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"Fold Review"

Two notes and you're hooked. Neil Jackson's voice intertwining with the edgy, yet melodic guitar riffs of 'Fold' reel the listener in from the very beginning of the song. The powerful, raspy vocals delivering heartfelt, meaningful lyrics insure that you feel the incredible passion of the artist while leaving ample room for the listener's own interpretation. This song is definitely acoustic rock at it's finest.

Wendy Pierce
Deadgirl Productions East

"Fold Review"

Evocative, emotional, Neil Jackson delivers
edgey acoustic rock that packs a punch. His song "Fold", a passionate introspective on a relationship, grabs you from the start and you can't help but want to listen to it over and over again. One thing is for certain, this guy has mad skills. This is a must to check out!

Mike Genett/Zen Wang Bingo Records

"Steel Stand And Rock"

Last night, I graced Amos's Southend with my presence at the Steel Standing show. I have to admit. I've felt bad, having only promised JD(Steel Standing bass player) like 3 or 4 times that I was coming to a show and then not show up. It was actually the first time I've been to Amos's, and after not being able to find the door and, once I found the door, freaking out because I thought cover was 18 bucks and I was paying for Adam and didn't have enough, I made it inside with Adam in tow and met the band that has so generously contributed multiple songs to our movie "Bird In A Glass House."

The opening act, Erika Blatnik, was quite a lyricist. I was impressed. Poetry to some fascinating, complex finger picking. I half expected her to speak with a scottish accent.

Then the band takes the stage, colored lights catching the swirls of smoke from cigarettes, turning it red, blue, yellow. The drummer Chris Goodman pounds out a couple beats and away they go.

Folks, these guys rock. They really do. In the genuinely passionate fashion of early rock and roll. Lead guitarist and vocalist Neil Jackson rips lead as fluidly as any guitarist signed to a major label. Recognize. And what about the moment when he and bassist Jeff "JD" Dunegan rip a lick in unison...several times. Again, recognize.

The band growls and the music is raw. The growl I partially attribute to JD's chording his bass so Neil can fly through lead. In the absence of a rhythm guitarist, someone must carry while Neil shines. It's a strategy that works remarkably well.

And finally my attention is drawn back again to Chris's rhythm, rolling the cymbals in ways you don't hear everyday and raising one stick in the middle of song. A salute to the gods of rock.

I suppose my only hang up with the entire show was the crowd. Seriously people! Head bang, pump your fists in the air, moshe, and scream your lungs out. I'm all for beer, wine, and mixed drinks, but is that why you came to the show? For god's sake, get excited about the music! In the end that's what it's about, and that's why these guys are playing late shows when they have to go to work ass early in the morning.

To anyone who reads this, go add Steel Standing as your friend. Go to their next show. Buy their CD.

Show me that there are those who steel stand and rock! - Hannah Lenita - Bird In A Glass House


Debut LP 'The Road"
Rocket13/AMPS Eleven Compilation Disc '06
The song "Black Star" has been on 106.5 The end endless times. It also holds the top slot on the Clear Channel alternative rock charts for 18 months and running.
The song "Fold" (acoustic) has been on several different Compilation CD's.



Steel Standing, a New Rock trio from Charlotte, North Carolina, exploded onto the scene in late 2005. Their debut single "Fall Away" was featured on the Rocket13/Amps Eleven compilation disc in early �06, which resulted in air play and an online buzz. This attention helped the band quickly gather a loyal following. Not long after the release of their debut album THE ROAD, Steel Standing�s second single �Black Star� reached the top of Clear Channel�s �NEW!� Alternative and Rock Charts and currently has nearly one million plays. The band has since posted online CD sales and radio requests from all across the country!

Steel Standing�s music consists of powerful riffs and melodic rhythm, combined with an intense live performance that continues to leave fans hungry for more. Steel Standing has been compared to the Foo Fighters, Breaking Benjamin, and Three Day's Grace. Their sounds typically emulate a Foo Fighters-meets-Chevelle coalition.

The band�s members include Neil Jackson, Jeff �JD� Dunegan, and Chris �Goody� Goodman, all who bring over 10 years of experience to the table. Neil�s guitar and vocal work make Steel Standing stand out from the every day artist in the Rock Genre. Neil has been fueled by brutal honesty and introspection since the breakup of his last project. JD offers super-solid bass lines that set the groove for Steel Standing�s music. Goody adds intensity with hard-hitting drums and heated live performances.

Steel Standing teamed up with Rob Tavaglione of Catalyst Recording in mid 2006 to begin work on a demo to push things farther for the band. After just a bit of work the demo became much more and turned into the band�s debut album THE ROAD, which was packaged for an early 2007 release. The band has since opened for National Acts such as Jani Lane (Warrant), Stuck Mojo, and Adema. They were also booked with Stroke 9, Chevelle, and Finger Eleven. Among many venues the band has played, Steel Standing has headlined several shows at Charlotte�s largest indoor venue Amos� South End and played Ziggy�s in Winston Salem, another of NC�s larger venues. Steel Standing fans would tell you �Don�t miss the next show,� but the real question is, why aren�t you already saying that?

Steel Standing recently teamed up with Melophobia Artist Development to advance their careers to the top. This partnership will allow Steel Standing to reach more fans and gain National attention.