Stefan L. Smith

Stefan L. Smith


Stefan L. Smith is a classically trained violist and composer who caters to writing for the screen and also concert music.


Stefan L. Smith is currently a sophomore at DePaul University’s School of Music. He is double majoring in Music Composition and Viola Performance. He is currently studying viola with Rami Solomonow. Aside from playing the viola, Stefan keeps himself busy writing music for the concert hall as well as for film. He is currently writing the film score to a feature entitled “Hopeless”. Smith has been principal of the Henry Mancini Institute Orchestra and is also a member of the DePaul Symphony Orchestra. Recent awards include MYSO Concerto Competition winner of 2003 and the National Award of Merit at the National Fine Arts Festival of 2000.

Besides writing film music, Smith is very active in concert composition and orchestral conducting. He has written two symphonies, three concertos, two quartets, and various other compositions. His concert works have been played at various performance venues such as Disney World, Rialto Square Theater, Popper Theatre, and the Krannert Center of Performing Arts. He was also the former conductor of the Joliet Chamber Orchestra and is the composer in residence of the Joliet Township Orchestra.


The Death of Noir, soundtrack to the indie film