Stefani Vara

Stefani Vara

 Houston, Texas, USA


In an age when so many pop stars are made – through undue hype – it is refreshing to find
Stefani Vara, a fan of music who backs up her lifelong desire to sing with a voice so sweet
you’ll wonder why she didn’t decide to become a performer until she reached high school.

“I’ve always been singing,” the delightful Vara says. “I always loved music. I didn’t always want
to do it professionally.” Yet, when Vara decided that she wanted to be a professional singer, she
embraced the choice whole-heartedly, uprooting herself from her family outside of Houston,
Texas, and moving to New York City.

Vara – whose motto is “Live the life you want. You’re the creator of your destiny," Vara took
destiny into her hands, by putting together several shows. “I was a big fan live music,” Vara said.
“I put together a bass player, a conga player, and a drummer. I found background dancers and
performed at the showcases.”

It was then that destiny paid her a visit. She met Siri Music CEO Chauncy Jackson. “Another
door opened when I met Chauncy. We were on the same page musically,” she added, “Labels are
not taking time to develop an artist, to make their careers last longer. That is what I love most
about Chauncy. He has taken the time to work with me, develop me, promote me as more than
just a sexy figure. I want a longer career than one hit song, than one hit album. We want more."

A single spin of “Lately,” produced by the Insomniax (JoJo, Bobby Valentino) from her
forthcoming Siri Music debut, Storybook Diaries, makes it clear that her career is destined for
greatness; it is a distinctive radio hit that channels the pop superstars of the 1980s while still
sounding unique and contemporary. “That’s what makes the song so different,” Stefani said. “I
really enjoy the tracks because they’re going out of the box a lot. It’s not the same pop song you
hear over and over again.” Vara said that the 80s influences, though not specifically intended
when the track was recorded are among the many pieces of her musical history. “I listened to
Madonna, Garth Brooks, Paula Abdul, Selena, Mariah Carey. Those artists are a big mix of
where I came from musically. From my dad, I got my R&B influences; Marvin Gaye, Diana
Ross. It was a big mix.”

This varying background helps to explain the eclectic sounds that will pepper the songs on
Storybook Diaries. “Every song is a story. Part of a storybook that is my life, my love life.
‘Lately’ sets the tempo for the rest of the album.” Among the set's highlights are the sexy, "Easy
(U Like That)," the romantic "We Gon’ Make It," and the pulsing "In My Heart." “Pop, R&B
and a dash of Rock. I’m open to where the sound is going. Chauncy [along with Bless'ed Pen co-
writer Kim Croft] has more of an R&B style but he doesn’t just write R&B music. He writes
deep emotional songs. We’ve worked together to find something we both like and he’s always
open to [experimentation] which is very evident in many of the songs on the album.”

Looking forward, Vara hopes to hit the road. “I love performing. I want people to get excited
about coming to see shows and I want people to see that there’s more to me than being a singer."
Vara is also the current face of Southpole Footwear and plans to work closely with the campaign
throughout 2008. This self-described “personable, goofy, organized dreamer” learned during the
trials she has encountered over the years in New York City that “only the strong survive. Many
doors have shut in my face. But another one always opens. Siri Music happen to be that door.”

Stefani Vara’s talent, hard work, and determination, combined with a sparkling personality and
exotic beauty have brought her to the cusp of stardom, but it is her songs – rich, literate, melodic,
and excruciatingly catch – that will propel her to stardom.

Fortunately, you’ll be able to say you knew her when.


Storybook Diaries (Available Fall 2008)
Water (Available now @ iTunes) - May 27, 2008
Lately (Available now @ iTunes) - September 2007