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Florence, Alabama, United States | SELF

Florence, Alabama, United States | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Stegosaurus A New Breed"

Stegosaurus is a band that defies description. Many of their songs defy categorization. They run the gamut from hard-hitting rock to sweet melodic punk - often in the same song. Their songs tend to be short, yet they have a multiple movement feel about them. The timbre of the singer's voice offers quite a contrast to the actual music in many instances. A song may start like A Perfect Circle or The Deftones, but the lead vocals have a more 1980's - 90's alternative sound than metal or hard rock.

Stegosaurus has been described as a cross between Bad Religion and Trail of the Dead. Their music blends fairly obscure American guitar bands (from Fugazi to Jawbox) with a few generations of grunge (The Screaming Trees to Failure to Foo Fighters), Emo, choral-like chanted choruses and progressive Rock dabbling, ending up between Porcupine Tree and Muse. Some songs even include an “Alt Country” vibe, to incorporate one of the last potential fan bases that eludes them. However, the open genre approach appeals to everyone from long haired men in metal and punk T-shirts to tiny punk girls wearing black eyeliner, the latter succumbing to sheer geek appeal with Carrasco's Zelda tattoos, Chandler's thick rimmed Ray-Bans hiding intense emotion while pummeling one another as Woodis batters the drum kit. But within the sonic blitzkrieg come lyrics of astonishing sincerity and intensity – dark tales of depression amidst the beacon of light through hope. - Punk n Prog


Comet Scar
Comet Scar on the Radio:
The Only Time
The Organism



The Stegosaurus trio, formed by Chris Chandler, is the product of a vast array of influences and experimentation blended together to shape a high energy, explosive rock and roll experience. The music of Stegosaurus merges a pop alternative rock foundation with the power of an early punk core, and the result is a distinct and satisfying sound. Their hefty catalog of music has been an ongoing work since 1999, when Chandler spent several years touring the states and abroad. He then worked on many other projects, shelving the work along the way, and after years of experience and revision, this work has become the Stegosaurus songbook.
In early 2009, while Chandler auditioned new members for his other project "Fly in the Ointment ”, he met guitarist Jonathan Carrasco. After some collaboration, the idea was born to resurrect the Stegosaurus material with Carrasco on bass guitar. Chandler and Carrasco then called on longtime friend and drummer, Kevin Woodis, to complete the rhythm section.

The driving force behind Stegosaurus is the trio’s collective ability to transition fluidly between genres. The sound comes from their love of bands Sugar, Dinosaur Jr., Husker Du, Buffalo Tom, Grant McLennan, Minutemen, and Black Flag. The older, acoustic material is transformed by Stegosaurus into high-speed and emotionally driven post punk rock.

The diversity of Chandler’s, Carrasco’s, and Woodis’ backgrounds allows a spectrum of sounds to converge into one and encompasses not only their mass of original songs, but also a collection of covers by the likes of artists such as Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, The Kingston Trio, The Cars, Failure, MXPX, Alkaline Trio, The Cure, Pink Floyd, Dinosaur Jr., and others.