Stefan Doll

Stefan Doll


Original music with influences from Acoustic, Rock, Funk with strong rhythmic feaures.


I started composing music at the age of four, preferably while sitting on the toilet making use of the great acoustic. My passion for music has stayed with me ever since.

A few years later I started with guitar lessons and at the age of 13 I gave my debut performance as singer/songwriter.

Over the years I continued to write songs and play in bands in Germany, Hungary, and now in New Zealand as far as my day-job as human resources manager and psychologist allows. Keen to share my music with a wider audience I recorded one of my songs, Breakdown.

Hope you enjoy the song and let me know what you think.



Written By: Stefan Doll

You said you don’t want to stay
It’s time to say good bye
You had nothing more to say
How could I begin to try?

I thought this time would never end
Weren’t we happy every day?
And all these letters I have sent
No response in any way

I said ok I’ve made mistakes
Why can’t you tell me what is wrong
I think of all that is at stake
Seems your feelings aren’t so strong

I said we could start again
We’ll make it better than before
Or do you have another man
Don’t you love me anymore

I’ve falling down, down, down, down
I’ve falling down, down, down, down
I’ve falling down on the ground

I didn’t know you well
I understand now this is true
My breakdown was a hell
But I’m still loving you