Stefanie Lim

Stefanie Lim


A fusion of folk/rock/indie incapsulated in poignant lyrics, and raw passion. Solo or accompanied, Stefanie is a flexible performer appealing to a wide range of audiences, ready to rock!


Stefanie L began songwriting at just 12 years of age and while only 22, and she has an uncanny ability to write poignantly about life. The fusion of folk-rock makes it a one-of-a-kind experience when listening to the rocking rhythms of Stefane L.

Flexible as a solo or band artist, Stefanie is capturing audiences across Australia. Performing her first gig in 2001 as support for Diana Ah Naid in Brisbane, she has since played in and around Brisbane as well as Sydney. From then you can catch Stef at venues such as Rics bar, The Zoo (Brisbane), The Waterloo Hotel, Sandringham Hotel, The Harp, Newtown Hotel, Vanguard, and more to come. Since then Stefanie has gained popularity through performances at festivals such as Rocket, Two High and Frenzy as well as supporting Genevieve Maynard. Stefanie released her debut EP on Big Wig records through MGM in 2004, and the collection of 4 tracks recorded at Modern Music with the talent of Dave Leonard (The Butterfly Effect), received airplay on nationwide stations including Triple J.

Look out for Stefanie's new EP in early 2007.


what they've done

Written By: Stefanie Lim

V1: Children do you know where you are. Your work is never ending, don't you know, you have been pushed too far. You're trapped insied this, and I can't ever forget while we sit here in comfort, you're wondering where to make your bed.

Ch: I know we can get you out. Don't lose sight now, we'll make them take a look at you now, they won't get away with;
what you've been through and what they've done,
how much it's hurt and ho longs it's been going on, we won't stop 'til we know what they've done.

V2: Men and women, tearing down the streets, all going a little bit crazy, cause how long do they think that they can hold you in, and hold you down without anyone else, making a sound. We won't let them do that, do that, do that, now.

V3: If you wake up in the morning and your family is gone without a trace. Something burns inside you and you know you'll never forget their face. We won't stop now we've come too far from down inside, free the secrets from the lies and expose, everything that's inside.


Cd : What they've done - a four track ep
The CD has received airplay by Triple J, 4zzz and FBI

The new demo is being played on 2GLF

Set List

Bed & Breakfast
A waste to be
I won't fall
Wouldn't I
It's a lot like me
Bizarre Crush
Let Go
Ready for This
What they've done
A dedicated folk song
I won't fall
Other Side

Songs are between 3mins to 4mins long
Covers include : Bright Eyes, Dire Straits, Sheryl Crow, Indigo Girls...
My sets are usually about 45 mins long.