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1. En franso i ero de grando guero - 1982
2. L'aze d'alegre - 1984
3. W Jan d' l'eiretto (Ed. Ousitanio Vivo) 1992
4. Gibous, Bagase e Bandì (Ed. Baracca e Burattini/Sony) 1995
5. Radio Occitania libra live with Sustraia (Ed. Baracca e Burattini/Sony) 1997
6. Lo viatge (Ed. Noys/Sony ) 1998
7. La flor de lo dalfin (UPRFolkRock/Peones edizioni musicali/Venus) 2001
8. L'oste dal Diau (Ed. Tarantanius, distribuzione Venus) 2004
Al Temps de Fèsta en Occitania (EGEA) 2005 - DVD containing 2 hours live set and a series of documentary about the occitan culture.
9. I Virasolelhs (Musicalista/Felmay) 2007
10. Remescla (Musicalista/Green Queen Music/Our Distribution) 2009



Like the ancient "troubadours" used to perform as ambassadors of the first European culture, Lou Dalfin sing in the traditional "d'Oc" language and bring the Occitan culture all over the world. Lou Dalfin are more than just a band in the Occitan part of Piemonte region in Italy. Sergio Berardo's group has become a cult phenomenon which has transformed the traditional Occitan music into a contemporary style.
Outside their region, Lou Dalfin has been a link between different realities: the Piemonte plane and Italy on one side, the valleys and the French area on the other side. With Lou Dalfin, the so called "valleys d'OC" are not any more the extreme part of an aseptic culture but they have got back their historical and traditional function: being the bridge.
Founded by Sergio Berardo, Lou Dalfin band was born in 1982 with the objective to revisit the traditional Occitan music. An acoustic line-up (hurdy-gurdy, accordion, violin, clarinet, flutes) and a repertoire of historic and popular songs - either instrumental or vocal - are part of the artistic style with the original band. With this approach two LPs were recorded: En franso i ero de grando guero in 1982 and L'aze d'alegre in 1984. After a 5 years break, Lou Dalfin project borns again in autumn 1990 through the union of different musicians coming from the most different musical origins - folk, jazz and rock. The beginning of this second experience represents the natural moment of transition from the acoustic to the modern style. Together with traditional musical instruments, new ones are introduced such as bass, drums, guitar and keyboards. That's the new Lou Dalfin's sound and challenge: the cultural roots of few people should be an heritage for everybody in order to have the largest amount of people enjoy the Occitan traditions.
Together with their shows in the Occitanian valleys in Piemonte region, the band begins to perform live in other part of Italy and abroad, especially in French Occitan regions. Among the most famous venues and festivals: Mercat de musica viva at Vic, close to Barcelone in Catalunia in 1993, Arezzo Wave in Italy in 1994, Printemps De Bourges in 1995, Festival of Saint Chartier In July 2002. The 2006 tour brings the band at La Notte della Taranta in Salento region (IT), Tradicionarius at Barcelone (SP), Les Nuits Atypiques at Langon (FR) and Estivada in Rodez (FR); recently they have been invited at La Fira Mediterrania in Manresa in November 2008. After the release of L'oste del Diau in June 2004 they obtain the most important prize of their career: the so called Targa Tenco for the best album in dialect, the same prize recognized to the famous Italian singer Fabrizio De André.
With 25 years of music career, a number of partnership and more than 1000 concerts, the band is now on the artistic maturity stage: the alchemy reached between traditional and modern instruments express itself with an extraordinary musical language, in which ancient melodies play together with guitar riffs, rap and ragga. In spring 2008 I Virasolelhs, their last studio album features some famous guests among which the voice of Papet J leader and founder of Massilia Sound System, was released all over the world. And the same year, through the cooperation with Feel Good Productions, they remix a dancefloor version of some of their last releases involving some of the most interesting global vibes producers from all over the world : Ahilea (A), DJ Code (Taiwan), DJ Badmarsh (UK), Dum Dum Project (USA), Dr. Cat (UK), Barxino (ES), X Coast (I). The release of this project was scheduled in two steps: in may a 4 tracks vinyl Remescla E.P. and in January 2009 the full album Remescla.