Stefané Zamorano

Stefané Zamorano


The Mexican with a Masters. A native Mexican-American Californian, This hot Latina Comedian and Speaker can be seen on SiTV’s Latino Laugh Festival. Stef is performing stand up comedy at clubs, colleges and corporate events all over the country.


Stefané Zamorano is a native Mexican-American Californian. “People usually think I’m Italian, cuz you know, they like me!” She grew up in the Los Angeles area until her family decided to get the hell out of town and moved to Fullerton. Fullerton? Yep, it is next to Yorba Linda and Disneyland. She attended Troy High School and continued her education at U.C. Irvine. Most recently, she earned her Masters in Muliticultural Education from Cal State Dominguez Hills.

While still in school Stefané had the opportunity to attend the presitigious South Coast Repertory Theatre Conservatory. They quickly recruited Stefané to be a part of their youth theatre program and the Latino Lab which developed new voices from the Hispanic Community. She began working with Jose Cruz Gonzalez and Roy Conboy. This collaboration eventually led to a new theatre company "Cucucueves" that work-shopped and produced original plays. This experience inspired Stefané to continue her formal training as a comedian, actress, and writer.

While taking improvisational classes at the Groundlings, Stefané auditioned for The Bilingual Foundation of the Arts and was cast as the lead in several of their shows. She continued working with the BFA and artistic director Carmen Zapata. Ms. Zapata eventually produced two plays that Zamorano had written. The Equity productions toured California for several years. In the meantime, Stefané had completed training with the Groundlings and became a Sunday Company member where she worked with Phil Lamar (MAD TV) and Jennifer Coolidge (Best of Show and Joey) and Kathy Griffin (Suddenly Susan).

After a couple years with the Groundlings Stefané landed her first pilot "Twisted". The creators of "Tony and Tina's Wedding" cast Stef as one of the sketch performers in a new show produced by Fred Silverman (The Fred Silverman!) The show was hosted by Ryan Seacrest.

Stefané continued to write and perform sketch comedy and eventually became a main company member of ACME Comedy Theatre. After one of the shows she was approached by the advertisement agency for Head and Shoulders to audition for a national print ad campaign. She was selected and her luscious hair was seen for the next two years in magazines, billboards and buses showing off her dandruff free hairstyle. Commercial work, plays, comedy and pilots kept Stef on her toes for the next year and then George Schlatter approached her to star in "NBC's Primetime Comedy". Stefané was a contributing writer and lead player in the ensemble.

Stefané also wrote and produced the play "Next Stop Fluffer" and has worked on independent films such as The Bar, First and Last, Chump Change, and Stealing Lies. Stef just wrapped a new pilot entitled "The Strand" with Dan Myrick (Creator and director of The Blair Witch Project).
Currently, Stefané is performing stand up comedy all over Los Angeles. She is not your typical Mexican-American. She combines her wit and intelligence and folds it into her view on life as a Mexican, a teacher, and a comedian. Stefané is currently working on her new comedy play "The Sidekick!" which will make its debut at the end of the year. She has performed at the Hollywood Improv, Laugh Factory, Comedy Store, the Ice House and various other venues in Los Angeles and the West Coast.

Set List

Feature Set 30 Minutes
Extensive MC Experience