Stefani Stevens

Stefani Stevens

 Oceanside, California, USA

You gotta see and hear Stefani LIVE! You'll ask " Was that a CHILL Latin style with an Motown- blues twist and she wrote that?." Loggins Promotional group radio tested her tunes and Stef got high marks. Stefani plays note bending solos on the keys, too. This artist should be discovered by all.


Stefani Stevens writes her own original lyrics and music and released a CD entitled “One to One” in 2000. Now, due out late 2010, the ambient positive grooves of her long awaited latest CD.
She plays keyboard, and listened and learned at an early age to love and appreciate all the good stuff: Ella, Sarah Vaughn, Brazil 66, and anything with a jazz, rock and Latin rhythms.
On the 2006 Blues Cruise, Stefani got to play keys and sing in all the pro jams! Note for note that was a wonderful experience, and she was happy to keep up with the best!
Power to this Chanteuse of San Diego!
Other nationwide performance venues include live performances at various concert halls, opening for some famous performers, upscale dining establishments, major hotel and Convention Center events, music clubs, as well as private events and parties. From a small intimate audience, to a packed concert hall with thousands of people, Stefani’s eclectic style caters to her audience and ranges from sultry to bold. Live, you'll hear the belting Pop tunes called for, sung with a bluesy twist, or a ballad for getting close and sexy.

Purchasers of her CD say, "We play this for romance, then suddenly here comes a Funky Pop tune, Latin beat, or a blues with a hip hop flavor, all with excellent lyrics."
All of these purely original tunes, with Stefani's lovely vocals throughout, have only one thing in common- that there are good things to sing of in a complicated world. Making a better world is being pro-active in it! Stefani sings the healing words and "vibes" and believes that we can all contribute.
"I have and continue to play many benefits for all the many diseases plaguing our planet. I donated my bone marrow to my sister and it was an honor to do it. I suggest that we do not hesitate to do the same for our fellow earth-mates".


He doesn't get It

Written By: Stefani Stevens

verse 1:
I know you think, she sings of someday
A certain love that she will meet
Head in the cloud with school girl crushes
Endless hopes of a love so sweet

Let me tell that there are ways to get there, to get inside her heart
Think outside the moment of your desire
You’ll have a brand new start

CHORUS: But maybe he doesn’t get it, He doesn’t know the answer
Maybe, he doesn’t get it, He’s known allot of dancers
Maybe, he doesn’t get it

verse 2:
The simple things you do are special
Like listening to words she speaks
The pearls of wisdom that are spoken
Will turn to diamonds through the weeks
(part 3):
Thoughts of her come in the night, she’s different At least you think
You reach for her and then she’s gone, she is gone within a dream

verse 3:
You’re reaching out to touch her body
Without a thought of who she is
She’s waiting for the one who thinks her special
Where he is hers, and she is only his

(part 3):
Let me tell that there are ways to get there, to get inside her soul
Open up to her and she’ll never, never leave you cold

CHORUS: Or maybe he doesn’t get it, He doesn’t know the answer
Maybe, he doesn’t get it, He’s been a great romancer…
Maybe, he doesn’t get it

REPEAT and FADE, vamp

Picture This

Written By: Stefani Stevens

Picture this
You walk outside your door and you can’t believe your eyes
No boundaries anywhere and a perfect clear blue sky
The bees come by and they tickle your neck, but never do they sting
A pink flamingo lands and she takes you on her wings
Picture this
Love and peace and harmony
Can you see how it will be
Picture this
The bunnies are playing hide and seek and jumping in the air
The mountains seem to be talking to the ponies and the bear
The people are down by water where the river meets the sea
And the children are holding baskets filled with love and harmony
As a dolphin pops his head out with a smile on his face
We understand the secrets for the human race
Picture this
Now listen to your higher voice
You know that loving, loving is a choice
You’ve got to embrace this vision
leave behind your thoughts, your indecision
Pick the fruit from the trees its all for me and you
Nobody’s ever hungry; create a world that’s new
Black, white, yellow and all the colors as they blend
Love, peace and harmony is the message that we send
Picture this
Love and peace and harmony
Can you see how it will be
Picture this


One to One (CD baby, my website)
New Cd coming

Set List

Any blues tune!
Lets stay together
Smiling faces
You sexy thing
Agua de Beber
Just my imagination Mas que nada
Chain of fools
One note samba
The way you do the things you do Smooth Operator
I only have eyes for you Corcovado
Sunny Song for my father
Feel like making love
Call me
The look of love
Round midnight
2 Shining stars, Manhattans, EWF
Chega de saudade
Teach me tonight