Strangers Die Every Day

Strangers Die Every Day


As if there isn’t enough incredible musicianship emerging from Portland, our city is now kidnapping foreign talent as well. and these kids can play! Their music is rich with haunting cellos and violins, along the lines of Black Heart Procession and Godspeed you black emperor - D.C Willamette Week


Equal parts Bernard Herrmann, John Zorn and Jim O'Rourke, Strangers Die Every Day makes cinematic, esoteric chamber punk that never forgets to rock. Bassist Stirling Myles and drummer Lawrence Armstrong thunder away like an indie-rock rhythm section that fell into the orchestra pit, while violinist Scott Wilkinson and cellist Jessie Dettwiler shred their instruments of choice with avant abandon. Whereas Louisville sluggers such as Slint, Rodan and especially Rachel's blazed the trail, this intrepid quartet wanders giddily off course, indulging in dissonant, cathartic and downright spooky reveries that would make Stravinsky smile. Still, there's just enough straightforward rock sensibility preserved to make the most classical-phobic scenester nod along.


Strangers Die Everyday is a haunting 5 piece instrumental outfit hailing from Denver, CO. They have recently relocated to Portland, OR to thrive in the lush dark beauty of the pacific northwest. Consisting
of violin, viola, cello, electric bass and drums,
they combine equal parts romantic melodies alonside tragic downpours of charged emotion.

Strangers Die Everyday passionate, powerful melodies
that have the tendency to ignite into a breathtaking flurry and frenzy. their live
intensity has proven that they are every bit as striking as their name implies.