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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE
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"What Would Jerry Do?"

Posted on Wed, Feb. 2, 2011
What would Jerry Garcia do?

By John Loftus

Times Staff Writer

Members of Steal Your Face, a Grateful Dead tribute band, have the background, the talent and, after about four years, a loyal following, said guitarist Garry Engel.

What they really need, he said, is to get noticed. Or, more precisely, to have movers and shakers in the business recognize what a lot of the band’s fans already know.

“We have a large fan base. We get nice crowds and we have people who follow us,” Engel said. “But we really want to get noticed by club owners and promoters of music festivals.”

At this point, courting that attention takes the most work, Engel said, because “there are so many bands out there trying to get noticed.”

Steal Your Face — a name taken from a Grateful Dead album — makes its way regularly to the Northeast. The band plays in the banquet room of the Casino Deli and Restaurant, 2425 Welsh Road, on Thursdays at 8 p.m.

“It’s a nice-size room,” Engel said, “and the acoustics are great.”

Although the band dedicates much of each performance to Grateful Dead music, its repertoire includes reggae, classic rock and some original music. Owners of local venues want more than Grateful Dead songs, he added.

“We have something for everyone,” Engel said.

“Beating Around the Bush is probably our signature original song,” Engel said, describing it as a piece that is initially upbeat, mellows out for its chorus and then comes back for an upbeat finish.

Even when the musicians are playing Grateful Dead songs, they still try to add a personal touch, Engel said.

“A lot of what we do is improvisation within a structure,” he explained. “We put our own flavor into it that comes from our hearts and musical abilities.”

The band’s five members, for the most part, either hail from the Northeast or live nearby, and most had been involved with other bands before forming Steal Your Face.

Engel, who also sings, lives right over the border in Abington Township. He’s originally from the 900 block of Glenview St., and for many years owned a business on the 7600 block of Castor Ave. Years ago he was in a country band called Union Pacific, and it was doing well, but he quit because he had young children and performing was consuming a lot of time, he recalled.

Lead vocalist and bass player Paul Baroli lives in Fairless Hills but originally is from the Frankford and Cottman area, Engel said. Baroli writes most of the band’s original songs. He once was a member of a country rock band called the Levittown Highlanders.

Drummer Lou Zalvino, of Bucks County, and singer-keyboardist Michael Morrow, who lives in the Reading area, have been around for a while and played with other bands.

Lead guitarist Curtis Eustace lives in Flourtown. “He’s only twenty-one, and he’s unbelievable,” Engel said.

After playing together at a friend’s wedding, the musicians of Steal Your Face had their first paying gig at a Levittown bar. The performance was a good one, Engel recalled, but he admitted to being more than a little nervous beforehand.

“I was on pins and needles,” said Engel, whose nervousness was eased when he and another band member went to the bar that afternoon to set up some equipment.

In the almost four years since, Steal Your Face has performed at many area clubs and also music festivals in Massachusetts, Connecticut, upstate Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. About a year ago, Steal Your Face performed at the Hard Rock Café in Atlantic City.

Music festivals are favorites with the band. One of the more memorable festivals was in November, at The Gathering of the Vibes Music Festival in Bridgeport, Conn., where Crosby, Stills and Nash were the headliners, he said.

The band makes each show different, which is easily achieved by the wealth of material, Engel explained. A lot of times, however, members of the audience will be the same. Some people follow Steal Your Face from gig to gig.

The group came to be a few years after Engel sold his air conditioning and heating business. “We got together and started playing around. From that sprouted Steal Your Face,” he said.

Engel still has a part-time job, but the band is now his real job. “I spend most of my time booking shows and promoting the band,” Engel said, noting that the other musicians have jobs but “we spend all of our spare time with the band.”

As word gets around, more gigs develop.

“We’re making tremendous progress,” he said.

Admission to the Casino Deli performance, on Thursdays at 8 p.m., is $10. Patrons receive a $10 food and beverage voucher. For information about the band, visit the Web site at

Reporter John Loftus can be reached at 215-354-3110 or

- Northeast Times, Phila. PA

"‘A Cosmic Potpourri of Energy’Grateful Dead cover band Steal Your Face"

‘A Cosmic Potpourri of Energy’Grateful Dead cover band Steal Your Face brings Newtown back the 60s twice a month at The Temperance House
By Kara Seymour| February 11, 2011
Steal Your Face playing at The Temperance House in late January. Ask any diehard Deadhead the best live show they’ve seen, and they’ll respond without hesitation, offering up intricate details like the exact date, set list -- even right down to what the weather was like that night.

Such is the case with Michael Morrow, a musician with Steal Your Face, a Grateful Dead cover band. “Sept. 12, 1987,” Morrow says, without pause when asked about his most memorable show. “It was the second night out of three."

Morrow, who plays the keyboard and sings with Steal Your Face, saw the Grateful Dead in concert 120 times. To him, the appeal of the band is much more than music. “It’s a lifestyle,” Morrow says. A lifestyle that is best summed up in one word: “formless.”

“Deadheads by design are all types of people. That’s part of the magic of the music because it has spread its dust around to so many people,” he says.

Twice a month, Steal Your Face keeps that magic alive for area Deadheads, drawing a diverse crowd to The Temperance House. Everyone from 20-somethings to businessmen come to be transported by the sounds of Scarlet Begonias, China Cat Sunflower, and other Grateful Dead tunes.

And while the Grateful Dead is responsible for creating an all-out way of life, (think tie dye shirts, peace and love, and long hair) the culture fostered by the band certainly orbits around the music.

“It’s a community. There’s all kinds of weird people who are not connected except for the music,” Morrow says.

Paul Baroli, who sings and plays bass with Steal Your Face, says the band enjoys keeping the spirit of the music and culture alive. “We like to bring back that atmosphere of a Grateful Dead concert and the community of it; all the camaraderie.”

The band does its best to put their fans in a Grateful Dead state of mind, and it takes more than just good tunes. “We try to enhance the experience. We use lights, tie dye tapestries. We try to bring it back to the 60s,” says Garry Engel, who plays rhythm guitar.

In addition to the décor, the band tries to keep with the spirit of the Grateful Dead in other ways. While they prepare a set list for each performance, it could morph depending on “what we’re feeling at the time,” Engel says.

And, just like the Grateful Dead, the evening's music reflects history, personal emotion, and current events. “Depending on the significance of the date, the weather, where we are geographically, what we’re going through personally; all that goes into the show,” Baroli says.

Back in the day, after one show ended, you couldn’t wait to get to the next one, recalls Baroli. “We want people to leave with that same feeling.”

And it seems like they’re accomplishing that goal. On a cold, snowy Friday night in late January, the band had the pub at the Temperance House packed with all walks of life.

“It’s electricity,” said Sue Sinoradzki, a Newtown resident. “These guys feed off each other. It brings you back.” Dressed in a sharp black outfit, with blonde hair and an overall put-together look, Sinoradzki does not fit the typical description of a Deadhead.

Morrow says it’s the nature of the music that draws such an eclectic crowd. “It attracts a person with a heightened sense of adventure. Not only are they listening, they’re allowing themselves to be taken to a magical place,” he says.

Baroli agreed. “It’s just a cosmic potpourri of energy.”

Steal Your Face plays next at The Temperance House on Friday, Feb. 18. Music starts around 9 p.m. The cover is $5. The band will also be headlining The Overgrown Music Festival in upstate New York on Aug. 6th.

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"Head to the Hard Rock After the Allmans"

Head to the Hard Rock After the Allmans!

The Steal Your Face band will play the Hard Rock Cafe Saturday night, Nov. 13, after the Allman Brothers concert.
If you’re thinking about heading home after Saturday night’s much-anticipated Allman Brothers concert at the Trump Taj Mahal … think again!
There’s more good times to be had, as the Hard Rock Café, located on the Boardwalk side of the Taj, will be hosting an after-party sponsored by WMGM 103.7 The Shark radio, and featuring the sensational Steal Your Face band playing into the night.
The after-party will be held in conjunction with the return of the Jerry Garcia Art Show & Sale, which first made a splash in A.C. last February during the Furthur show at the Taj. The art show will be at the Hard Rock from 2pm-2am Saturday, Nov. 13, and from 10am-3pm Sunday, Nov. 14.
Steal Your Face is a dynamic, psychedelic, high-energy band that blends original music with covers of the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley and other classic rockers. It was recently voted the “best jam band” at the Montgomery-Bucks (Pa.) Music Awards. Comprised of Paul Baroli (bass and lead vocals), Garry Engel (rhythm guitar and vocals), Lou Zalvino (percussion), Curtis Eustace (lead guitar) and Michael Morrow (keyboard and vocals), Steal Your Face has a fresh sound that “will have the Woodstock generation reminiscing, the Bonnaroo kids screaming for more, and everyone dancing.” - Atlantic City Weekly

"Gathering of the Vibes Festival Program describing Steal Your Face"

Representing the music of The Grateful Dead, Steal Your Face is a tremendously talented tribute band from Philadelphia, Pa. Each Steal Your Face performance is an unique improvisatory musical exploration, yet invokes fond remembrances of the band that first brought our community together. - Ken Hays & the Gathering of the Vibes Family

"Hard Rockin' in Atlantic City (HARD ROCK CAFE)"


Hard Rockin’ in Atlantic City
The Hard Rock Cafe in Atlantic City has a lot going on right now. We thought we’d let you know.

But first! Until March 26 you have a chance to win an awesome Hard Rock Atlantic City T-shirt and pin featuring The Who. Enter the contest here.

OK, now for the live music and stuff. Following next Saturday’s (Feb. 27) Further concert at the Taj, there will be an after-party presented by 103.7 The Shark starting at 10pm, featuring a Jerry Garcia Art Show & Sale, live music from Steal Your Face Band and plenty of Deadhead action we’re sure. The show hours are Saturday, Feb. 27, noon-2am, and Sunday, Feb 28. 11am-6pm. The Web addresses are: and - & Atlantic City Weekly Newspaper

"Band of the Week"

MySpace Band of the Week
Philly band headlines area Halloween show

Here is the link to the article online:

Philly band headlines area Halloween show

By Courtney Baker, Sentinel Correspondent, October 23, 2008

Last updated: Thursday, October 23, 2008 12:08 PM EDT

This Halloween, rather then spending the night passing out candy to children, spend the night singing and dancing to one of Philadelphia’s favorites, Steal Your Face Band.

Steal Your Face Band is a group that loves to get their audience moving and will be appearing on Halloween night at a costume party and contest at Market Cross Pub and Brewery in Carlisle.

This will be the band’s first show in the area.

“I’ve only been to Carlisle for the car shows,” vocalist and guitarist Garry Engel says.

Joining Engel in the five-member band are Paul Baroli, who sings lead vocals and plays bass, Mike Christi who sings vocals and plays guitar, Lou Zalvina, who plays drums, and Roy Bell, who plays keyboard, pedal steel and sings vocals.

Their love for music brought them together in March of 2007. The group has been rocking the stage of many Pennsylvania and New Jersey night clubs and music festivals ever since.

The band’s classic rock sound is influenced by bands such as Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers and famous singers including Bob Dylan and Bob Marley.

Hailing from Philadelphia, Steal Your Face Band is excited about playing at a smaller, more intimate venue like Market Cross.

“We’re really looking forward to the show,” Engel says.

The band also has a little something special in store for the Carlisle crowd.

Recently the group mixed both electric and acoustic sets at a show and got a great response from the audience.

Bell, in addition to pedal steel, plays the mandolin and fiddle.

“It was really special and worked out nice,” Engel says.

They plan to try it again for their Halloween show.

The party will run 10 p.m.-1 a.m. Oct. 31 at Market Cross Pub, 113 N. Hanover St., Carlisle.

But even if you can’t make it out for this show, be sure to check out Steal Your Face Band online at

Either way, hopefully Southcentral Pennsylvania will be seeing more of Steal Your Face Band in the near future.

“To get into your area would be really nice,” Engel says.
- The Sentinal Newspaper, Carlisle PA

"Weekend's Best Bets"

Bucks County Courier Times
October 10th, 2008

Bucks County's own Steal Your Face will bring their unique live concert experience to Puck in Doylestown, PA on Friday October 10th. The "Steal Your Face Fall Harvest 2008" will feature the group's first ever acoustic performance. "We've all played acoustic instruments our whole lives, and jammed together around campfires but have never done it under the SYF moniker. Should be very cool", says the band's bass player and lead singer Paul Baroli. In addition to the acoustic set the band will also be playing 2 electric sets. Tickets are $7 and will be available at the door or before the show at . - Bucks County Courier Times Newspaper


Music samples:

Steal Your Face has been on regular rotation of WBCB Radio's Coffee with Kahuna show since March of 2008

Steal Your Face recorded performances, broadcast on "Dead Air" Radio Show on Big Classic Rock 98.5 in the Delmarva area 2008-2010

Steal Your Face performing Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues is in the country music rotation on 1490 WBCB Radio in Levittown, PA



On November 8, 2010, Steal Your Face won the award for "Best Jam Band Live Performance for Montgomery and Bucks County, PA".
Dynamic psychedelic jams, deep-funk grooves, tight emotional vocals, a little space and enough rocket fuel to get there and back - STEAL YOUR FACE is a high-energy band. Born from the Spirit of Jerry Garcia, Steal Your Face blends thought provoking original music with the vast library of the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan and other Classics. Each SYF show is a unique experience, audiences are captivated as they and the band push each other to new heights and make music together. Five musicians with impressive chops who are constantly intertwining with each other and the audience, Steal Your Face has a fresh sound that has the Woodstock generation reminiscing, the Bonaroo kids screaming for more and everyone dancing.