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"Rootstime [Belgium]"

"Stefanie Fix has that essential ability to present a concept or feeling in the most precise package possible, saying, to paraphrase an old quote, - the mostest, with the leastest - now that's the hallmark of good songwriting. Crooked Smile is a great masterpiece with its distinctive vocal drive duelled with thoughtful, and artful lyrics, glued with perfect production"
-Freddy Celis

- Freddy Celis

"The Austin Chronicle [USA]"

"Austin singer-songwriters, especially the women, have a bit of self-consciousness about them. It's road-well-traveled and tough to come close to what the best have done before. Fortunately, Fix doesn't seem the least bit intimidated and saunters forth with a solid sophomore effort that polishes her indie rock edge. Fix has a fine pop sensibility about her music ("Holy Shit, Ma," "Walking Shoes") tempered by experience, intelligence, and expressive vocals”. -Margaret Moser
- Margaret Moser

"Flanfire [Austin, TX]"

"Stefanie Fix just oozed a smokey sexiness that reminded me of Ingrid Bergman in Gaslight or Anastasia -- just a little dangerous. Her songs reflect hard times and a ray of hope -- this is LATE NIGHT music that must not be played while wearing pastels. Color this music deep red, blue black, and shades of grey".
-Duggan Flanakin
- Duggan Flanakin

"Hanx Net [The Netherlands]"

"Stefanie Fix reminds me of Kate Bush in the same way she also reminds me of Melissa Etheridge. That's almost impossible, but there are moments on 'Crooked Smile' that she is able to combine the two. Heavenly pop and raw, roots-rock go hand in hand." ~Patrick Donders
- Patrick Donders

"U.K. Maverick [England/U.K.]"

“The line-up alone should be enough to make you sit up and take notice, but when you add ace songwriting then you have a classy rock album.” -- Alan Cackett

- Alan Cackett

"WUMB/ Boston Mass."

With SURVIVAL, a mature Stefanie Fix makes good on the shiny promise of her early recordings. The voice is full and knowing now: powerful without pushing, on the edge without fear of falling. Variously personal, political, soulful and outright rocking, Fix holds her own in front of a truly stunning studio band led by the always impressive Larry Campbell.”
-Marilyn Rae Beyer /Music Director
- Marilyn Rae Beyer

"Goldmine Magazine"

SURVIVAL is that rare drink of water in the desert, that diamond in the rough. It is a record that truly deserves to be heard, from America’s next big star, Stefanie Fix”.
-Michael B. Smith - Michael B. Smith [USA]

"WKZE/Sharon, CT"

Stefanie Fix expresses sincere, personal emotions through her fluid songs. But it's her sharp and resonant voice that takes her messages and delivers them right to the heart."
-Andrew DiGiovanni/former Program Director
- Andrew D. Giovanni


The All Music Guide gave ‘SURVIVAL’ 4 stars and call’s Fix’s work “edgy & confident ”. –Alex Henderson
- Alex Henderson

"Mother of the Year"

“Stefanie sings with the angels. Her lyrics light up the night and make the world a more wonderful place.”
- Stefanie’s Mom
- Bring it All Back Home


Footprints in the Sky (1998)
Limited Sight Distance-EP (2002) [alt/spacefolk]
Live at The Stanhope House (2003)
Crooked Smile (2007)




It's been a long and tangled road for Stefanie Fix’s stunning, intricate new album, Crooked Smile, but three years’ worth of major life changes, including a move to Austin, TX, never compromised a clear musical vision. Now this songwriter’s songwriter returns with her finest collection of songs yet. From the playful, optimistic opening track “Let the Sun Shine Thru You” to the hushed sophistication of “Holy Shit Ma,” the tracks on Crooked Smile reveal a sprawling, hard-fought range of emotions about love and identity, delivered with the musical palette to express them all. These are mature songs about complicated sentiments.

Fix re-invents herself with every new musical project. The continuity lies in her distinctive voice and astonishingly honest lyrics that are crafted to be emotionally revealing without having to be personally revealing. The result: remarkably universal songs that speak to anyone willing to listen.

Like a magnet, Stefanie Fix manages to draw a world-class musical cream of the crop to all her projects. Crooked Smile was produced by Stephen Doster (Willie Nelson, Nancy Griffith, Dr. John) & Johnny Goudie (Goudie, Canvas, Endocine). The CD also features the likes of Dony Wynn on drums (Robert Palmer, Steve Winwood), Brad Houser on bass (Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians), Stewart Cochran on keys (54 Seconds, Jimmy Lafave) and Jon Sanchez on guitar (The Summer Wardrobe).

Stefanie’s last full length CD, SURVIVAL was co-produced by Larry Campbell (Bob Dylan) and the late Bob Mayo (Hall & Oates, Peter Frampton). Recorded in upstate New York, the CD received 4 stars from All Music Guide and Stefanie toured all over North America with SURVIVAL in tow.

But there was this internal itch. Stefanie realized that the music she was most excited about wasn’t what she was making. That itch was the genesis of her next project, Limited Sight Distance (LSD). A clear and conscious choice to abandon the confines of the singer/songwriter genre and embrace the emotive power of sonic exploration, LSD included contributions from Adam Snyder, Jason and Justin Russo (all formally of Mercury Rev) and John Parker (Varnaline). Produced by Kevin McMahon (The Walkmen, Home, Cakelike, and The Mooney Suzuki), Stefanie again attracted a musical “crème de la crème.”

Stefanie Fix wants to shake things up—on stage and in the studio—and Crooked Smile merges all the musical styles Stefanie has explored. “I think we found a way to allow the listener to hear the song as a well-crafted piece while also creating a sonic landscape they can lose themselves in. I wanted the guttural, genuine feeling evoked by lo-fi sounds, while still making conscious, deliberate choices around sonic expansion and contraction. I think that’s how we experience life—as a combination of murky confusions and recognized clarity. I knew we could bring that dichotomy to a CD and it would make sense because it’s how we really feel.”

Stefanie Fix performs regularly as a solo artist as well as with her full, studio band in the Austin area.