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"Steel Toe Booty Rocks!"

As a local DJ for WWBX in I see a lot of music come across my desk. Some of it is pure crap. Some of it is good but not good enough. And occasionally there will be a band that stands out. Steel Toe Booty is definitely one of those bands. Their story is a typical one: two boys with guitars meet another with a drum kit and a garage band is born. The formation of Steel Toe Booty is, however, the only typical thing about them. In fact their maturity and knack for writing classically good songs, makes them worthy of your time and love for music.

Somehow Steel Toe Booty has discovered musical time travel and are making good use of it. You can hear the strong influences of Hendrix, Bad Company, and Skynard but unlike most bands that let their influences drive their sound, Steel Toe Booty claims the sound. They have kept the things we love about classic rock and blues while introducing elements of funk, country, and raunchy folk that, had they been around in the heyday of classic rock, would have easily rivaled the kings of the genre.

Steel Toe Booty is a band that the local music scene has been longing for. A band with the ability to get people to their feet, tug at their emotions, and dazzle them with genuine riffs and compositions. “How Many Times” has a catchy guitar line, smooth vocals, and is the perfect song to get even the most stubborn classic rock fan to bob his head. “For a While” has a nostalgic feel that is as gentle as it is melancholy. My personal favorite “Ride With Me” seduced me with it’s sultry, sexy journey through resonating rock riffs and inspiring lyrics.

Alas I have not had the privilege to see Steel Toe Booty on a live stage but I am a fan nonetheless. It’s rare that a local band as young as Steel Toe Booty captures an audience through recorded material before a live performance. When I do get a chance to see them I expect that their show will mirror the maturity that I heard on the record. This is a band in good shape to make a dent in the music scene, not just locally, but nationally. If they continue to evolve staying true to their roots and furthering the creativity they possess Steel Toe Booty will be walking all over record sales very soon.
- Katie Vibe @ WWBX Bangor, Maine

"A Closer Look at Some Local Talent"

Taking a Look at Local Talent:
“Re-booted” is Steal Toe Booty’s First EP
By Craig McDonough

Steel Toe Booty’s first EP “Re-booted” starts with a groove driven track of distorted guitars and ripping lead guitar lines. The jammy track is enhanced by some short vocal lines; “Another day gone wrong” which I, like everyone can feel the pain of. The second track starts out with a Zeppelin influenced drum intro which transitions into a very dirty and rhythmic guitar progression. Vocalist Cody Tibbets’ unique vocal sound and techniques can be heard in the verses and choruses complimented by smooth lead guitar lines. And Tim Valliere’s bass lines hold the foot tapping track together.
Following is track 3, “For a While”. Consisting of a very strong lyrical message, listeners will definitely be pleased with this smooth groove and well engineered song. Other songs on the EP include: Project Lover, Media, Better My Best, and How Many Times. All of these carry the same feel and groove of the opening tracks. Project Lover is definitely a danceable tune with a message everyone can relate to. Where-as harmony guitar and bass lines can be heard on the track “Better My Best”.
All the tracks on Steel Toe Booty’s first EP “Re-booted” rock their listeners while showcasing individual musical talents and song writing abilities. The simplistic package design hides the musical talent presented by this group of Jackson, Maine rockers.
- The Spectator: Husson College Newspaper


Give Me Wings, 1998
Live at the Hive 1, 2003
Live at the Hive 2, 2005
Re-Booted, 2007

"Saw That Coming"
"Better My Best"
"Project Lover"
"How Many Times"
"For A While"
"Another Day Gone Wrong"--airplay on 100.3, WKIT

April 3rd, 2008: Live in-the-studio @ WKIT

"Another Day Gone Wrong"--airplay on 94.3, WCYY



Steel Toe Booty began in June 1998. Cody, the old man of the band at 18, approached his close friend Tim, then 16, with some songs that he had "made up." The two had grown up together, sharing musical influences such as Skynyrd, ZZ Top, Bad Company,and Zeppelin while playing in other bands. Now armed with original material it was time to form their own rock band. One problem: no drummer.

Cody filled these shoes on the first album, Give Me Wings. However outside the recording studio this solution had obvious flaws.

What to do, what to do?

Tim knew a kid down the street with a new drum kit. This was little Kelly Ravin, guitar virtuoso. Why on earth did he possess a set of drums? Cody and Tim both knew Kelly was a good guy and hungry to play music. He was a local boy, born, raised, and fed the same way they were. It was a shot in the dark but a shot worth taking.

The first time the trio played together the reactions were mixed. Kelly's style was chunky, loud, excited, almost uncontrollable. But it worked. With a little refinement and some earplugs the three thought the sound would undeniably rock.

The trio's first recording resulted in Live at the Hive 1, a gritty one-take sweat session that proved the band worthy of hitting the road. Hit it they did, filling local dance halls and bars, playing wherever people wanted them. The band played parties, weddings, protests, parades, inside, outside, and upside-down. Steel Toe Booty struck a chord with folks. People could relate, and boogie down!

Nate Stumpff joined via Cody. Being Cody's high school band-mate/good friend and future brother-in-law made Nate's introduction to the band familiar and welcome. Nate had never played keys in a rock band before, but his vast musical knowledge (an MA in music composition) allowed him to create an eye-opening sound for the Booty. He slid in with a bang on the next Hive session and continues to play whenever he is around.

As a power trio the sound is huge. The guitar lines are thick and layer well on top of the bass and drums. Though each instrument is rhythmic- you could almost be listening to one giant drum circle- you know where you are listening. The songs are rooted both in theme and composition. Not heavy, just solid. Steel Toe Booty- though musically sophisticated in how the instruments integrate- is basic. It is love, sweat, hard work. Blue jeans. Salt of the Earth stuff. An old oak. A mountain. No butterflies or tea parties here. Just rock.

For more info/booking, send an email to or call 207-722-4228.