If you crossed Robert Plant with Michael Buble, you would find my music/vocal style. I am first a singer/songwriter. All of my material is original. My pianist has classical overtones to her piano arrangements and my Bass/Drummer are a solid grooving Rock Machine; sound like:Sting/Led Zeppelin.



Steffon is an original rock/pop-singer/songwriter out of Salt Lake City, Utah. As a child, Steffon was inspired by the wailing, down-home vocals of Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant, Foreigner’s Lou Gramm, and the raw, unapologetic blues of AC/DC. Other influences include: the Scorpions, Rush, Bach, Mozart, Harry Connick Jr., Frank Sinatra, and Guns and Roses.

Steffon sang as a lead vocalist in several Metal acts during the late-80s and up through the early 90s, a time when he began to become frustrated with the hard-rock/metal scene. Late one summer night in 1992 while wasting away in a local club, Steffon heard the undeniable voice of Frank Sinatra on the jukebox crooning “Summer Wind”. Immediately he was hooked on the smooth, seemingly effortless vocals. From that night
forward Steffon began building a repertoire and career as a crooner.

Early in Steffon’s singer/songwriter career he experienced a literal living-hell. At one point Steffon was ready to abandon everything. An angel walked into his life who would become the muse of almost every song he has written since.

Since 1993 Steffon has built a reputation as one of the most-sought-after lounge/jazz vocalists in the western U.S.; singing in national chain Hotels/Resorts while continuing his songwriting career. In 2000 Steffon revisited his rock/pop roots writing original songs, experimenting with a hybrid of pop/rock and popular jazz/croon style.

In 2005 Steffon signed with Crooner Records and recorded his debut album at Spirit West Studios under direction of Wendy Bradshaw. Steffon hired three of the top musicians/performers in North America; Pianist/Composer/Arranger Kelsie Call, Bassist, Ben Johnson, and Drummer, Jeremy Brown.

Steffon’s self-titled debut album is scheduled for release in October 2008. Followed by a 2009 North American Tour and a 2010 Europe/Asia Tour. To hear and download the latest singles or purchase the new album from Steffon; visit his website at:
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Steffon’s Agent/Management: Osage Orange Avenue Artist Management (801)638-9487


Late at Night-Album and EP (2002)
Steffon and the Crooners EP (2005)
Steffon-Self-titled Album (2009)
Many of my songs are available for streaming/download at:

Set List

All the Voices
Invisible Plastic
Angel Next To Me
The Last Autumn Leaf
Time Machine
Dancing Days(Led Zeppelin Cover-Croon Style)
Try A Little Tenderness(Michael Buble Cover)
Fly Me To the Moon(Frank Sinatra Cover-Pop/Rock Style)
Everytime Its You
Dyer Maker(Led Zeppelin Cover-Croon Style)
The Ocean(Led Zeppelin Cover-Croon Style)
-I typically play 1-2 sets dependiing on the booking. I have enough original repitore to play up to 5-sets