Steeve Sam

Steeve Sam


Boxes not included, the motto of Steeve Sam, an artist who's creativity can not be contained. His soulful melodic voice is coupled with the versatility of an artist who draws his inspiration from life itself. Listening to his music is taking a journey through his universe. We hope you are ready.


For singer/songwriter Steeve Sam, music signifies the end of confusion and the beginning of self-expression. As a young boy, Steeve first began expressing himself by writing love poems to attract the opposite sex. Upon realizing the power of unspoken word, Steeve took his creativity to another level. He began adding melodies to his poems hence activating the singer inside. By the age of 9, Steeve was madly in love with music. At the age of 16, his love of music compelled him to write lyrics to different rhythms,
which in turn fueled the songwriter within. Singing and songwriting occurs naturally to Steeve Sam. He believes that writing a song should never be forced and that music is not something one just hears, it is to be felt. In addition Steeve believes that a great songwriter not only entertains his listeners audibly, but also stirs up emotions. Steeve creates music that allows him to momentarily escape from harsh realities, while in hopes that his music seduces his listeners with inspiration love and life.


Lost in Love ( The Raw Edition) Life Tape