Steff Mahan

Steff Mahan

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Sweet and soulful is the sound of Americanas Steff Mahan. With a voice that is pure and powerful and lyrics that are heart-crafted and rock-solid, its hard not to get hooked on the emotional truth that comes out of this born songwriter's mouth.
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You know you have stumbled upon something special the first time you see Steff Mahan perform. An anomaly in the current music business, Mahan has stayed true to her roots as an open, honest songwriter who is as famous for her connection with her audiences as she is for the music itself. Time only seems to make her more of what she is – and her fans love her for it.

 “I still do what I do because I love it,” said Mahan. “It’s a little harder to lug equipment, sleep on couches and pay the bills but I can’t even imagine ever stopping.”

 That is welcome news to her fans, who stretch all across the US, from the southeast to the northwest and all points in between. With 6 CDs under her belt, including last year’s Where I’m Coming From on the Century Music Group label and Live From the Red Clay Theater, her songs continue to mine personal life experiences and keen observations, delivering stories of heartaches, disappointments, confusion, joy, and a more than a few sassy moments – all laid out in deliciously well-crafted 3 minute bites.

 She has opened for an Americana music lover’s dream list including such luminaries as Patty Griffin, Holly Williams, Tift Merritt and Cheryl Wheeler. She’s split bills with nationally known comedians Suzanne Westenhoefer and Jenny McNulty with wildly successful results. She has played the A-list of venues including The Walnut Room in Denver, WorkPlay in Birmingham, Eddie’s Attic in Atlanta, Bitter End and Bottom Line in New York, and Nashville’s famous 3rd and Lindsley where she sold out the 500+ seat room for her last CD release party.

 Steff has also ridden the rollercoaster that is the music business, watching helplessly as her publishing company and then her record label fell to the pressures of the economic recession. She responded by doing what she has always done – loading up her gear, getting into her well-travelled Scion (affectionately known as the Toaster), and playing for the fans who wait anxiously for her next appearance in their cities.

 Even with her success on the bigger stages, she still has a soft spot for house concerts and includes them regularly in her tour schedule. “House parties are where I shine,” Mahan said. “You have to really love people to be good in those settings. Sometimes I am literally 5 feet away from the audience. Then it’s not just about playing music. It’s about everybody living the same moment in life for a second. We all just feel the music and realize we are connected.”

 That connection is what sets Steff Mahan apart. While radio continues to move toward artists who show up with more money than talent and depend on Autotune rather than musical ability, Steff continues to churn out songs from the heart that bridge the gap between her and everyone who hears her.  Listen, fall in love and join the thousands of fans anxiously watching for the Toaster to roll into town.

Her captivating live show led Billboard's Mike Gionet to proclaim her "an entertaining, cant-miss performance" and the Nashville City Paper deems her "simply a wicked cool singer-songwriter."

 Recently featured in GO Magazine June 2015 100 Women We Love.

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Pray For Peace

Written By: Steff Mahan

Cheap motel, broken heart, she had to leave this is not her fault
At least she’s safe with her kids for now, but lives in content fear
That he’ll find them out.
So she prays, prays for peace,
just a moment so she can get some sleep
“I’m asking for my children god, I’d never bother you just for me
but oh god, give me peace.”

She holds his hand, watches him, she held to hope, but its back again
The doctors tried, but there’s nothing more, it’s just not fair he’s only 4
So she prays, prays for peace
“God take him if it will give him some relief. I can’t be selfish
and keep him here with me he’s my baby, so give him peace.

Home from work, watching CNN, another Politian says we’re going in
Then they show another flagged draped box, then they read the numbers of everyone we’ve lost
So we pray, pray for peace, not just for us but everyone in need
When did this world get so mean, but oh god we could sure use peace.


Where I'm Coming From (Released 2013)

Steff Mahan: Live from The Red Clay Theatre (Released 2013)

Never a Long Way Home (Released 2009)

42.50 (Released 2004)

Steff Mahan (Released 2002)

Set List

Sets: usually 90-minute sets
Covers: not typically but can include a few
Genre: Americana/ Alt. Country/ rock/ roots-folk