to Spill, Wilco, Son Volt, Modest Mouse, Radiohead. And then there are always the classics like Pink Floyd and the Zeppelin. Progressive rock is a big influence, too.

Last three CDs you listened to in the car?
That’d be Built to Spill’s “Keep it Like a Secret,” Wilco’s “Summer Teeth” and Keller & the Keels’ “Grass.”

Worst song on the radio right now?
I don’t really listen to the radio at all. Once I realized the world of music beyond radio and MTV, I never looked back.

What artist is your biggest guilty pleasure?
A guilty pleasure would definitely be John Mayer. He’s a phenomenal guitarist. No matter how lovey-dovey or poppy you think he is, he’s just a great guitarist.

What songs do you like to cover? One of Neil Young’s songs that no one knows called “Big Time.” That’s kind of a staple in our set. And we usually always play “Rockin’ in the Free World.”

Who would win in a fight:
Built to Spill or Modest Mouse? Built to Spill. I think there’s four of them and only three in Modest Mouse. The numbers would lean their way.

What do you guys need to work on as a band?
Probably working on new material and practicing over and over and finding more time to write. Chris and I have learned several times that you can’t force it. Some days it comes, and some days it doesn’t. We just need to let the music flow and need to give ourselves more time for that opportunity.

Steve Perko from WINGSRIPPEDOUT. Paul and Pedro from Iko’s Music Trade, who always keep the new tunes flowing from my car. And last, but not least, my dad. And all our friends and family.

Check out Stealing the Return Friday night at Murph’s Other Bar in York. The band will open for the Glorious Filaments at about 9:30 p.m. As for a CD, the guys just recorded a promotional disc that they’ll be giving away at shows and Iko’s Music Trade in York. If you can’t wait ’til then, check them out on the Web at or www.-


- Flip Side - York Daily Record

"Stealing The Return - Where Geddy Lee and Neil Yong meet?"

..>..> ..> Stealing The Return
Published: July 2007
Story: Jeff Royer
Photo: Luke Sprenkle
..>..> ..> "To be honest, I don't know how I write the stuff that I write!" laughs Stealing The Return singer/guitarist Ryan Hayman.
From the list of influences he gives, we don't know how he does it either. There are the standard roots rock heroes like Son Volt, Wilco, Neil Young, et al. These make a lot of sense after listening to STR's music. But then Hayman throws Built to Spill, Rush and Genesis into the mix, and that's when things start to get scary. Phil Collins with a southern twang? Geddy Lee covering "Harvest Moon?" We don't even want to think about it.
But against all odds, this royal mess of influences is blended together to form a vein of easy-rolling alt-country accented by some all-American rock and roll guitar flourishes.
"I don't want to say that's what we're going for, because we're just going for whatever we sound like," Hayman shrugs. "But people always ask us what we play, and I never know what to tell them."
Whatever you call it, it's now available in its full glory on Stealing The Return's debut EP, Appalachia, released June 16. While only five songs long, the album covers a lot of territory, from the short alt-country blasts of "Appalachian Road" and "Can't Go North" to the Built to Spill-ish rock odyssey of "Somewhere in Tennessee," an eight-minute jam that in concert can stretch for even longer.
"When we play live, none of the solos or jam sessions are written. [Guitarist] Chris [Kuhns] will play a different solo every night, and that's one of the things we love," Hayman says. "Every show is all improv."
Appalachia is the culmination of the hard work the band members have put in since uniting in York in 2005. In that time, Stealing The Return has graduated from playing shows for 10 people to rocking capacity crowds at venues like the Tourist Inn – not a bad deal for a band that plays primarily originals.
"Playing for the amount of people we play now, it's awesome. It's a fun experience. Nothing compares to playing your own music and the crowd actually getting into it," Hayman enthuses.
While the EP has only been out for a few weeks, Hayman and co. are already at work on their debut full-length, which they hope to start recording in the winter. Until then, their M.O. is to continue expanding their fan base in the Central Pa. area and continue figuring out new ways of mixing Rush and country music.
"We take it seriously, but family and our careers come first," Hayman is quick to add. "We're not really looking for a record deal or anything like that. We just want to get out and play our music and have a good time, make friends in other bands and stuff like that. If something would come along, it wouldn't be a bad thing, but we're not looking to be rock stars or anything like that."


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Appalachia EP 2007


Feeling a bit camera shy


Based out of south-central Pennsylvania, Stealing the Return is an original rock band with many classic and not so classic influences. All of the members share a similar disdain for the course that modern rock has taken over the last decade. You won’t hear any Staind or Nickelback covers at a Stealing the Return show though a Wilco or Neil Young song will sometimes make their way into the setlist.

The bands original songs are lovingly crafted by hand and bear the influences of Blind Melon, 70’s Neil Young, Son Volt, Built to Spill and even some Rush and Genesis for good measure. Stealing the Return works hard to keep their music organic and flowing and to keep the energy level high when performing. Sparse instrumentation, well placed phrasing and meaty rock hooks all combine together to forge their unique sound.

In 2007 Stealing the Return will release their debut EP entitled "Appalachia" and looks to continue playing shows in the area as well as branch out into Philadelphia and also the Maryland and Delaware beach destinations. Please feel free to contact the band for any booking availabilities.

No matter what kind of venue / situation you have, Stealing The Return wants to play it. Whether it be a bar, private party, county / state fair, block parties, coffee house, corporate events etc. If you have something coming up, and want to offer the folks attending some live rock we are your band.