Steal The Air

Steal The Air


Steal The Air brings youth, energy and solid music for all to see, hear and enjoy. Steal The Air marks the dawn of a new era....catch them live at a show near you!!!


Steal the air began in the small town of Hillsborough, NJ, with Ian (guitar) and Chris (drums) in the winter of 2001. Ian and Chris had been friends for several years, and writing music together came naturally. After writing many songs within a year, finding the right singer along with a second guitarist and bassist was their biggest challenge yet. In the next couple of months a bass player, a guitarist and a singer were added to the band. Unfortunately, things didn't work out and the bass player and singer went their separate ways but the guitarist, Jahe, remained. At this time Chris and Ian had heard of an awesome bass player, Joe, who worked with them. Once Joe came to practice they knew he was right for the band. Although everything seemed to fall into place they still had not found their lead singer. Joe suggested that we try out his friend, Eddie who was a singer in previous bands. Following a couple of practices they felt they had found the right singer to complete the band. In August of 2003, steal the air was officially formed.


The following is a list of Steal The Air's releases:

Steal The Air - Steal The Air EP (2003 release)

Set List

Our set consists of songs written and performed by Steal the Air.
- One Life to Live
- Selfish
- One Sided Coin
- New Horizons
- Again
- Rustproofing