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Stefan Olofsson

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My music has been described by others as anything from Elton John to Frank Zappa to Coldplay to 10cc to Beatles to Ben Folds Five ... the list goes on. But it is my hope and belief that I create music that transcends and finds new untreaded paths.


My name is Stefan Olofsson and I'm a self-taught musician from the cold north of Sweden (slightly below the polar circle). When I grew up it was dark and not much to do most of the time so I found my way through music.

I think there are good elements in most every music. A few favourites I keep coming back to are groups like The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Steely Dan, Yes and a few more. They transformed popular music in totally new directions, the made up new rules. I also draw from classical music and jazz such as Bela Bartok, Maurice Durufle, Bill Evans and Miles Davis.

I am an opposer of the myth "all great music has already been written". I strongly believe that we all have the ability to transcend in whatever we do and that there are infinte possibilities in this universe. I also believe that music, like any art, is communication.

And I'm a sucker for vocal harmonies ...

During my career I've been fortunate to have worked with artists such as guitarist Jeff Richman, bass player Jimmy Haslip (Yellowjackets, Donald Fagen), singer Jason Scheff (Chicago), film music composer/orchestrator Phil Giffin ("Lethal Weapon", "Die Hard") and 2-time Grammy Award winner Jay Graydon (Al Jarreau, Manhattan Transfer).


A Million Reasons Why

Written By: Stefan Olofsson

You know
I see your face in every place I go
In every shadow
there's a hint of your smile
The blue open sky
is a look in your eye

Some things are hard to come by
I loved you
and there's a million reasons why

You know
I hear your voice when life gets me down low
The words are falling
like a summer rain
Down here on me
no I couldn't believe


Too late it dawned on me
the meaning
Beyond the waving sea
you're dreaming
And gone today
Ten thousand stars away



"Story of a Woman", CD, released in 2003, distributed by CDBaby