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"SteelHeart Just A Taste EP"

SteelHeart EP. Three new tracks form the upcoming album to be released early next year. Also included is “We All Die Young” from the album Wait, which was used in the movie Rock Star.

I just received the new Steelheart EP and got very surprised by the new songs. If the whole album will be like this, then i just take off my hat for another trip to melodic hard rock heaven with Steelheart. The song "Twisted Future" is amazing and one of the best tracks i´ve heard in a long time. I must go back to the early 90s to find well written songs like this. That song goes on a heavy rotation right now. What a hit single! Talk about filling up an entire room with quality hard rock music. This is modern powerful rock, almost crazy at some times, but most of all the way it should be played and a handicraft i thought only belonged to the past and to the hard rock heroes that once were, but no – mark my words, they still exist. Now it´s just for us to hang around for the full length album to fall down on us. I will wait with the score until then. (STEELHEART RECORDS)

Johnny Forslund - AOR Dream Zones

"SteelHeart Just A TAste EP"

Steelheart - 'Just A Taste' (e.p.)
Released in 2007 on Steelheart Records
Miljenko Matijevic

1.) "LOL (Laugh Out Loud)" - Miljenko stereo split sections of the rhythm guitar track to were they just come out of the left speaker only. The rhythm and lead guitar notes that come out of both speakers were done using a palm muting effect. Over the top of the intro section and leading into the first pre-verse there is a small Miljenko vocal accent. This vocal accent was overdubbed and runs underneath the vocal lines of the pre-verse. Miljenko chose to use a 'bull horn' vocal effect for the vocal lines of the verse. The main instrumentation underneath the vocal lines of the first half of the verse was done with just bass and drums. The rhythm guitar arrangement kicks in on the third vocal line of the verse. As the vocal lines of the verse progress Miljenko slowly drops the 'bull horn' effect. Underneath the lead vocal lines of the chorus Miljenko overdubbed very subtle vocal accents instead of a standard backing harmony. This shows that this early sample of what is to come Miljenko is thinking outside the box and not using a standard hard rock blueprint. There is a huge musical change leading into the solo section. The lead guitar solo actually sounds like two different lead guitar solos one over the top of the other. The vocal line arrangement Miljenko wrote after the lead guitar solo completely blew me away!!!
2.) "Twisted Future" -The intro arrangement of this track opens with a fairly modern metal intro arrangement. There is a small keyboard section over the top of the intro that gives the intro a more Evanescence feel than a Steelheart sound. I found this to be very refreshing and shows Miljenko musical tastes go a lot further than just eighties style hard rock. Instead of opening the main body of the song with a pre-verse or verse Miljenko opens this track up with a chorus. Miljenko vocal sound on this track is amazing!!! After the opening chorus there is a huge Miljenko vocal accent that leads into a musical arrangement change. This vocal accent alone prove why Miljenko is one of the if not the greatest vocalist of all-time! There is a small minor acoustic guitar solo that connects the vocal accent to the next musical piece. Miljenko completely changed the vocal arrangement for the breakdown section to were they take on an almost Pink Floyd acid trip sound to them. There is not only an acoustic guitar underneath this breakdown section but it also is heavily orchestrated. Musically and vocally this track was pure magic! The musical arrangement hits several different musical plateaus showing Miljenko's songwriting talent.
3.) "Buried Unkind" - There was no intro for this ballad. The keyboard sound underneath Miljenko's vocal lines was very reminiscent to the same one The Beatles used on "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds". After the first pre-verse Miljenko drops the ballad arrangement for a more heavy hard rock arrangement. Miljenko overdubbed the last two lyrics of each vocal line through the verse. There is a huge Miljenko vocal hook through the chorus. Vocally this is probably one of the strongest vocal jobs I have heard Miljenko sing since the first two Steelheart releases. There is a drastic musical change during the breakdown section. This musical change was so drastic that I thought It was not even the same track! There are several vocal overdubs underneath the lead vocal line of the breakdown section. Miljenko's vocals were perfect on this track!!!
4.) We All Die Young" (bonus track taken from Steelheart's 'Wait' release) - This track is also one of the tracks Miljenko used under the moniker Steel Dragon for the 2001 movie titled, 'Rockstar' staring Mark Walberg ("Yes I know, formerly of New Kids On The Block.") -The keyboard sound that opens this intro section has a whistle effect. This section of the intro was very reminiscent to a soundtrack from an old western movie. This keyboard effect bleeds into a bass line. Over the top of the bass line there is a very abstract rhythm guitar riff. In the way Miljenko arranged the vocal lines as well as singing them gives the song a very 'Tangled In Rains' feel. The backing harmony overdubs leading into the musical arrangement change blew me away!!!! PERFECT, PERFECT, PERFECT, from beginning to end!!!!

If this E.P. is just a taste of the things to come Steelheart's up and coming CD could possibly be the best to date!

- Blast Magazine

"one of the great voices in hard rock & heavy metal"

In my opinion, Miljenko Matijevic should be recognized as one of the great voices in hard rock & heavy metal. What's most impressive about Matijevic's voice in songs like "LOL" is how aggressive he sings. His voice isn't held back with restraint because a lack of range or technical ability, this guy can do it all. That's proven on "Good 2B Alive," a CD you should not be without.
Let's help Matijevic know how much we appreciate his many talents and that SteelHeart kicks ass by back supporting "Good 2B Alive" to be a success. Go to to pick it up. It will breathe LIFE into your world. - MANTARAY PICTURES

"Steelheart’s best album to date"

“I Breath” –Words would not even begin to explain this track in a word…AMAZING!!!!!
This possible could be musically and lyrically Steelheart’s best album to date!!! - BLAST MAGAZINE

"Matijevic has remained with the unique and best voice of the scene"

It is in fact perfectly the ancient energy in new trains headed and with the always present models
(Led Zepp) skillfully mixed. [...]: Matijevic has remained with the unique and best voice of the scene ...
"Nikolas,Krofta,BreakOut - BREAK OUT


The Good now return to the musical picture plane back - and with a bang. GOOD 2B ALIVE
is far more than a self arising new album. It is the pioneering vision of a singer, composer and producer in staff
union, the Seventies hard-rock school with the latest findings of the soul sound technical research and complex
combines modern listening habits.Progressive artistic elegance and honesty - that there is today only rarely.
GOOD 2B ALIVE is a notable exception. Excellent ... "Frank Thiessies, Metal Hammer - METAL HAMMER

"Absolutely Worth Hearing"

What the exception of singers has done here, is absolutely worth hearing. The songs have much more depth than previously and matured sounding clear and melancholic, but in the end are simply very strong heavy-rock compositions, with great attention to detail have been created. Again and again, there are songs within the unusual twists or nuances, often only after repeated listening to their full potential, but then developed an enormous durability. Often one feels reminiscent of Led Zeppelin, since both the singing Milis often tends Gen. Robert Plant, but the guitars one or the other topic, what exactly Jimmy Page sleeve may have had. Guitar and singing inseparable form the front of "Good 2B Alive" and the consistently high on Level. It takes a little time on this CD STEEL HEART involved, but I am convinced that the Reuefaktor relating to the
purchase definitely on the "0" will fall " - METAL DISTRICT

"one of the best hard rock album after the turn of the millennium"

Good 2B Alive "is the promising title of the new long player - and shows the band dynamic and
stronger than ever. Surprising is that the musical developments of the past years not to Steelheart are pulled over.
The band rocks with a furztrockenen, modern sound, deliberately making some trips in the alternative field, but cited at least as often Page and Plant, which is the arrangement of ten new numbers already gives a solid level. However, examines the energy with which Matijevic and Co. Heuer operate their peers. Crunchy riffs, heavy rhythms, sharp moderate, variable vocal compositions and last but not least, the loose own catalog in the shadows are. [...] Steelheart are back - and with them one of the best hard rock album after the turn of the millennium !.. Björn Backes, Legacy - Legacy


1989-1990 SteelHeart album "SteelHeart" MCA Universal
1991-1992 SteelHeart "Tangled in Reins" MCA Universal
1994-1996 SteelHeart "WAIT" MCA/SteelHeart Records
99-2001 SteelHeart/Steel Dragon "ROCK STAR" Warner Bros.
2006-2007 SteelHeart "Just A Tase EP" SteelHeart Records
2008 SteelHeat Records "GOOD 2B ALIVE"



Miljenko Matijevic is "SteelHeart", a true life warrior. He has been through the thick and thin of the industry and has never stopped making great music and singing his ass off through what ever life has thrown at him. What separates Miljenko from the rest of the pack is that he is one of the few real Rock Stars left in this business who can really sing! Full power, he is a channel of energy that is flowing with innovative and futuristic ideals.
The day he almost died at McNicholes arena in 1992 when the lighting rig collapsed on top of him and crushing him to the stage, changed his life forever. Ever since that day he has been building on a vision that was given to him as a gift. With hard work, discipline and a driving sense of purpose he has turned his dream into a reality. SteelHeart is now a working enterprise, which houses SteelHeart Records, SteelHeart Studios and SteelHeart Wear. With the foundation laid, he is at the exciting point of rapid expansion that allows for exponential growth in all directions. His new album speaks for itself as described by journalist Mitch Lafon (BW&BK) “The future of Led Zeppelin” The past, present and the future fused together.


My life began in Zagreb, Croatia in 1964. I lived in a small town outside the city with my grandparents. It didn't take long to discover the beautiful gift that God had given me. At the age of five I would sing along to the radio as loud as I possibly could. Until the age of six my older brother John and I lived with our grandparents. At that time my parents were in America trying to find a home. In 1970 my parents came to Croatia and took us to America to live with them. We lived in Scarsdale, N.Y. in an apartment upstairs from a doctor's office. My Dad worked across the street wiring the electricity for a new hospital. My brother and I used to play outside in the front yard while he checked up on us from the hospital windows while he worked. When I was seven, we moved to Greenwich, Connecticut into the ugliest house on the street. Shortly after our arrival my brother John decided to learn to play guitar, and I was right next to him belting out all that I had inside of me. We played country music because that was the music my father liked. We were convinced everyone in America listened only to country music. We became pretty good, and it wasn't long until my father started to bring us around to all the Polish, Jewish, and Veterans clubs that he could find to have us perform.

At the age of nine I started singing in the church choir. Then, at the age of eleven I discovered Led Zeppelin and my whole life changed. Life became increasingly difficult. My brother and I loved this kind of music, but our father would not stand for it. There was a constant battle for the freedom to pursue our destiny. At the age of thirteen we formed a band called "Teazer" and performed Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and original songs. It wasn't long before a producer named Morgan Walker showed interest in us. Before we knew what was going on we were rehearsing in New York City, working on songs to make our first record. However it fell apart before our dream was realized.

At the age of fifteen, I joined a band called "The Mission" with the leader of the band named Elliot Lewis, (who later became a member of "The Average White Band"). I left that band with studio and writing experience under my belt. Shortly after, I received a phone call from a gentleman named Don Stroh. Don was the owner of Showcase Studios, a rehearsal complex in Norwalk Ct. He had seen me perform in a night club with "The Mission'. He told me that he strongly believed that I belonged with one of the bands that rehearsed in his studio. I agreed to check them out. At the age of sixteen I joined up with James Ward, Chris Risola, and Jack Wilkinson, "Red Alert" was formed. Jack was eventually replaced by John Fowler, we also added a rhythm guitar player Frank DeCostanzo to form a five-piece. Right after high school I attended college to major in mechanical engineering. I was in my second year of college sitting at my drawing table when it dawned on me- "What the fuck am I doing"? I'm meant to be a singer! With that I picked up my books and threw them out my second story window. I then was able to give all my attention to the music and the band. After completing a five song demo, Jimmy my friend John and I set out to Los Angles to get a record deal. We had no contacts nor did we have any idea what the procedure was to getting signed. I was going on pure faith and big guyunes. Within a month we had a new manager and a record deal with MCA. We recorded our debut record "STEELHEART". The album sold over a million copies, followed by a world tour. We then went on to record a second album, "Tangled in Reins." After successful tours of Asia and Europe the band flew home to tour the U.S. in support of the band "Great White." On the last leg of the tour we were invited to perform on