Stefan Cashwell

Stefan Cashwell

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Stefan Cashwell is a singer/songwriter that plays with a four-piece band with a twinge of country, folk, and rock. They have played many music festivals and venues in the south east. Having just released his second album, he is gearing up to hit the road again.


Comin' with the wind and then gone again, Stefan Cashwell never stays in one place too long. "When I was a kid I thumbed my way across the South from Atlanta, through the Bayous of New Orleans, and on into New Mexico", the singer/songwriter claims. "I learned some blues songs from a blind harp player in Gallup, and then worked my way up to New York city, playing songs in smokey bars and singing about things I thought people might like to hear". At just twenty-two years old, Stefan Cashwell wears those hundreds of miles of highway on his brow and sings with the conviction of a man whose seen the awful face of humanity. "I guess I'm from Atlanta", the singer explains, saying, "Ive been here for more than a couple of weeks, so I guess thats long enough to call it home." With a catalogue of songs under his belt,
he seems to have an awful lot to sing about. He just released his second album, "Stories", and says he's ready to hit the road again.


-American Sketches EP
-Louisiana Line (single)
-Party Scene (single)
-Stories (Full Length)

Set List

How The Story Goes
Sweet Ilene
Dark Haired Woman
In My Memory
Hear Me
The Trouble With Time
Louisiana Line
Party Scene
One More Mile To Go
Red Sunrise in Texas
American Sketches
Oh John
Down by the Railroad Tracks
Song of a Miner
A Thousand Miles