Steban Demari

Steban Demari


"Better then love - better then class" my trigger. I use it & the the moment unravels it self 4 me. When i write im pure light. Listen to my heart & heal a little more on the dance floor. -STEBAN-


the past, digest the words "Creating brilliance"
I was born in El Paso Texas, USA on August 21 1982.
At an early age i moved to Germany,
where i developed skills in music and uncovered a
passion for Performing.Before completing elementary school,
I traveled around the world with my Mother's Magic and Brother Philip in search of the secret that would unlock my Dreams..
Currently i live in Beverly Hills.. After Studying with my Late Mentor"Russell Clark"
who coached such musicians as "Beck", "Michael Jackson" & "David Bowie" I bleed creativity
delivering My deep emotions with every step i take..
I don't Let the world drag me through life..I manifest
my trials and create music as a result, Im here to inspire!!


No Worries ( I Love Me )

Written By: Steban Demari & Niki Saletta

-No worries-(i love me)

By Steban Demari & Niki Saletta

The past is gone and I'm alive
Take a breath i survived it covered up my sunshine
everytime you were never there and you lied
I'm standing tall cause i remember when you loved me
that's just a memorey

No worries I love me
im gonna fly away and never again I give everything
No worries cause I love me
im gonna fly away and never again
will I give everything away.

So who am i to take your side
and now im reading between the lines
just another face i dont wanna see
you hideaway from your life
slowly i will let you go
i can carry myself all alone

-No worries-
i love me im gonna fly away
and never again will i give everything away

Copyright 2007 \ ASCAP


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