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Seattle, Washington, United States | INDIE

Seattle, Washington, United States | INDIE
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September 23, 2008

Steelo is the perfect balance of hip-hop and r&b. A.Uno and Bobby K. blend pure r&b, slick rhymes and progressive beats to create a sound that is outright undeniable. Lyricist A.Uno brings thought-provoking rhymes and a smooth delivery, captivating audiences in English, Spanish, and Farsi. Bobby K is simply known as "the voice." This singer/songwriter's melodies and harmonies come to life through his charismatic performances and exquisite vocal range. Together, they are dynamic and creating a sound that can only be called Steelo.

The duo’s new single, “Make Up My Mind,” is a bouncy club track with searing r&b vocals and a party feel. It was released to radio summer of 2008 and was the #2 added record on college radio its first week, second only to NAS.

They released their debut single, “Let It Roll,” in June 2007. The smooth, feel-good, summer cruising track is produced by hit-maker Fingazz of Streetlight Music (Lean Like a Cholo, Summer Nights) and the freshman single was dubbed “a sure-fire summer hit” by Wild 96.1 in Riverside, California.

Steelo has opened for Pitbull, Sean Kingston, Rich Boy, Lloyd Banks, Baby Bash, Mobb Deep, Digital Underground, and Lil Rob. They have also appeared on the Lowrider Car Show Tour and at a number of Washington State Universities.

In addition to music, Steelo also conducts a student empowerment program, an in-school workshop that encourages students to realize aspirations, strategize a path to success and measure the results. Steelo reflects on their experience in the music industry as an example of achieving both personal and professional goals. They have appeared at many Seattle-area high schools, at the CASHE Conference at Washington State University and at the MEChA Conference at Western Washington University.

- Music World

"Reviews: West Coast Block Starz"

Steelo's Let It Roll will definitely be in the club. You can find it on the compilation as number 14. Honestly, this track has the best chance of major mainstream success. It's not one of those ass shaking joints - it's one of those pull in close, and let the girl know what-you-working-with tracks. If the ladies catch this in their ears, expect to hear it on iPods everywhere! -

"NEXT 2 BLOW: Steelo - Don't Sleep On Seattle"

Seattle-based recording duo, Steelo, whose blazing single, Let It Roll, will be featured on the upcoming West Coast Block Starz compilation presented by Yo! Raps and Comfortably Funkie Muzik (BMI), is the perfect balance of Hip-Hop and R&B. Members A. Uno and Bobby K blend pure R&B, slick rhymes and progressive beats to create a sound that is undeniably infectious, as evidenced by the industry buzz they've been generating over the past year.

Yo! Raps recently caught up with the duo whose new single, the bouncy club track Make Up My Mind, was the second most added record on college radio in its first week in the summer of 2008. In addition to reppin' the Emerald City to the fullest, Steelo discusses the current state of West Coast music and their plans to make a major impact in 2009.

Who are some of the people you're working with creatively?

A. Uno: Our entire debut album Music is produced by Fingazz of Street Light Music, he's produced hits such as Lil Rob's Summer Nights and Down aka Kilo's Lean Like A Cholo. I think people will be really surprised with our album because we were able to take Fingazz in a completely different direction. We've also worked with Diamonique and Gambit from Homeless Nation along with Rill a talented rapper out of the I.E. in Cali.

Bobby K: We've collaborated with some dope West Coast artists, such as Diamonique and Gambit from Homeless Nation. We also worked with R.Ill, a very talented MC.

What's the Hip-Hop/R&B scene like in Seattle?

A. Uno: It's definitely growing. There's plenty of local shows that folks can check out to see who's really puttin' it down for the scene. At the same time there's a lot of room for growth and potential. It's just a matter of artists coming together and realizing there's strength in numbers.

Bobby K: The hip hop scene in Seattle is smaller, but definitely rich with talent. Seattle I think lacks unity within its hip-hop culture though. If Seattle had the same mentality of "love for the sake of exposure" that other cities that are killin' the game, we would make a lot more noise nationally.

When did you realize Let It Roll would be a hit?

A. Uno: As soon as we got done recording it with Fingazz we knew that Let It Roll should be the first single. It was just a feel good track perfect for the summer and cruising. Plus the people closest to us told us it was a no brainer.

Bobby K: We really thought Let It Roll would make some noise on the radio nationally from the day we finished recording it. It had a summer-time feel, was catchy, and got a lot of love from people who heard it. DJ Felli Fel was really the first DJ who got behind the song, which was big for us.

Why do you think West Coast Hip-Hop artists are largely ignored by mainstream media?

A. Uno: I don't know if it's a matter of being ignored, I think it's more a matter of where is the popular music at the time comin' from. Right now the south has been really dominant and you see that the East and West Coast aren't getting the attention they have in the past. It's just a matter of time, it comes back around, what we have to do is keep making hot music that people are going to dig and love so that true artists can get the shine they deserve no matter where they're located. I think we're on the right track.

Bobby K: It seems like the whole vibe in the game has changed from "West Coast Gangsta" to a more toned-down game, at least from a commercial respect. But don't front, the Bay was, and still is a huge chunk of the commercial game. And trust, once our album drops, people are gonna see know about the Northwest.

How have local fans and media responded to your new single Make Up My Mind?

A. Uno: The local fans have given us a great response. Seems like everyday we get messages/comments on the MySpace letting us know that people are really feelin' it. It's the hook that gets them, it's so damn catchy. People hear it once and they can sing it word for word. We've had a few supporters locally as far as radio like B-Mello and DJ Hyphen so shout out to them for supporting' us. We've also had an incredible response beyond our city such as Boston, LA, and overseas.

Bobby K: Make Up My Mind has been a huge song for us. Local fans are eating it up. It hits hard in the clubs, and we've gained a lot of new fans performing it throughout the nation. DJ's and radio stations, as well as publications have all given the song

What makes Steelo different from other Hip-Hop/R&B groups?

A. Uno: The thing that makes us different is that we are one of the only official hip-hop/R&B duos in the game right now. The other thing is the fact that we are influenced by so many cultures. I myself am Persian/Mexican American and Bobby is Italian, so once people take a look at us that automatically sets us apart. The other thing is our love for making dope music. We have put our energy, time, money, and passion into making this happen and that's going to come through when you hear the album.

Bobby K: Because we're a 50/50 combo, we take hip-hop and R&B to places individual rappers and singers don't usually take it. We strive to be different, but also keep a style and feel that everyone can get down with. We get people that don't listen to hip-hop or R&B say they like our music all the time- older and younger. Steelo is for everyone. Oh yeah, and we're positive role models -- something not a lot of artists are these days.

When do you plan on touring east of the Mississippi? Overseas?

A.Uno: Our album drops late February, so we plan on touring right after to promote. We want to go anywhere and everywhere people are diggin the music. One of the things we thrive on is the fact that we put on a dope live show. It's important for us to connect with our fans, as artists we need and want to make sure that they know without them we wouldn't be doing any of this.

Bobby K: We're gonna hit the road soon after our album drops, so if you want us in your town, hit us up! We've talked about touring in Europe as well, because of the response we've gotten there.

Where's the best place to hang out in Seattle? Why?

A. Uno: Really depends on your mood. On a sunny day in the summer (yes, we get those July/Aug each year) best spot is Alki Beach, it has the best view of the Seattle sky line in the entire city.

Bobby K: Seattle has one of the best downtown environments in the U.S. If you just wanna kick it, go to clubs, Pike Place Market -- we got it all.

Why haven't we heard much from the Seattle music scene since the grunge era?

A. Uno: It's a combination of things. The first is the industry not looking at Seattle as a viable spot for urban talent. The next thing is the lack of radio support from the major radio station here, and lastly the lack of unity amongst local artists. There needs to be more diversity too, seems like the same local artists open for major hip-hop acts which causes people to get tired of seeing the same groups over and over.

Bobby K: Grunge was an explosion of a genre. You don't get that very often in music to that degree, so since grunge lost its commercial momentum, the fall out was long-lived. Seattle is still yet to live up to its nostalgia from that era. But again, I believe Steelo has the answer to good commercial hip-hop/R&B music in the Northwest.

How important is it for Steelo to sign a major label deal? Why?

A. Uno: More important than signing a major label deal is making sure that we are being true to ourselves when it comes to our music and passion. Whether or not we sign a major label deal or not, our album is coming out in February. We are fine with pushing' it independently if we have to. We have until this point. So when we have that mind set, we are able to dictate how and when we want to go about things. Don't get us wrong, we aren't saying we'd turn a major label deal down, it just would have to be one that makes a whole lot of sense...and cents!

Bobby K: Nowadays, the one thing major labels do is flood the market with a product they're pushing. Being indie, we can't reach as many people within proper time-frames for massive exposure we deserve. Personally, I feel like if we were signed to a major, we would benefit creatively from being able to focus solely on our craft and less on the business side of things.

Any final words before we end the interview?

Big shout out to Yo! Raps for the opportunity, thanks for shedding light on the Steelo Movement. Peace


Official Website:

YouTube: a lot of praise too. -

"Seattle Group Steelo Releases New Music" - You Decide (Tu Decides) Magazine

"Seattle Hip-Hop Duo Leaves Egos at the Door"

Wu-Tang said it best: "Cash rules everything around me." But in 2003 a bit of cash brought together a burgeoning R&B crooner with a budding rapper to collaborate and "bring style back to music." Steelo, comprised of Mexican-Persian rhymesmith A.Uno and Italian-American R&B vocalist Bobby K, were just two struggling college students dreaming of making melodies. After being introduced by a friend, the pair decided to pool their funds and split studio time allowing both to make the music they loved. - Latino University Magazine

"Seaspot Interview with Steelo"

Rap and R&B, and a unique duo, collaborate to solidify into a distinct harmony to produce Steelo, comprised of A. Uno (lyricist) and Bobby K. (vocalist), both aspiring artists since adolescence, who entered the music scene together in 2001. Steelo seeks to redefine the mainstream Hip-Hop genre. Aside from Rap and R&B, the smooth sounds of Steelo combine musical elements of Latin and Soul. In addition to the music scene A. Uno is the spokesperson for Low-Rider Clothing available in stores nation wide. Representing the NW region with their own unique style, A. Uno and Bobby K. speak on the expedition of Steelo...

Shareka Fortier: What is behind the name Steelo?

STEELO: For a while we were known as A. Uno and Bobby K. We found that the name thing was too long so we wanted a unifying one word name. Steelo derives from a Spanish word "estilo", signifying style. We thought this name suited us so we ran with it.

SF: How did the group form?

STEELO: We were introduced by a mutual friend, while we were broke students in college in Bellingham. We found we had style similarities that needed to be taken to the next level .We had our own promotions and street team. We had flyers everywhere promoting events on our campus. We did a song called "Tell Me" that went well and got played on the radio and local clubs. From there we were offered a string of opening acts for Mob Deep, and Lloyd Banks' Hunger for More tour.

SF: Who produces your music?

STEELO: We met Fingazz our producer through our manager John Enriques; he wanted us to work with a producer that was in the game. So we flew down to Cali and made a few songs and it blossomed into an album. He worked with us and saw we had potential and the rest is history. We try not to make music with a whole bunch of cussing. At the end of the day I want to be able to let my family listen and not have to skip through tracks. I want a grandma to be able to by the CD for her grandchild and not be afraid. Despite this our music is still appealing and street wise.

SF: When will the first Album be released?

STEELO: Right now we are working to build contacts and some sort of deal, be it major, independent, distribution. We are at a place of exhausting every option to get were we need to be in selling our records. We are learning the music politics. We are taking the advice of those already in the game. We are looking to appeal to the masses, we want a multicultural mainstream listening base, we want something that catches the attention, and we want to make sure what we are saying is meaningful. You can classify us as Hip-Hop and R&B, but at the end of the day we just wanna do music. Our main goal is to let the music speak for itself.

SF: What artist(s) inspire you?

STEELO: The only reason why I sing is because of Boys II Men's Cooley High Harmony. So one day my mom asked me to sing, so from then it was a wrap. Stevie Wonder is amazing, and Prince has this undeniable swagger. Run DMC, L.L. Cool J., Big Pun, and Jay-Z are really key to knowing Hip-Hop. We're also inspired by Earth, Wind, and Fire. The music from back in the day from like Motown and The Supremes is influential because there is this feeling associated with that type of music. As soon as the beat would drop, it's over! Today you turn on the radio and hear about ice and chains-it's not the same feeling. We want to stay up on the current, but we also give tribute to the past.

SF: What is the most memorable music experience?

STEELO: We attended a Latin rap conference in 2005 in NY and ended up on a set with Noriega, and then artists just started showing up like Young Guru (Jay-Z's sound guy) and Memphis Bleek. The experience planted a seed and inspired us to continue doing our thing.

SF: What is next for the group?

STEELO: Right now we are using mixed tapes to exercise our talent and showcase our style. We're promoting our single "One Night Stand"; it's got a great club feel. This song truly represents what we are about. We are taking the opportunity to promote artists we are able to connect with such as Fat Joe, Pitbull, and Big Mabel. In the meantime we are trying to get our name out there and recognized in the NW and Greater Puget Sound Area. We are trying to connect with Seattle, Portland, Canada...etc. It's a matter of setting yourselves up to be successful. We don't want to just jump into record deals without thinking and end up in debt. We have learned that many artists have made that mistake and flop, or end up never coming out. We want to do smart business.

SF: In the future what artist would you like to collaborate with, and why?

STEELO: Pitbull is at the top of the list because his style compliments ours and vice versa. As far as producers we work with one of the most talented right now so I can't think of anybody else I'd rather have than Fingazz. Working with Akon, or Alicia Keys would be amazing!

SF: What image does Steelo represent?

STEELO: We are looking to appeal to the masses. We want a multicultural mainstream listening base. We want something that catches the attention. We want to make sure what we are saying is meaningful. You can classify us as Hip-Hop and R&B, but at the end of the day we just want to do music. Our main goal is to let the music speak for itself.

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Music (Album, April 28, 2009)
Make Up My Mind (Single, 2008)
Let It Roll (Single, 2007)
Well Connected (Mixtape, 2006)
Steelo Presents: A.Uno & Bobby K (EP, 2004)



Steelo is the perfect balance of Hip-Hop and R&B whose music is a lyrical fashion show of urban-pop styles that boasts vibrant colors and modern cuts. The group draws its name from the Spanish word estilo, which means style and the urban slang steelo, with the same connotation.

The group is comprised of rapper A.Uno and singer Bobby K. Steelo blends pure R&B, canny rhymes and progressive beats to create a sound that can be worn in any season and to any occasion - outright undeniable.

College radio has embraced Steelo's edgy and contemporary sound as a musical backdrop to study sessions and football games. Steelo's new single "Make Up My Mind," a bouncy club anthem with searing R&B vocals and a party feel, was the #2 added record to national College Radio in it's first week, second only to rap icon NAS. The song reached the #1 spot and remained in the Top 10 for five consecutive weeks - Steelo is quickly becoming a favorite of campus fashionistas.

The music video for "Make Up My Mind" has been added to rotation on NBC's Mun2 network, MTV Tr3s , Eye Music Network, Official Heat Television and Foot Locker's nationwide closed circuit television.

MC and lyricist A.Uno brings thought provoking rhymes and a smart, smooth delivery to their music. He possesses a slick style and a witty tongue; A.Uno is the one the girls fall for, even though they know better.

Bobby K is a singer/songwriter heartthrob with Justin Timberlake appeal. From soulful acoustic ballads to party tracks, his melodies, harmonies and exquisite vocal range come to life through his charismatic performances.

Steelo started their career on the Lowrider Car Show circuit opening for artist such as Baby Bash and Lil Rob, and they quickly discovered that their unique sound had a much more mainstream appeal - and that the ladies loved them. "Our fan base is mostly younger girls, they come to our shows to have a
good time and vibe out to the music, we take it as a challenge to keep it fresh," explains Bobby K. More recently Steelo has lent their talents to open for Pitbull, Sean Kingston, Rich Boy and Lloyd Banks.

In stylistic contrast, the group's first single "Let It Roll" was a smooth, feel good, summer cruising track. It was dubbed "a sure fire summer hit" by Wild 96.1 in Riverside, California and has earned more than 400 national radio spins, including tastemaker-station Power 106 in Los Angeles and the increasingly popular Sirius Satellite Radio.

Steelo understands their appeal to younger fans and as such they feel a responsibility to not only make music but to encourage them to follow dreams and live with passion. Steelo steps off the stage and onto the classroom catwalk, connecting directly with fans and conducting a student empowerment program. They talk with classrooms about achieving personal and professional goals. The school-based workshop creates a dialogue and builds a lasting relationship with music fans, on a personal level.

Steelo recently recorded a 15-track album with hit-maker Fingazz of Streetlight Music, whose radio hits include Criminal feat. Fat Joe's "Drop It And Rock It" and Kilo/Down's "Lean Like A Cholo." The group recently appeared at a BMI showcase at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood, which aired as part of a special on NBC Mun2’s “One Nation Under Hip Hop.�

The album Music (Steelo Entertainment) is set for release April 28, 2009.