Steal Reserve

Steal Reserve


Steal Reserve has high amounts of rock and power and enough stage energy to power a whole city.


It all started around 1988 when 4 mothers became pregnant with what will someday be rock gods. John and Matt were the first to meet. They played guitar and jammed together in the early years. Once high school came around John had been stricken with cancer and was able to be out of school for a very long time. Soon John surpassed Matt and taunted him alot for it. Matt gave up guitar and took up the bass. Now Matt and John realized that they were halfway into starting a band. They went to school looking for the rest of the pieces. They found Ben Burns in a school event known as UnPlugged. And heard his amazing vocal copacity and were in awe of his guitar abilities. After a little coaxing Ben joined. Finally they asked lifelong friend Nick Schuette to join the band. John, Matt, and Ben had no idea if he could even keep a beat but all they needed was a drummer. They all jammed for a while until finally they made their own songs. They we finally a band. Matt soon took up the roll as the manager and entered them in many local shows and battles. At the time they were known as "John Slattery and friends" but we all knew that sucked, (exept John who liked it alot.) so the band got to thinking. Finally the group came up with a name Steel Reserve, which violated some legal thing so they changed it to Steal Reserve. The main things that set us apart from any other band is how much fun we really have on stage. Even though the band consists of two fat guys and two skinny guys we all put forth as much show effort as possible just so people leave and think, "Man Steal Reserve took it out of me, and I was just watching!"


We have a brand new Demo! Check out for more updates and Info on the band.

Set List

Our set list is mostly origionals. usually it starts out with an origional called Memory from their it changes with every show. We do covers but prefer to do our origionals. Steal Reserve has played sets from 10 minutes to 30 but are able to go well above and beyond that.

Heres our usual list:
1. Memory
2. Like a rolling stone (Dylan)
3. Time Told Me Wrong
4. Knocking on Heavens Door (Dylan)
5. Simone
6. Take This