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"Steel Stand And Rock"

Last night, I graced Amos's Southend with my presence at the Steel Standing show. I have to admit. I've felt bad, having only promised JD(Steel Standing bass player) like 3 or 4 times that I was coming to a show and then not show up. It was actually the first time I've been to Amos's, and after not being able to find the door and, once I found the door, freaking out because I thought cover was 18 bucks and I was paying for Adam and didn't have enough, I made it inside with Adam in tow and met the band that has so generously contributed multiple songs to our movie "Bird In A Glass House."

The opening act, Erika Blatnik, was quite a lyricist. I was impressed. Poetry to some fascinating, complex finger picking. I half expected her to speak with a scottish accent.

Then the band takes the stage, colored lights catching the swirls of smoke from cigarettes, turning it red, blue, yellow. The drummer Chris Goodman pounds out a couple beats and away they go.

Folks, these guys rock. They really do. In the genuinely passionate fashion of early rock and roll. Lead guitarist and vocalist Neil Jackson rips lead as fluidly as any guitarist signed to a major label. Recognize. And what about the moment when he and bassist Jeff "JD" Dunegan rip a lick in unison...several times. Again, recognize.

The band growls and the music is raw. The growl I partially attribute to JD's chording his bass so Neil can fly through lead. In the absence of a rhythm guitarist, someone must carry while Neil shines. It's a strategy that works remarkably well.

And finally my attention is drawn back again to Chris's rhythm, rolling the cymbals in ways you don't hear everyday and raising one stick in the middle of song. A salute to the gods of rock.

I suppose my only hang up with the entire show was the crowd. Seriously people! Head bang, pump your fists in the air, moshe, and scream your lungs out. I'm all for beer, wine, and mixed drinks, but is that why you came to the show? For god's sake, get excited about the music! In the end that's what it's about, and that's why these guys are playing late shows when they have to go to work ass early in the morning.

To anyone who reads this, go add Steel Standing as your friend. Go to their next show. Buy their CD.

Show me that there are those who steel stand and rock! - Hannah Lenita - February 9th, 2007


2008 - Demo (3 songs)

2007 - The Road

2006 - Single - Fall Away - Rocket13/Amps Eleven Compilation Disc

Also played on 106.5 the End's 90 minutes.

"You Take" featured on the motion picture soundtrack 'Bird In A Glass House'



Steel Standing is a Charlotte, North Carolina, trio that exploded onto the music scene in 2005 with their debut single “Fall Away”. Within months the Fall Away single was put on the Rocket13 compilation disc distributed by Amps Eleven Magazine, getting airtime on the Carolina Rock Radio, an Internet radio station, and on the WEND 106.5 local and regional music show 90 minutes. Their entrancing music consisting of powerful riffs, melodic rhythm, and hypnotizing solos quickly earned them a loyal following. Steel Standing has been compared to the Foo Fighter's, Three Day's Grace, Chevelle, and Trapt.

Current members include Neil Jackson, Jeff Dunegan, and Chris Goodman, which all bring over 10 years of experience to the table. Neil Jackson, the band's front man, brings guitar and vocals that set extreme standards for this modern rock trio. Due to the breakup of his former band, Orange Envy, Neil brings a great amount of passion to the band, which you can truly see in his lyrics and live performances. Jeff "JD" Dunegan, coming from Major Nelson and also briefly in Orange Envy, offers intricate bass lines that set the groove for Steel Standing’s music, thanks to his extensive guitar background. Chris "Goody" Goodman, on drums and formerly of Sacred Faith, adds his own diversity with his hard-hitting drums and intensive live performances. His beats often present a fusion of classic and modern rock styles.