Stefan Helms

Stefan Helms


All of my music has come directly from strong emotions I have felt, so they are honest. When stripped of all other instruments besides the acoustic guitar, the songs sound complete. In an age of overproduced pop songs and pretentious indie music, I hope my music can truly communicate with people.


Stefan Helms grew up in downtown Chicago, Illinois and learned the code of city life--with all its diversity and commotion--at a young age. The city provided him with endless inspiration, but he still felt something missing. A part of him yearned for the serene, bucolic countryside that he never had the chance to experience. That is why he was overjoyed to attend St. Paul's School (a boarding school located in rural New Hampshire) at the age of 16. Upon arriving at St. Paul's School, he recognized that the place was rife with skilled classic musicians, jazz musicians, and most importantly, singer-songwriters. After finally coming into contact with other teenagers who were writing and performing their own music, Stefan decided to give it a shot himself. He would use his life at home, life at boarding school, experiences with love, and experiences as a traveler to write music that he would eventually use to define himself. Now at 18, he is ready to share his music with people outside his 550 kid boarding school community.


The Nostalgic - Released to people in my boarding school community in May 2008

Set List

1) Mar
2) Simple Life
3) Look Out The Window
5) Alive
6) Sullivan Street (Cover of a Counting Crows song)
7) Garden Lights
8) Things Will Go
9) Fall
10) The Nostalgic
11) City Living
12) Walking Man
13) Encinitas Night Sky