Steamship Authority

Steamship Authority

 Bronxville, New York, USA

Steamship Authority is Will, James, Joey, and Brian. Four friends who have mixed their love of Rock, Soul, Punk, and Blues music along with storytelling lyrics. They bring the love they have for each other and their music to their live sound.


It was winter 2008 when Will Tutrone and James Murtagh got together in a basement in Westchester, NY to run through some songs from Elliot Smith and Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska. After playing their first and only show as an acoustic duo they added their friend Joey Colvin to the band on cello. As wrote more and more together they found their songs started to gain a little more drive behind them and traded out their acoustic guitars for Les Pauls and four piece drum sets. They dabbled in tones of Punk, Indie, Soul, and Blues until finally settling on the sound they have today, a warm combination of Alternative Rock and Blues, comparable to an unlikely jam session of The Band and Pavement. Throughout 2010 they continued to write songs and play shows until finally making their debut at Klub 45 in New York City. Since this show they've recorded their debut EP, "Something to Be Proud Of", added a fourth member, Brian Cushin, and played in venues such as New York's Sullivan Hall. The strong friendship they've shared for four years as well as their deep rooted love for the songs they play radiates through their live show in a way that draws in strangers and friends alike in a communion of strong storytelling and the unrepentant love of a good sing a long.


Something to Be Proud Of-EP 2012